MPW Cambridge: Your Route to the UK's Top Universities

mpw was founded by three cambridge scholars and having themselves benefited from the university's supervision in small groups they have this brilliant idea to bring this experience to a level and GCSE students we're very proud of a college environment that is informal and friendly but at the same time one of the intense tuition and it is that combination that allows our students to achieve outstanding results the thing that most attracted me to MP w was its great reputation for producing fantastic results they do things differently from other schools so you'll have these smaller class sizes the greater focus it's all about you as an individual the really special thing about MP w s– teaching approach is a small class size discussion is encouraged about a topic and that teaching style does differ in the sense that you do feel more mature and I think that really helps in encouraging self-directed studies and PW improves the students performance by making student want to improve I really feel we create a positive atmosphere it's a setting where students feel valued and where they flourish a personal tutor MPW supports their students by tracking their academic progress the door is always open to give moral support to help them through any sort of spiritual or pastoral needs that they may have at essentia keep them on track and keep them around hi since starting at npw I've had a lot of help and support with my university application spent hours with my personal tutor working on my personal statement through to university interview preparation with a doctor and I've now received two offers from medical schools most of our students are secured successfully all five UK's university offers and this obviously encourages them and motivates them to do better and to achieve even more in their weekly Tennessee's MPW were very health with my university application I came with hardly any confidence and then after loads of meetings of my personal tutor so much help and support I hold an offer at my first choice University and without my personal tutors help I don't think I would have they came which offered that I have now have time assignments are a fantastic tool because they allow our students to measure their progress and massively boost their confidence for the real exam it's a good way to see if you're on track or where you need to improve so coming up to mocks I knew exactly what I needed to work on from my time to Simon's the roofing about staying at Cambridge that it is a world class center of Education accidents and I can't help but feel inspired by the University and the sort of these people containers and it's also get towards students and so it's very buzzy and there a lot of young people around in bridge from program at MPW runs every week we have a variety of clubs we have sporting activities we have drama club there phonetics Club for example my brother was attended the college before me and so I came on a recommendation of him and my parents and they've really looked after me and helped me progress academically and I've just really enjoyed the experience I would recommend MPW to anyone who wants to achieve their very best I would definitely recommend mew2 friends because I know they would benefit from the same supportive environment and constructing teaching methods that I have experienced I'd recommend MPW to anyone the weekly testing lets you know exactly whether or not you're on track what you need to revise more of there's constant support and feedback and personal tutors just seem to have all the time in the world for you you

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