Naeun and Gunhoo at a Swiss school [The Return of Superman/2019.06.30]

Because of the low clouds, Switzerland’s weather changes several times in a day. I guess it rained already. Let’s go. I prepared something fun. Who knew such a place would be here? Where do you think I brought you? This place is a lot of fun. – Wheels. / – Wheels! That’s close. That’s close. Wheels. Wheels. Trains. Yes, it’s something similar. We came here to ride a funicular. Near where we’re staying is the steepest funicular in the world. ♪ Funi, funi, funicular ♪ I hear it’s like a paradise on earth. It’s supposed to be very beautiful. They go uphill. You might not get it if I explain it in words, so let’s take a look at the b-roll. You can ride this funicular to go up Stoos, which is known for its steepest incline in the world. Hidden at 1,300m above sea level, you’ll be able to meet a small and beautiful gem of Switzerland. (Breathtaking fields) Blessed with wide fields and a view of Lake Lucerne, it’s the village of Stoos. Gosh, it looks like a painting. It’s so beautiful. – But it’s raining. / – We can’t do it later. Naeun, should we get our tickets? Let’s go and see. I’m nervous again. Hello. – “Hello”? / – Nice to meet you. He’s speaking textbook English. I want to buy the funicular. – Does he want a funicular? / – Three people. Just buy the village. Okay. Do you only want to go to Stoos? Or do you want to go to the top? “Top”? To the top with the chairlift or only the funicular to Stoos? Funicular… He just wants to ride it. Can you speak German? – German? Yes. / – German. My cousin speaks German very well. “German very well”. (Naeun, help me.) Are you only going to Stoos? (We’ll go up here.) How old are you? – Look. Look. / – You’re four. And your brother is still young. – He’s two. / – Two. Two? What about me? There are three of us. (Goodness, just stay out of it.) You guys are free because you’re still young. But your father has to pay 22 francs. – 22. / – 22? – Thank you. / – Thank you. – What is she saying? / – Done. – Done. / – Done. – Let’s go. / – Thank you. I would be in trouble without you, Naeun. Do you want to take off your jacket? (She knows how to use the card by herself.) Go in, go in. Put it in. (Gunhoo is giving it a try!) Let it go. (Did I open it?) – Done. / – Are we done? – Done. / – “Done.” He’s speaking in Korean. Let’s ride this one. Done. You have friends here. Hello. – They wouldn’t know Korean. / – He’s a smaller friend. With Gunhoo. With Gunhoo. That’s Gunhoo’s friend, and this is Naeun’s friend. They’re beside us. That’s right. Are they the same age? Everyone’s sitting next to me. – That’s right. / – Done. – Everyone’s sitting next to me. / – Done. – Done. / – That’s right. (His eyebrows are dancing.) (Do you know how to say this?) Gosh, gosh. I think he might answer. Which country are you from? (Startled) He brought up the courage to start a conversation. I know. (I wish he’d say something.) – We’re from Korea. / – Say “Done”. (Smiling) (It’s moving!) We’re moving. (They’re finally off!) (Amazing!) (I’ve never seen such a thing.) (Giggling) (Let’s go up the mountain!) – It’s really steep. / – Look! Look down below. (There’s water!) (It’s muddy water!) (Let’s go up against the current!) (They’re riding the steepest funicular in the world.) (They’re going inside the mountain.) They went inside. I think it would be a little scary. (Jaw-dropping) Look. They’re not scared at all. It’s so fast. Is this funicular very famous here? The funicular rotates depending on the slope’s angle, – so they’ll be level at all times. / – Amazing. (While riding the funicular,) (Naeun and her friend are getting along.) (But why is my friend unresponsive?) (Let’s see…) (I made up my mind!) (Hey, friend!) (Let’s chat on our way up.) He’s itching to talk. He’s trying to touch his friend. He wants to talk and play with him. (Embarrassed) (He seems to be the shy type.) (It’s okay!) (It happens.) (Gosh, you’re a shy guy.) – We’re here, guys. / – Are they here? This place is like a sky park. (A sky park!) What’s the matter? (The view before their eyes…) What do we do? How can they tell if they’re at Stoos or elsewhere? You’re right. (Kwanghee) (wanted to show them a beautiful paradise.) (It’s ridiculously foggy.) – They went up for nothing. / – Exactly. (How did you feel then?) I was stunned. The kids went up with me because they trusted me. I felt really sorry. (He’s acting like he’s happy!) Look at that. – What? / – It’s very… What is this? Naeun can tell it’s not that great. This is amazing. (Singing) Guys, this is natural mist. (I see.) – He’s a professional. / – I can touch the clouds. Let’s jump! Shall we jump? Jump, jump. – Look behind him. / – You can’t see anything. What is this? Stoos is amazing. Naeun, let’s do this. (I’ll make it more exciting.) (Let’s dance in the rain) Jump. (like movie stars.) (It’s so romantic, Uncle!) – Snowman! / – Isn’t it exciting? (Everyone!) (Let’s cheer up even if it’s raining.) I think this would become a good memory for them. (They’re dancing and singing like a movie.) (They’re cheerful again.) (What is that sound?) What? Is that a sound? I can hear something. Doesn’t it sound like an instrument? (I saw it!) There’s a house. There’s really a house. – Let’s hurry. / – Isn’t it so cool? – Yes. Let’s hurry. / – Let’s take Gunhoo. Are they heading to where the sound’s coming from? Over there. Who is that, Naeun? This place is like a village in a fairytale. Are they playing instruments? (Excited) Hello. They have instruments. (Are they yodeling?) (What are they doing here?) He’s frozen. Hello. I know that instrument. (Gunhoo is confused.) – We have a rehearsal here. / – Okay. We’re a group. We play Swiss folk music and all kinds of things. – They’re a Swiss folk music club. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Are you well? – So-so. / – So-so? She’s my cousin. This is a bell for the neck of the cow. – For a cow? / – Yes. It’s a big one. (Ringing!) (Wide-eyed) Do you want to try playing the alphorn? (Me?) This is a horn. Horn. (This is how you play it.) I think it will be hard to make a sound. Yes, this is the sound we heard earlier. We heard this voice – Did he just say “voice”? / – We sent a signal. We played music too. – Really? / – Alphorn. Is this alphorn? I see. – Kids have small lung capacity. / – It will be hard. (Blowing) – Yes. / – Yes. Good! You have to try too. – Really? / – Yes, you have to try. I’m so weak. I know. I know you’re weak. – I’ll try. / – Let’s try. – No trouble. / – Okay. (He blows after taking in a huge breath.) Gosh. – Yes! / – Yes! (It was hard, but he did it!) It made the sound, right? It worked. Naeun. (Good job, Uncle.) (I’ll show you my broom dance while we’re at it.) (They’re very energetic.) (He’s using a broom as an instrument.) (Thank you for playing for us!) The weather may not be the best, – but they met great people. / – Yes. Where did my friends go? I think they left since it’s raining. Let’s sit for a while. Naeun, sit here. It’s a nice day, but the rain got a little heavier. Let’s take shelter for a while. (Okay.) How was it? How was it being inside the clouds? (It felt) (good.) Gunhoo seems to be in a good mood. (It was great.) Why do you like water so much? (To me,) (water is something) (that makes me happy) (and nervous.) (I get butterflies and it makes me happy.) (I can just go on and on.) He spoke a full paragraph. – Done. / – Here. Done! “Done.” Gunhoo always finishes off with “Done”. (Naeun is so happy that she can’t help singing.) Isn’t it so peaceful? Everything is white. – Right? / – I see someone. – Really? / – Yes. – I don’t see anyone. / – I don’t see anyone. – Am I missing something? / – Who can she see? Naeun, listen. You’re good at drawing, right? Imagine this as a white canvas. Think of it as a canvas. We won’t draw with our hands. We’ll draw in our minds. We’ll draw in our minds. What do you want to draw? Flowers. – Flowers. / – A horse. A horse? Where should we put the horse? Sky, blue! A blue sky. Let’s draw a big blue sky. – Okay. / – Let’s lie down together. And that picture… This is how beautiful it looks. I think Naeun’s drawing is more beautiful than this. (Everything depends on the way you think.) (Let my imagination come true!) One, two, three, go. Are you using magic? (Ready, go!) (She’s chanting her spell.) (Ready go!) Gosh, what is this? Amazing timing. Once she said her spell, something passed by. (Sometimes, imagination turns into reality.) (Let’s call something better.) – She’ll say “go”. / – One, two, three. – Go. / – Go. Hello. What is it? Something keeps on showing up. – Their spell makes things come. / – I’m sorry. It’s raining, so we came under here. It’s okay. (It’s raining.) Do you want to come in? It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay. Do you want to come in? Yes. – Really? / – Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a nice person. What is this place? Why are there clothes here? What is that? There are so many kids’ clothes. Naeun, where are we? Follow me. – Let’s join the other kids. / – Here. Gunhoo, let’s join them. (Where were they invited to?) Where are they? (It’s full of children.) (Hey, that’s…) (Please excuse me.) (This place is…) It’s a school. It’s a school. They have a school? – On top of this mountain? / – I invited them in since – it’s raining outside. / – It’s the village’s school. Is that all right? – Yes. / – Yes. Hello. (Shy) Imagine going to school at such a place. – It must be so nice. / – I know. Where would you like to sit? After she said her spell, she ended up in a school. I know. (Naeun’s school life) (Hello.) Hello. (Is this my seat?) (A preview of Gunhoo’s school life) (I can do a good job!) Do you want to draw? (Here, baby. Let’s try holding a pencil.) She’s looking after him really well. (May I use this pencil crayon?) (Of course.) (My goodness!) (She says I can use this.) So young. He’s a baby. (I’m allowed to do everything here.) (Is this okay too? Is it okay?) (Of course.) (Now, I’ll really get started.) (I’m planning to draw.) (Help me!) (You can go like this.) – Amazing. / – She’s like a teacher. (Good job!) (My partner!) (How are you so nice?) (I’m done!) Gunhoo loves older girls. (What about Naeun?) What is this? She’s talking to older boys. (They’re interested in Naeun.) – Hello. / – She’s so popular. – How do you feel? / – Good. Where do you live? – In Basel. / – Basel. – No, Naeun. You live in Ulsan. / – How old are you? (She’s so cute.) (Four.) (I’ll introduce you to my friends!) It looks like this school has – kids in various grades. / – You’re right. (Gunhoo and Naeun are adjusting well to the school.) (I see…) (Are you my sister’s partner?) (Goodness.) (Did he drop the pen on purpose?) – He just… / – Didn’t he throw it? (It’s a test to see how nice the boy is.) (His sister picked it up for him.) (Gosh…) (Why didn’t you pick it up?) (Naeun, your partner is not as nice!) (Let me see…) (Should I give him another chance?) (Thinking) (Is he still here?) After thinking for a while… He’s still there. He’s there. They just made eye contact. (Second test) He… He’s checking if the boy can protect his sister. He passed for now. (That’s enough to pass!) (The teacher is talking.) (Everyone is bursting into laughter.) A dance party? – Yes. / – Today? Yes. – A dance party? / – Are they having a dance party? (Did you say a dance party?) (That’s my specialty!) Gunhoo can’t sit out on this. (Cha-cha-cha) (She’s picking a song.) (What is this song?) (What a great choice!) (They’re starting off with a chicken song!) Let’s shake. What is it? Isn’t that the nice girl from earlier? She looked so quiet earlier. She changed completely. (They know all the hip moves.) They’re all… You guys know how to party. Everyone’s having fun. Gunhoo learned a little at the kids’ cafe too. (I’ll just follow you.) Who knew people at the top of Stoos would be dancing? Go, go. I picked the next song for our guests from Korea. – “Gangnam Style”. / – “Gangnam Style”? Really? – Do they all know it? / – Gosh. Do they know? (It’s the horse dance from “Gangnam Style”.) – They know “Gangnam Style”. / – This is crazy. (Dancing) (It goes well with the hottest dance moves.) (Things are heating up.) This is why the Korean Wave is huge. They know the dance too. (They are becoming one thanks to dance.) Let’s take a break. – I’m tired. / – What are they bringing in? – They don’t rest. / – It’s not over yet. Are they doing something else? (They brought in a mat.) Does it look like a trampoline to him? Show me, show me. (Guys, it’s time to show them!) Ronny? Ronny! (Ronny is Naeun’s partner.) (He’s showing off his moves!) (Are you watching, Naeun?) (I’m feeling ambitious) (after watching Ronny.) Is he going to copy Ronny? What’s with him? What’s with him? What is he doing? Gunhoo. No, no. – But he’s so cute. / – He’s so cute. Unfortunately, our guests have to leave now. That’s too bad. Let’s say goodbye. Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – Can we take a picture? / – Yes. Thank you. Come. Come. (They’re taking a group picture.) (It was a meeting that brightened) (their rainy day.) (Everyone, thank you so much!)


  1. I think around 4:53 – 4:55 Gunho said "Un bebe" while looking at the baby's mom. It's a Spanish word for "A baby" OMG my heart

  2. I'm a teacher. And if only my kids would behave like those kids in thia video, i swear to god it will definitely add 10 more years of life to my age

  3. I think kwanghee is actually trying to say she's his niece but he forgot the word so he keeps saying cousin lol 😂

  4. Bruh when that girl started doing the shoot 😂😂💀 and then kwanghee tried to copy it 😂😂😂😂💀💀

  5. They are all so cute and the fact that the editor use high school musical's what time is it as a cue for dance party!!!!!

  6. I can hear Gunhoo said "drop" when he was dropping his pen for the second time and "danke" when the boy picked up and gave his pen back.

  7. In my eyes gunho belongs to harry styles category lookwise. Thosr harry styles, ron weasely kind. And i love them both. Ofcourse naeun and gunho is so damn pretty children!!

  8. best samchon kwanghee….good job….always fond of him…its so nice to see him good with kids😊😊😊😊…take care….more guestings and projects😊😊😊😊

  9. Okat the kids in the school would not behave like that towards naeun (. Like taking here out of no were to their place). .. they are too well behaved and would never do something unless they were told to😝 so its setted up…

  10. i applaud Kwanghee for his baby sitting skills! 👏👏👏 it's not easy being in a foreign land much less taking care of kids along the way. he did such a great job keeping their spirits up despite the bad weather and things not going as he planned. kudos! 👏👏👏💜💜💜

  11. Why is no one talking about Gunhoo? "Done!" "Done!" Sooo cute. The Park siblings are literally goals. I want children like this!

  12. Kwanghee is so precious, he is so good with Naeun and Gunhoo. He tried his best making a rainy day fun. That school was wonderful with them, inviting them in.

  13. oh my god background music when they say it os a dance party is hsm What time is it.

    i personally think naeun n gunhoo fit this swiss sch type

  14. I'm a big fan of TROS and it makes me sad if some of the episodes don't have subtitles huhuhu like I watched most of their episodes and skipped the unsub ones huhuhu but still loving the Park siblings ❤❤

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