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let me show you what I think what God here's a feature and you can see that it's gone through beautiful carbon electrodes and plus we've got three test tubes which we've been allowing as the electricity starts to flow in the circuit positively charged hydrogen is attracted to the negative term negatively charged oxygen to the passenger of course twice as much on this slide is on the other we're splitting h2o into hydrogen and oxygen to water comes the beauty of hydrogen is incredible and you get that beautiful squeaky pop that's characteristic this because the hydrogen in space we lower the cost of the Mars mission by factors of two or more and my message to senior officials of NASA is that that ought to be the first thing we do return to subsidize the search for water isomer light another to bankroll the construction of a rocket in a factory in space to accomplish that but they take more than just a promise time and time again has proven not to be compelling enough economic that's why to me he going back to me is making access to space nASA has its sights set getting back to the lunar surface more affordably my share of the cost with commercial partners some of the biggest challenges will be first figure out flying news bases expensive by launch new species expensive how do we generate dollars when we first started there wasn't a market for people to deliver either go up to the surface show people here's how it works here's what you can do what services everything from brokers that can drop and drive off in the distance the science experiments the magnetometers and radiation detectors infrastructure that

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