Netley Primary School Students ¦ #MyWorldAutism

When I’m 38 years old, I want to be a teacher. My name is Ijaz, this is Netley Primary School,
and the Woodlands Resource Base and I am 10 years old. Miss Cavanaugh is my favourite teacher, because,
since last year or the year before, I got interested in a subject called Geography,
where you have to learn about the world, and awareness of the world. When I heard that
I got a certificate from the teacher I was going to be with this year, it was from Miss
Cavanaugh, I knew that she would be interested in the same subject as me. I have two teaching assistants, Mr Alex and
Mr Lloyd, they support the whole class. At playtime, we have things you can ride on,
like scooters, or bikes. I’m Janan, i’m in 6KA, and my teachers are,
Miss Abraham and Miss Hughes. Miss Abraham, she helps me with trying to
do a bit better. It makes me want to learn more, and have fun. And do lots of singing
and musicals. Woodlands is helpful for people with autism
because they have nice teachers, showing them what they really like, and also helping them
to be calm and happy. School makes me feel like it’s really important
for me, as it’s one of the most important things in life. You have to go to school. The other thing I like about school, is when
I do lessons that are really good for me, I like playing with my friends, because I’ve
got lots of friends.

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