1. Guys!! It's getting more real!! My second book cover photoshoot ever and it was SUCH a blast. So excited to bring you with me 🙂

  2. All I want is the New Book signed 😭 I’ll wait patiently for you to think about putting signed books on Poshmark 🤞🏽… now back to the video 😂

  3. 8 really-excited-f-word days!!!! I’m. Pumped.
    Also, I’m thrilled you’re doing vlogmas. I’ve missed “talking” to you daily 😂

  4. I'm counting down the daaays! 😍
    I can't wait to have your book AND planner!
    And I'm sooo happy for yoooou. ❤

  5. You are living the dream and motivating me to kick myself in the butt and go after what I want. I have your first book coming in the mail and I can’t wait to buy this new one. And a planner?! Sold!!

    I’m applying for a new job for January and while it’s not my dream job, it’s going to help me move on from my current job and maybe help lead to better opportunities fingers crossed

  6. Yay love that you’re doing vlogmas! So gorgeous at leveque – should’ve had the keep make you a fancy lemon drink 😜

  7. I only smile when I need to, or when something tickles my fancy, or a good George Carlin joke (yes, I'm old)

  8. You looked very pretty in your Yellow dress and I love the top you wore with the blue and burgundy on it

  9. Regarding the smirk….A friend of mine today just asked me why I smirk all the time in my photos. I never realized I did it but he said I do and explained it's not coming off as a smile like I think it is (he's a best friend of mine, he wasn't saying it in a mean way.)

    It's interesting that the SAME day he said it, I watch a video of someone saying that they do prefer to smirk and have to practice smiling…as if you've been told the same thing….Interesting….

  10. Did you start recording your vlogmas vlogs before Thanksgiving? Because I thought you started posting that lemon picture before the holiday… Totally don't mind if you did, just curious if this was filmed on Dec 1st and posted Dec 2nd… or way in advance. If it is way in advance, mabye the vlogs will catch up to more current time on Dec 11 so we can see the book launch on Dec 10? Anyway…I think I think too much.

  11. You and Lavendaire are two of my favorite YouTube accounts – so happy to see the shout out and excited to read your book! 🙂

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