My Salary in China Teaching English in 2019

what’s up everybody man why you got so many jackets on because well there are really
two reasons number one is apparently 78% of my DNA emigrated from the UK to
california because all my ancestors are scared of the cold or something i number
two is the heats out of my house and i can’t stop doing what I’m doing I got to
make the video right it’s time to make this video so let’s do it
if you come to China a lot of people will ask you a question or they’ll say
something they say something like neither go absolutely not GABA you must
make a lot of money okay the Chinese will be quick to ask you this and is not
an offensive question at all they want to know what you’re making okay I’ve
gotten a few questions from people since I released my other video talking about
being back in China okay now in the spirit of full and 100% transparency I
will definitely tell you some facts and figures and shed light on what I’m
personally doing okay that’s it sometimes you do want to cover your hand
at the card game okay there are certain things that I don’t just you know put
out okay and that’s not to say that I’m being you know hiding something but
they’re just sort of things that are better left now okay so with that said
let’s go ahead and get into it way back in the day people that have
been following me for a long time you know how this is balls to the walls 24/7
and I worked if you’ve read my menu you’ve seen the
contracts that I put in there those are all of course real and I did definitely
cut out some certain information I don’t want people have an access to my social
security number or whatever basically the question right now is okay they saw
everything before are you you know have you been able to jump right back in the
game after you know a hiatus going from Africa in 2015 to now back to China 2018
are you making the same kind of money the answer is yes and no okay but how do
you look at things okay now I’m not a bullshit artist on
this but I’m gonna tell you specifically in Africa when I left I was making six
hundred and five dollars a day hey now I was only working 30 days and
then I would have full 28 days off where I was not paid okay
I’d have to travel days to which they would pay me for and I was literally
fine from where I was in eg to Nigeria from Nigeria all the way up to Frankfurt
Germany then I would change planes wait go all the way to Houston Texas and then
go all the way back to Florida I did this every month it became like grueling
but I would just remind myself like suck it up you’re getting paid and you have
access to the Lufthansa lounge you know with that say was I making more than
that in Afghanistan absolutely was that making more than that in Iraq absolutely
okay a lot more when you think about it but here’s the thing how do you count
the time I was just talking to one of my buddies he’s in Afghanistan and he said
man this job is sweet I haven’t worked in four weeks I disagree with that
completely I said man I don’t know that’s not the truth you are working
every single hour that you spend in a you are on the clock I don’t care you’re
not teaching English being there is a full-time job when that serum goes off
and you hear an incoming mortar are you here you know rocket attack or whatever
and your hearts racing you’re on the clock okay I don’t care what what you
say it doesn’t matter that you don’t have a class you’re hitting the deck
you’re out of bed you’re losing sleep you’re away from your family you’re away
from your loved ones whatever okay that’s the way that it is so for me
personally now at this point in my life I can’t take on those kind of contracts
anymore it’s not in not in the cards for me um at this point in time I had a
certain amount of time that I was willing to part with okay right now I’m
doing 20 classes a week my classes are between 35 and 40 minutes a it depends
in the in the afternoon the 35 minutes in the morning they’re 40 minutes I have
20 of those a week so I do 10 lessons two times each I got two sections okay
so when I add all that up what am i doing I’m doing approximately twelve
O’Clock hours I think I’d have to do it don’t quote me on that because I’d have
to have to apply my calculator but 20 contact hours 12 approximately
clock hours okay now I got the paper case you know I got the housing I got
this debt the other my cost of living here is super cheap I use tab all for
ordering like every I have you know food delivered my
apartment is dirt cheap and it’s nice for Chinese standards 3-bedroom 1-bath
pay 2500 RMB a month for that which is what seven will cost seven to $1 so
something like three hundred and fifty dollars my expenses are really low I
told you before there’s multitude of reasons that I came out here
but the question is are you making six figures in China okay with my single
full-time visa job I am NOT making six figures right now but keep in mind that
that’s 12 o’clock hours a week okay it’s not intense on the prep it’s not intense
on the workload and I love the teaching and I have fun with it okay so when you
really dissect it and you really break it down okay you’ll find that the
crappiest contracts some some people that I talk to you know we work on their
contract or whatever and they’re like I’m making like $8 an hour that’s not
right is it that’s right okay and a lot of people
they you know these companies they prey on people with that kind of you know
they don’t actually break it down they don’t look at it okay and again as I
said in other videos it’s only one metric there’s only one way to look at
it but um you know when when I broke this contract down it was over a hundred
dollars a clock hour okay and that’s when I was when I saw that and I said
okay you know I’m in a position where I’m willing to take that on I’m willing
to go out there but that was that’s it okay and I keep getting emails from
people that are like you know be careful in China and
this that and the other I’m part of the reason that I’m here is to make these
kind of videos okay and that’s that’s part of the value in my being here it’s
a whole bunch of things that went into this am i working 40 hours a week yes
but not for this school when all things are considered I when I analyze the
contract I have a lot of you depending on me and a lot of people you know not
just to make videos and stuff because you know whatever but you know people
that I’m coaching people that I’m working with I don’t wanna I’m really
really enjoy that work and that’s not something that I want to lose I still do
have to deal with compliance a lot with real estate and running companies and
definitely you know renewals for for companies stuff and making sure that the
insurance payments get paid on time and working with my property managers and
scheduling repairs and regular maintenance and you know this is stuff
that I’ve got going on so in terms of my full-time visa job in China am i making
six figures no okay but that’s because I’m at a different stage right now if I
were younger I didn’t have the real estate I didn’t have this channel I
didn’t have other things then it would be a totally different scenario would I
be at this same job I don’t know would I be approaching it differently who knows
okay different era different time different
credentials different experience they all call for different things that’s why
I don’t give a blanket answers to a lot of questions that I’m hit with in
comments that people want to know about so I hope that this answers your
question you know as I as I said before a lot of the videos that I’ve done that
you know piss people off or whatever like
nine nine reasons ninety percent of teachers make no money you know it
generated some good discussion it generated some good thought and help the
channel grow into what it is so you know if anybody says whatever I’m happy to
field those questions as always it’s important to me to be completely
transparent and honest thank you for tuning in thank you for being a part of
the channel as always if you like the video please drop me a comment and a
like I look forward to hearing from you and I
will see you


  1. Good Lord, why are people worried about your hourly wage?! (To be fair, I taught Koreans a hundred years or so ago and they asked extremely personal questions which, given the cultural context, were completely normal and I did not take offense) This sounds like a wonderful gig – great money and time to work on your other ventures. Well done and enjoy.

  2. Total BS artist. Could have read all of this on the web. Cream background, probably sitting in Kentucky with the a/c on regurgitating BS he read off some China teacher blog.

  3. Typical of teachers in China, the talk is always about how a teaching job can benefit themselves. It is always about earnings, vacation days, travel, etc. There is never any talk about designing lessons and curriculum, producing real outcomes in students, improving their English skills and imparting real value to them. Most of the foreign teachers in China are lousy, some are adequate, but the excellent teacher is rare. The key to long-term success as a teacher is to strive to master the craft of teaching, and when you encounter one of these rare excellent teachers you will know it, because the students and schools love them, and they will speak about lessons, students, and how to teach. The ESL community in China is rife with people who aren't very good at teaching, but good at using the job to benefit themselves in one way or another. These types last a year or two and move on, and if you follow their advice you too will be moving on in a year or two. These short-stint teachers hurt the profession, because Chinese schools never get to see an excellent foreign teacher. There is nothing wrong with being an adequate teacher for a year, and moving on after one contract, but meanwhile we are starved for actual educators over here. If you think you have what it takes to be an excellent teacher, and want to be coached on developing your teaching skills in China, contact me at [email protected]

  4. Good answer Ben. I'm working on my visa for China and as an older guy was thinking of doing a vlog from my perspective. You happy for my to drop your vlog as a recommendation? Thanks

  5. I’m trying to find out where I can get a 3-bedroom apartment for 2500 RMB per month 😲😲 I thought I was doing good paying 2800 RMB for my room within a 3-bedroom apartment here in Shanghai (I share with 2 other roommates)

  6. I miss WeChat wallet and Taobao!

    I'm currently between a rock and a hard place in Thailand though.

    I moved here with my girlfriend (she's a full-time health teacher)

    I took a break this year from full-time teaching, to focus on my writing projects, but geez it's difficult to be in a digital nomad in a country when you have to do constant border hops.

    I've kept my side clean in the sense that technically I don't work for a local company or get paid in local currency, but it's taxing on the wallet and the soul, and work visas are difficult unless you teach.

    (Also I can make more per hour part-time teaching online than working a full-time job that sucks up your week with office hours)

    Sorry, I forgot my point… something about knowing what your true per-hour worth is… just a rant then I guess. (this channel's community might be the only place that really understands the struggles, cause facebook communities are toxic)

  7. Quick question : associate degree equivalent to bachelor's in your home country by higher education commission … is it considered equivalent to bachelor's while applying for job too?

  8. In his previous video he describes himself as "not a super teacher." After 15 years of teaching you aren't super? What? And you are on here coaching people to teach? Naturally, a super teacher will call you out like this.

  9. Hey Ben
    Love your content! I live in South Africa, and I am planning on teaching in China this year or 2020. Please, please can you give me some advice on where to find better contracts for teaching? Like how the F did you manage to land your current job? Did you find it through an agent or something?
    Because for 2 years now I have been scouring websites like weekly to try and find the best job offers, but most of them are for 40h/week [25 teaching] and only offer below RMB 20 000 per month…
    I have a BSc degree, and 2 years teaching experience [online though]. What kind of salary should I expect to be able to negotiate for?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated <3
    Keep up the great work!

  10. At what age will Chinese schools stop considering applications from qualified, experienced ESL teachers?

  11. Is there a way to make sure you work visa in China is 100% legit? I've read stories on the internet about people going to jail because of a fake z-visa…

  12. Hey man. What grades are you teaching?
    Also do you think a teaching assistant is essential?
    I teach 1 2 3 4 and 7. The younger years are chaos!

  13. Have you seen the new PRC Resident Tax Rules? They starting to tax WORLDWIDE income. That includes rental property and investments

  14. Hi Ben, I’m a senior in High School and will be graduating in 5 months… I’d like to know how long does it take to be an international teacher?
    My second question, is (ESL) Teacher and the regular English teacher the same?
    Because where I’m from In Chicago U.S they are different. Thanks 🙌

  15. Hello Ben (or anyone) , I am trying to figure out how to transition into a freelance online tutoring set up. I'm stuck on finding reliable ways to get paid – is this something you have any experience with? You're the most knowledgeable, least full of shit person that I know of in this industry. Thank you for your time – and your content is a life saver. Stay safe!

  16. Great video! As an active duty Marine getting ready to retire, I find that the most important thing in life is TQL=Total Quality of Life. A few have asked me why I do not look for something in Afghanistan or Iraq and the answer you gave was about perfect from my perspective. I teach English as a volunteer and my wife taught as a volunteer but then used the experience to get hired by a Japanese company where we live in Okinawa, without a degree or certification. There are always multiple ways to the same destination.

  17. Ben, do you feel safe as an ESL right? I've heard the country has been cracking down on foreigners so I understand if you need to temper your answers. Thanks in advance for the reply

  18. Hey Ben, thanks for the video. I've been offered a university lecturing position teach basic business English courses in a tier 2/3 city. Zhongshan. I would need to work up to 22 teaching hours (45 min classes) and get a rate of approx 12,000rmb. Is this more or less reasonable? It would be great to get your thoughts. Thanks, Alex.

  19. I’ll be opening a private school in China within this year, thanks to my girlfriends family contacts. I’d recommend anyone coming to China to teach, just make sure to negotiate and make your decision carefully.

  20. Hey Ben thanks for another great video. Just one quick question:

    When you say six figures, are you referring to USD$$ or CNY¥¥??

  21. I currently work in China as a subject teacher and I get paid well. I started out in China as an ESL teacher and left for a year and came back. Personally aside from the great cost of living, good salary, and how cheap things can be, I'm leaving. For me it's the rude directors, lack of social rights, crappy agencies that don't support their employees or contracts, and constantly changing rules, and lack of quality materials or no materials for class. Like anywhere there are good jobs, schools, and companies. But I'm tired of wading through the muck to find them. I use all the Chinese apps to order stuff and know my way around Taobao. But there are some convinces that I just don't want to give up and China doesn't like to play friendly with others and constantly makes it difficult for foreigners to get things from abroad through other sites that are not Chinese sites or companies. At the end of the day I'm tired of battling for things. Do I recommend China for teaching ESL, YES, if you're wanting to come for a year or two and not really trying to make a life out here or not trying to integrate into the society like many teachers.

  22. Not saying there wasn't useful info here, but the title and video content hardly match. You just mentioned some living costs and working hours. Nothing relating to "My Salary in China Teaching English in 2019". Click bate.

  23. Hello everyone, I'm a HR working for our international schools in China, and we are seeking full-time native English teachers who are able to come to China and teach in our campus. We pay teachers up to 22000 yuan per month plus free accommodation/ free food/ free plane tickets/ paid up to 3 month summer and winter vacation plus other welfares. Feel free to ask any questions via my WeChat: ja199112

  24. Great video, liked and subscribed. I'm actually in the process of job searching and interviews right now in China.I've been offered 4 cities to choose from for one position, Beijing (not keen), Chongqing, Nanjing and Shenyang. Your videos are a great resource for helping me make a decision. Great work!

  25. Thank you, love your channel. Excellent points. I find that to be the "catch" about this line of work. People have different comfort levels. I am so uncomfortable in Asia. Like I can't. A million dollars tax free would not be worth it for me at this point.

  26. Oh good still some laowhy in china. I am not the only one.
    Many have bounced outta here.
    According to the YouTubers.,😉😉HaHa.yes.but they did provide some good information

  27. Great video. I'm teaching at a middle school in China at the moment. I have 17 classes a week x 40 minutes each. There are no office hours so I roughly work 12 hours a week x 4 weeks = 48 hours a month and I get paid 12000 RMB a month. That works out to 250 RMB per hour. Plus I have a free apartment with all amenities and free health insurance. The school covers my transport costs and daily living expenses. 90% of my salary goes straight into my bank account and I've managed to save quite a bit of money already. It would be very difficult for me to go and teach in Thailand or Vietnam because I would have to pay for everything myself – and we all know that salaries in Thailand suck big time. I definitely recommend teaching in China but make sure that you are happy with the benefits before you make a commitment.

  28. This is super helpful! I'm an English teacher here in Qingdao, China and I felt like I was given a low salary for the experience I had from teaching before I came here. And I can't believe you traveled that much a month! That's definitely grueling!

  29. Good to hear you are having success! Six figures a year in a China would be a crazy high salary considering the cost of living. Even in Shenzhen, Shanghai, or Beijing 6 figures would go a really long way. Great stuff.

  30. I don't understand all these people online criticizing English teachers in China. Native speakers with good education (not necessarily a Bsc/Msc in English) are just very good at the language, so who cares about them making a decent salary? They're doing a good thing!

  31. Any American going to teach English in China is a traitor. Why help China take over the world? Help them come here and negotiate business deals that screw us further. Idiots.

  32. I think American teachers could calculate the hours they work and the money they spend on insurance and school supplies, and quickly find that teaching in China is a good deal.

  33. I tend to get a lot of questions as to where I work as well and why I make so much. I have been in Shanghai for 2.5 years now and make 26000 rmb/month with a housing stipend of 4000 rmb so I basically receive 30000 rmb/month at my job.

    Job: English and subject teacher (music) at an international high school

    Working HOURS: 21 hours/week divided between 20 classes and non-mandatory office hours (I use these hours to lesson plan at the school rather than home)

    Students: 25 – 30/class, ages 16 – 19

    Degree: Arts degree in Chinese language and culture with a minor in music. 1 year experience in Canada and 1 semester "interning" in Kunming (20 classes a week for 2500 yuan yikes). My school did NOT ask for experience though. They only required my minor for the subject teaching and TEFL/TESOL for the English teaching.

    I do spend quite a bit on rent but one could easily save if you're not picky. I'm not particularly but I wish to be very close to my school instead of commuting for hours every morning. I pay 8500 rmb/month on rent. Breakfast and lunch I eat at school and twice a week, my employer takes us out to eat and drink after work. So I really only rely myself for 5 days a week for dinners which sometimes I just skip all together (NOT HEALTHY but I'm not a big eater).

    All in all, I save about $3500 CAD/month which can be more than some teacher's actual salaries and I will be receiving a 2500 rmb raise from next semester.

    Not going to lie, I've been living the dream here despite conflicts between China and Canada. I was also contacted privately by the school themselves after posting many resumes on various job-seeking websites. I did NOT go through an agency but my school has always been honest and upfront about what they are looking for from me and have never tried to "scam" me or make me lose out.

  34. So I have 20 teaching hours and 20 planning hours for 12,000rnb, 1,000 position allowance, and 3,000 housing allowance for Shenzhen. is 16,000 good? Should I try to get more?

  35. Could you please make a video about how can one deal with pollution over there. I'm considering finding a job in china but after reading some scary fact, I feel so discouraged and intimidated 😢

  36. Hi, i want your opinion I'm a non native speaker but i got a chance to teaching English in China with 8000RMB for the first six months and 9000RMB for second six months with free accommodation and 3000RMB reimburse after one year when contract end up
    What do you think about that??
    Please reply asap because i really want to know before start making my visa

  37. Im an English teacher and I want to go and teach English in china. is there any help to apply to a school over there?

  38. I enjoyed your video. I was so excited about teaching at a large university in China but as I was reading the fine lines, my euphoria started going downhill. Say what? 😀 So, it won't be this university this year, but it's a great time to be an ESL teacher somewhere in the world. Have a great summer!

  39. Thanks for this video Ben, I've been looking into teaching English overseas and this was a great introduction to the reality of it all. Just subscribed.

  40. I’m looking into teaching. what country would you recommend to new teachers looking to teach abroad?

  41. Hi Ben…Love most of your videos….the tip on 100 Passport Photos is SO TRUE..>>Me 4years in Chengdu is a good effort on my behalf….so much to say but i cant yet….thanks again.

  42. Hi Ben,I am a Ghanaian with a Bachelor's in Finance. I would love to teach in China,how do I get started?

  43. I love this channel. Good job. BTW, if anyone wants to find out about working in Korea, check out my channel and subscribe. I will be posting a new video tomorrow.

  44. Why the hell do you make a video about salary and beat around the bush. Just say specifics like what exactly are your working hours and for how much you get paid monthly or don't make a video. I don't like to waste my time.

  45. hey friend after watching your video i can feel that you are really enjoying your teaching job !i it is good one can find his suitable job !why not also sharing your experience of getting teaching job in i know there is a good platform for all of you who want to work in china this one you can find lots of job info there and it is not charging. hope this will be helpful to you

  46. Were you teaching English for specific purposes in the oil industry, Those jobs require more than a native speaker and basic TEFL.

  47. I got a job in Beijing and employer didn't follow the salary stated in the contract! Other than this, I regretted coming there without demanding for accommodation . My apartment is expensive and no assistance from my employer to find a cheaper place for me before I arrived China

  48. Hi, I am planning to teach English in China soon. In your opinion, what is the best way of moving large amounts of funds (e.g. your salary) back to your bank account in your home country with the least amount of fees. Kind regards and thank you in advance.

  49. Hey man, I'm close to teaching english in shanghai! I have a couple of questions, if you would like to get back to me that'd be great

  50. For anyone that wants to teach english online, there's this website call MojoChat that allows college students and recent grads to teach english online. They don't require a degree or teaching qualifications, you can set your own hours and work from anywhere in the world! Here is the link for anyone that's also interested

  51. Hello Ben how are you ? Thank you for those videos about your experience. Any TESOL certificate online ? Not so expensive but really good. Thank you

  52. hey man is there any way you can get a teaching job in China with just your TEFL ticket ?

    or I heard there is a possible loophole if you take 20 hours in a uni or college course here in Canada , that is just enough to register that you went to college and is passible , have you heard anything like that ?

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