myUH video series: Adding and Dropping Classes

Welcome to the myUH video series. In this video, we’ll show you how to add and drop classes in your myUH account. Getting to myUH is easy! Just go to the UH web site at and click the myUH graphic on the home page. You’re now at the myUH login page. Enter your login information to access myUH. Click on the UH Self-Service link on the left side of your UH System Portal page to take you to the UH Self-Service home page. Now click Enrollment in the left menu. Now click My Class Schedule on the left menu or in the main area of the page to view your class schedule. Your class schedule is always shown in a list view when you arrive. You can also select a weekly calendar view option, which has a Printer-Friendly Page feature. To add classes, click the Enrollment: Add Classes link in the left menu. You can add classes in just 3 steps. Here in Step 1, we select a class to add by clicking the Search tab at the top of the page or the Search button below it. Enter the Course Subject and any other criteria you want for the class, then click the Search button at the bottom of the page. You’ll then be taken to the Class Search Results page. Find the class that’s right for you, then click the Select Class button. If the class meets your needs, click the Next button on the following screen. It’s now been added to your enrollment shopping cart. Click the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button, where you’ll confirm your classes in Step 2. In this step, click the Finish Enrolling button when you’re satisfied with the classes you’ve confirmed. You’ll be taken to Step 3, the View Results page, which notifies you of any time conflicts. In this case, we do have a time conflict, so click the Fix Errors button to make changes. You’re now back to Step 1, and in your enrollment shopping cart is the last class we just added. Click the trash can icon to delete the class from the shopping cart. Let’s go through Steps 1 to 3 again to add a class that WILL fit our schedule. As you can see, this new class has been added to the class schedule without any time conflicts. Now, let’s try dropping a class from our schedule. Click the Drop tab at the top of the page, or click Enrollment: Drop Classes in the left menu. Dropping a class is also a 3-step process. Step 1 lists your classes. Just check the boxes of the classes you wish to drop, then click the Drop Selected Classes button. You’re now in Step 2, where you will confirm your choice. You can cancel your choice, go back to the previous step, or finish dropping the selected class. In this case, we’ll drop the selected class by clicking the Finish Dropping button. Step 3, View Results, shows whether you successfully dropped the class. The action was successful, and we can now click the My Class Schedule button or the My Class Schedule tab to see what classes we have left. This covers adding and dropping classes in your myUH account. If you have any comments or questions about myUH, please contact us. Thanks for watching!

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