My Mom Styles Me For 1 MONTH | 1 Month of Teacher Work Outfits

this dress that I picked out for Monday the reason was because the day was sooo nice~ it was a sunny day, so I grabbed this dress for tuesdayyy~ well.. there was just soo many clothes and I didn’t know what to choose, so I just chose the first thing that I found but its pretty~ I liked this outfit mhm~ and with the little details like the scarf on your neck let’s see mami // here you go hopefully you like it for this day I chose my favorite colors red, black, and white- a combo perfect for me~ // also you know that those pants aren’t mine, they’re hers // hahah yes but they look good on you! this dress….. is mine haha I gave it to her so she could wear it out that day~ I have the jacket on but, when I left my apt it was too hot- so I went back to leave the jacket because if not // you’d melt! // yeah srsly okay mami, which is the next one? for Friday~ well this is also another one of my dresses my skirt~~ that she already wore out (before me) I really loved this outfit and I feel kinda jealous that I didn’t buy this skirt because it’s so pretty mami // and the blouse is from Peru! That I brought over these pants… seems familiar too! well you’re the one giving me your clothes! well bc you look better in them! // oh, no!! this dress is so beautiful // my favorite your favorite also what’s she’s wearing on top was for her sister, but it ended up being hers instead hey! because you told “oh it’s better for you instead” Yeah well bc you wear it better! and what happens if my sister watches this is like ‘hey that was for me! no, that doesn’t matter cause I’m the one who bought it and I bought one for each one of you so I love this dress, the color! and also with with the.. I don’t know how to describe it … well you like it and done we put all of those colors together yeah the combination and das et! this skirt reminds me of back in the days when I used to wear mini skirts and with that top~ I never see you in a skirt cause you’re always running around in long dresses and so now- I thought “alright time to show them knees!” well because it’s end of the week (I understood weekend) this yellow is perfect // it’s friday, not the weekend end of the week.. end of the work week oh okay // so I chose this dress for her to wear and this also seem very ~familiar~ no.. that’s mine well, it looks like mine // wamps girl this lil skirt- the color that it has I love it! A baby’s color (?) and well because she the youngest out of my daughters I put this combination together and with her little black shirt yeah~ she comes out looking really nice (& me dying in the bg lol) oh this dress~ this button up dress~ was my favorite style back in my days and her accessories, I gave her red earrings, an orange belt~ and her little white shoes~ heheh “lil shoes” I saw her and I thought: wow! she looks like me and well now, I wanted to see her in some trendy jeans this type of jeans in my time was really popular as well and now it’s returned (to style)~ and now she gets to flaunt them~ I looove white shorts so I decided to choose it for her so she could wear that day (me dying in the bg) with her little blue shirt and her shoes~ and, and the earrings too~
(we had to do so many retakes I was just dying) starting off the week I said, oh man I didn’t choose anything- and I didn’t know what to search for so the first thing that I grabbed wear the jeans and this black shirt oh no, black blouse- sorry ;; – ;; /me dying again/ what! I like those pants! this color green is so interesting that I really fell in love with it, so I paired it with a light button up along with a little scarf around her neck and her black boots. A combination… perfect for a Tuesday! thanks mami~ okay the yellow (cream) is for papa la huancaina and this is to make the stew I really love this style of pants they’re really wide and comfortable! and so then I chose a tighter shirt for her so the pants could really be a statement on its own I really love the color of these pants and she looks so comfy too~ omg I love Monday’s outfit! yeah the skirt is really wide and comfortable! like you’re gonna dance~! // with my students.. lol and that shirt pairs really well with the skirt and because you always love these type of blouses with the ruffles~! It was cloudy this day, so I said, oh this dress would be good for a cloudy day Cause it’s all dark~ Any time that it’s cloudy, you always put me in something dark lol Yeah~ cause also my mind was also like cloudy welp. // (my mind was) dark for our last outfit of the month and because we’re entering fall well I chose this cheetah print dress along with a cream shirt so that she can cover her arms because the weather is changing okay so we finished the video! Hopefully you guys enjoyed it! Thank you Mami! // Yes of course they ALL HAVE TO LIKE IT and make sure you “LIKE” it too! oh yeah yeah, if not.. my mom is gonna throw her chancla at your face yeah imma throw my chancla thank you ma // no problem lil one okay- you can’t (dance) anymore? no I can’t anymore there’s no ac! I’m gonna suffocate!!! I’ll see ya in the next one! Thank you so much for watching hopefully you can hear me cause I have the music right behind me okay bye~ I’m already late for work~~~~ oh damn, the woman wants to keep going pale rose.. is the color that it has… oh no no, cut cut! jean and this white blouse white?! white blouse? it’s a black blouse! lol


  1. omg. i was just scrolling through your channel and i'm noticing that your videos are getting those good views! 10k+!!! I'm so happy!!! Your channel is so great, I love the fact that you actually style with COLOR and PATTERNS (like oh my god, if i get recommended another style video that only has muted tones and neutrals i'm going to cry). and I'm so glad that you're getting the views you deserve! HERE TO 100K+ MORE!!! '3'

  2. To learn I have the same skirt as you, the black Monki one with all the flowers, feels like the greatest honor!!! As always, I am so inspired watching this video, it was so sweet, so wholesome and so much fun! Wishing you all the best✨

  3. OMG your mom is so cute and I loved the way she narrated in Spanish! I see where you got your fashion style 🤗 Also I need that Sailor Jupiter t-shirt in my life 😍

  4. Girl, I just wanted to say that I FUCKING LOVE YOUR NAILS, it seems like the video is so more colorful, I get into a good mood right away when I look at your nails. Sorry, I love them and your earrings, btw haha

  5. what a cute video wow. and you always delivers such huge number of styles each time its amazing as usual. mrs mom please be well always! also, im waiting for a posing tips video hehe any plan to do that soon?

  6. I love the sailor moon shirts! I like the combination of comfortable skirts or pants with t-shirts, it's something I would prefer wearing as well! Lil ma is so cute ♡

  7. TURN ON CC FOR ENGLISH Heya homies! Which outfit was your favorite?! I hope you guys watched till the end and had a good laugh with this video! If ya can pleaaaase share this video it would mean alot to me! Thank you so much again homies! Hope you're having a great day!

  8. This whole video is wholesome (the overvoice of you and your mom talking is cute af!) ! I haven’t watched a whole video in Spanish on YouTube until today lol the outfits are really cute!

  9. ame su iniciativa de darte a poner su ropa 👏👏👏👏 fave outfit english green trousers and the Jupiter sailor moon tshirt

  10. Ma: "…como es fin de semana…"
    Nat: "No es fin de semana."
    Ma: "Fin de semana del trabajo."
    Nat: "Ok…"
    Jajajajaja las amo ❤

  11. ah this made me miss my mom so much! we used to always gush about clothing & accessories together. we even started our own earring collection together. now everytime i miss her i’ll go to the store and look for a pair of earrings and call her to tell her about them lol. lovely video! me hico sondrir tanto 🥺

  12. Your mom did an awesome job! Also it just seems like your mom has super comfy looking pants from how many she had you wear.

  13. i love how you always dance in your vids it's so different from other youtubers' lookbooks/ootds and it makes me happy :')))

  14. Did your mom partake in the dance parties everyday too? That would be so much fun! If my mom would do this for me she’d have me in dresses every single day.

  15. Love this! Your mom really likes prints and patterns..almost al your outfits had an interesting pattern or print to it, weather it was the shirt, skirt, dress, accessories, shoes etc! I hope you do more videos like this where someone picks your outfits for a week or a months time…cause every outfit your mom picked was my favorite

  16. AMÉ la narración en español de tu mamá, qué lindaaaa 💖🙂💖💖🙂💖 You're styling videos are so inspiring to try new things and it makes me feel that I do deserve wearing pretty clothes, thank you for these videos you've been so active here and I love it, besossss 💖💛

  17. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! THE OUTFITS! THE WHOLESOMENESS!!! your mom is a sweetheart! esperamos con ansias el siguiente vídeo de lil ma y nat!💕💕💕

  18. No need for the chancla Lil Mami, if there was a 'love' buttom i would've pressed that! Really enjoyed seeing your mom's style come thru and honestly she's just the CUTEST!! Aren't moms the bestttt!! 💜

  19. que bella!!! jajajaj la semana que tu mama te vistió en su ropa en vez de la tuya that's so cute we stan a fashion mom

  20. How hot does it get there? I always hear people say it’s so hot but I live in Arizona and on a regular summer day it’s 110 degrees so it can’t get that hot there, right?😅
    P.S. my fav outfit was the first Friday one! You and your mom are so cute!

  21. This video was so cute!! And your mom's style is super fun! Would love to know what you thought of the various outfits. 🙂

  22. Your body looks great idk if your working out or it’s just the walks through seoul but you look great 🙌 love you and your mom lol I liked before she throws the chancla 😂💗

  23. Always look forward to your fashion vids! I tried doing the same with my mom for a week, but it only lasted 3 days. How did you get your mom to do this for a month? I love all the outfits!

  24. Mas videos así porfa !!!!
    Tu mamá tiene buen gusto ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Ya la escucharon si no le dan like un Chanclaso a todos 😂😂😂😂

  25. Ay qué bonitooo que convivan tu y tu mamá así 😍💕
    Toda la ropa colorida que tienes me intriga y se te ven tan bien que hasta me dan ganas de agregar color a mi guardarropa en vez de solo blanco y negro hahhaha 😍👌

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