May I Apply If I’m Close to Completing My Degree?

Hi I’m Karen with the Office of Personnel
Management. Are you in the final year of earning your
degree and searching for a federal job? Before you apply, pay close attention to all
sections of the Job Opportunity Announcement, especially: Who May Be Considered; Qualifications
and Evaluations; and How to Apply. The hiring agency will state in the Announcement
whether they will accept applications from people who have not yet graduated, and IF
they will, the timeframe will be clearly stated. For example, if an agency needs to hire quickly,
they may state that applicants must have earned their degree within 30 days of the Announcement
closing or, even, that applicants must have earned their degree at the time of application. As a part of your application, you may be
asked to respond to some online questions about your education, knowledge, skills, and/or
experience. It’s important that you respond honestly to
all questions and that your resume supports your answers. For example, if you’re asked whether you have
your degree and your choices are “yes” or “no”, you should respond “no”. While you may expect to earn your degree soon,
even within a month or two, you don’t have it yet and you could be considered as having
falsified your employment application. So, before you submit your application, review
it to make sure all the information you give is accurate and that you’ve followed all instructions
on the Job Opportunity Announcement. Good luck with your job search!

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