Monster School : Enderman’s Life – BEST Minecraft Animation

A girl What do you want? Enderman… Hahaha… Catch her Yes sir Endergirl. Where are you? Teacher! Help me! What? Help! Huh? Endergirl She has been abducted Please save her Ok Don’t cry Everything will be ok. Let’s go rescue her Endergirl, where are you? Hey everybody I found this That is her item Wither Skeleton You need to use the
capabilities of hackers Ok They go this way Ok, Les’t go We will divide into three teams First team this way The second team goes this way The third team follow me Stop Look at this Ender Pearl Wither Skeleton Yes Get information from it Ok Open the door Yes sir
Yes sir Help me Take her inside Done! Where is she? She is in there Look what? Be careful They have weapons Let me help you What? Good Someone broke into Let me handle this guy Ok Watch your back Ok Go Beautiful girl! Help me! Let her go No never She must become my wife hahahaha…. Kill them Yes sir
Yes sir Yeah! It was easy Oh! no Let me What? Zombie boy Me? Give me your sword Let’s go We are stuck Let me handle this Oh! no My energy was exhausted Then we have to die in this place Let’s sleep What? Oh my god Found her yet? Not found Enderman We found her But everyone was arrested What? Oh no! Let’s go and save them Arrived They are in it Let’s go Stop Huh? They have weapons We have to think of a way Hey We should break in from above It’s a good idea Ok! we go Soldiers, get ready yes sir No They will have to die But if you agree to be my wife I will spare them No never No….. Enderman No… Endergirl AAAAAA….. What the hell? Please wake up Enderman Then everything will be fine Now let’s go home Oh! she woke up So lucky Thanks everyone So glad you woke up Thank Enderman Please stay with us forever Yes


  1. hahahahahahajahahahagahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahaahhaahahahahahahahhahahaahhaahahahahahaháhahahahaagahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahhaahahhahahahahahahajajabaahahabhahahha
    ler mais….

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  3. Я хачу еробрина 😢 на сервере памаги😭 плиииииииз
    Все заходите памогать

  4. OMG this is the best vid u ever made I HOPE THIS VID GET 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 LIKES

  5. Wider🤕🤒😻🙊👮😍😘😤😌😗🍉🍏🎉🎊🔇🔕🔔🎤🎧🚾🚼🇦🇫;-):-P:'(

  6. Thanks so yes Sir has been an amazing night with you guys thanks again thanks yes I know that we have an appointment for

  7. Ender girl woke when she died but how did enderman not die he is allergic to water and ender girl enderman is a pro

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