NAO robot for Secondary Education

alright let me introduce my new assistant he can hear you and respond and he understands and speaks over 20 languages fluently he can move and grasp objects my new assistant will be invaluable for explaining and demonstrating the theorems of pitagoras and thalis as well as for electronics and mechanics and much more but above all my new assistant is fully programmable which means that he can he can do whatever we think of students please meet now hello everybody I'm now I'm sure we will spend a great year together studying the electric variations in my motors you will determine the weight of the object you put in my hand ready yes no catch here we go you can start the calculations now the object weighs 140 grams are you sure it's 170 grams well done you


  1. Imagine the kids now with tablets, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, cheap 3D printing machines, advanced and affordable CAD plateform, the Internet, etc.

    Manufacturing is trendy again! Get things done!

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