Mom Reunites with Daughter on Walmart Grocery Run

You know, being a talk show
host, I don’t have time to do the things
that I used to do, like rock climbing
or grocery shopping. And luckily, Walmart makes
shopping easier and faster with their free
grocery store pickup. You can order fresh groceries
online or by downloading the Walmart grocery app. And get this, Walmart even
loads your fresh groceries into your trunk. I’m sure they’ll put
them in your backseat if that’s where you–
wherever you want them. But they’ll put
them in your car. And I’m going to
try it right now. Nancy Grenier, where
are you, Nancy– Hi. Hi. [MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE] Hi, Nancy. Sit down. These are leather seats. Well, not– they’re pleather. They’re very nice. Yes. Hi, Ellen. Hi, Nancy. How are you doing? I am fantastic. All right. Where do you live? I live in Fallbrook, California. All right. And what do you do? I teach six-year-olds. I teach first grade. Oh, that’s adorable. Are they good? Most of the time. OK, good. Not always. All right, good. OK, so I have some groceries. And I need them picked up. And I would like
you to go get them. Because I want to show
everybody how easy it is. I’m a great grocery
picker-upper. All right. There’s some stuff
for me, and there’s some rash cream for Mary. Hi, Mary. Hi, Andy. I’m a big fan. Yeah. So I’m going to
send you and Jeannie to go pick up my
groceries at Walmart. OK. OK, Jeannie, where are you? You’re going to go with Jeannie. Thank you, Ellen. [INAUDIBLE] There she goes. She’s getting in the car. All right. Let her in. All right, good. All right, she’s gone. OK. Here is what’s going to happen. Nancy’s daughter
lives in Australia, and she hasn’t seen
her in over two years because the flights
are so expensive. So what Nancy doesn’t
know is, her daughter is the one who’s going
to deliver the groceries to her car when she gets there. I know. We’re all– it’s going
to be very exciting. Hopefully, she’s as
excited to see her daughter as she was to have met me. That would be awkward
if she’s like, hey. I met Ellen! All right. So I can’t wait to see this. I can’t wait for Mary
to get the rash cream. Earlier in the show, I sent
an audience member named Nancy to Walmart to pick
up my groceries. Nancy’s daughter, Addie,
currently lives in Australia, and they haven’t seen
each other in two years. And what Nancy doesn’t
know is, we actually flew her daughter here. We’re about to reunite
them right now. Jeannie and Nancy just
arrived at Walmart. So we’ll check in with them. Hey, you guys. Hi. [CHEERING] Y’all need some jackets. It’s very cold and
windy, it looks like. We need some parkas. It’s freezing. OK. We should have sent you
with something like that. All right, so you’re there
to pick up the groceries. Are the groceries there yet? I think that they’re
on their way out soon. OK. You missed most of the show,
and I apologize for that, Nancy. That’s OK. But I really just
want my groceries. Oh, there they are. I have your groceries. Oh my God. [SCREAMING] Oh my God! It’s my daughter! Oh my God. This is my beautiful daughter. It’s your daughter, Addie. All right, get in the car. Come back. Oh my gosh. You’ve got to go see Ellen. Grab the stuff. Get in the car. Don’t forget my groceries. We’ll see you soon. Get in the car. Shut that door. Shut that door. Love you. Oh my God! I’m sorry I lied to you. [INAUDIBLE] All right, we’ll be back. Earlier in the show, I sent
an audience member named Nancy to Walmart to pick
up my groceries. Nancy’s daughter, Addie,
currently lives in Australia. And they’re just coming back. [SCREAMING] We have your groceries. Hi, Addie. Hi. Those are my groceries. Yes, we got what you needed. Thank you so much. That was fast. How convenient was that? You just pull up to Walmart– Look what they have at Walmart. –and then sometimes you can
find your daughter there. In the parking lot. Wow, that’s amazing. I just phone it in, and then
they bring her to the car. Yeah, then she went
right to the car. Your face was priceless. Because you just went– you were sweet, and then went,
thank you, and then you went, oh my God. It took her two seconds to
realize who it was, actually. Yeah, it took me a minute. Yeah, well it’s been two years. Yeah. So that must be hard to be away
from each other for so long. Because y’all are really close. You were really close. And you talk every
day on the phone. Yeah. We do. Every single day. That’s annoying,
sometimes, for her. But not for me. So that was hard for
you to keep a secret. Because you knew we were
going to do this a week ago. I have had severe anxiety. I’ve had sleepless nights
from lying to my mother. And I had to come up
with a story of why I wouldn’t be answering my phone. For a couple of days. Yeah, so I said my phone broke. If I say Marco, she
has to say polo. There’s a time limit. Yeah. And there’s not been
polos coming back. So I was a little nervous. Well, I had to tell her
that I broke my phone, and that my phone’s
at the Apple store. Yeah, and I sent you
money for the phone. Sorry. So you owe her that money. All right. She does not need a new phone. It seems like we
started a fight here. No, we’re good. So why has it been two– it’s because the flights
are so expensive, right? Yeah, it’s Australia. Yeah, flights are
really expensive. And it’s a really
far way to come. And life is expensive,
and flights are expensive, and sometimes– And you’re working. Yeah, I work two jobs. And she’s a teacher. And we both live how we
can and try to get by. And sometimes life
gets in the way. Where are you
living in Australia? I live in Brisbane. Uh-huh. And why did you move there? It seems like you’ve– I heard you always wanted
to go to Australia. Yeah, it’s been
something I’ve always wanted to do my whole life. She had a shoebox at age 12. She put money in there. What’s that for? I’m going to Australia. Really? Yeah, I’ve always wanted to go. And then she did. When I was about 24
or 25, I realized if I actually wanted to
go, I needed to just go– actually go. She did. So I did. That’s amazing. Now I live there. Yeah. How long have you lived there? Well, on this visa,
2 and 1/2 years. But total, I went over the
first time five years ago. It’s great. It’s gorgeous. I mean, obviously, I like
Australia, because my wife– It’s really pretty
here too, though. Yeah. It is pretty here. It’s pretty here too. But the beaches. Just beaches. So I understand y’all used to
watch the show together all the time. Yes. Yes, it was mandatory. Get home. There are snacks. It’s The Ellen Show. Chop chop. Let’s go. Every day when I came
home from school. It was a tradition. It was a thing. And now we’re
sitting on the couch. Very strange. It’s very strange. I know. You go to Walmart,
you find a daughter. You come for a taping,
and you meet Ellen. Yeah. I know. What is happening? All right, let’s see
what I asked for. The monopoly game,
that’s correct. Yes. I asked for some Pedialyte. We chose the cherry flavor. Yep. I asked for– let’s see. Yeah, we need that. Tissue, you want that? Yeah. Yeah. There. A dog toy. And let’s see what else. Is the rash cream in here? I think it is. I think it is. There it is. All right. Yeah. She put it in. It in there. It’s at the bottom. There it is. The rash cream. And also, you know what? Walmart really doesn’t want
y’all to go that long not seeing each other again. So also, I had ordered
this from Walmart. They want to give you
$10,000, and you $10,000. So that’s $20,000 from Walmart. That’s from Walmart. That’s $20,000. And my viewers are getting $10
off their first Walmart grocery order. Go to Ellentube to find out how. And everyone in my audience is
going home with a $150 Walmart gift card. We will be back.

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