MOM vs DAD in Life #Fun #Sketch #Roleplay #Kids #MyMissAnand #Part2

Ma’am she will participate in annual day No ma’am she will participate in sports day Ma’am in future she has to become actress So for that stage presence is very important In current time physical fitness is more important So, she will play tennis or badminton But physical fitness can also get by dance So, today’s video is Mom vs Dad So till Mom Dad decide my future You hit 2,00,000 likes Should add almonds…mind will get sharp fennel seeds will keep her mind cool And yes, turmeric..has got antiseptic properties Take your milk What is this? Have you added anything extra? Yeah I made it healthy…Finish it soon I will vomit Yes you can, but have to finish milk first Anantya finish the milk fast Dad you know I get pressure after drinking milk If Mom comes she will give you doble Let’s share half- half Okay then pressure will also get half -half Hurry up, Bus will arrive Hurry up will get late for school I told you not to ask milk for drinking Because of you I too drank What is the condition of that washroom? every where bad smell Anantya take I have covered all your copies and have labelled it properly Thank you mom for reminding about grading Else I would have got punishment That is why Mom is there for you Dad I have my submission date tomorrow and my copies are left for covering So you cover them please Okay

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