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Hello. Thanks for dropping by to learn a little more
about advanced human resources education and some of the options that align with careers
in this popular field. Joining me are Dr. Katie Thiry, Program Chair
for the Master of Human Resource Management at the Forbes School of Business & Technology,
and Reyna Sund, Director of Career Services and Alumni Relations at Ashford University. Welcome. KATIE:
Thank you. REYNA:
So what makes the Master of Human Resource Management degree program special? KATIE:
At the Forbes School of Business & Technology, we believe our students are best prepared
for careers in HR when HR is taught within the business context. This is a significant differentiator of our
Master’s of Human Resource Management degree program compared to other HR degrees. Our goal is to prepare our students to be
strategic business partners in their organizations. INTERVIEWER:
How will students learn to do that? KATIE:
The curriculum focuses on critical content areas like change management, employee and
labor relations, legal and ethical issues, compensation and benefits, training and development,
workforce planning and talent management, organizational development, and globalization. INTERVIEWER:
It sounds like graduates will really experience the full world of human resources. KATIE:
Absolutely. Our goal is to prepare our graduates in Human
Resources to make meaningful contributions to their organizations. In addition, the curriculum is aligned to
SHRM, the Society of Human Resource Management. That means the program has been reviewed and
approved by the world’s largest HR professional society. This is exciting because students in their
final year of study who have accumulated practical HR experience are eligible to sit for the
SHRM CP exam. This is a big deal in the industry. REYNA:
It is. These kinds of certifications help job candidates
stand out from the pack. A master’s degree and relevant certifications
show employers that you are a candidate who values education and development. INTERVIEWER:
I’m glad you mentioned jobs, because I wanted to know what kind of careers align with this
Master of Human Resource Management degree. REYNA:
Graduates could be make candidates for management roles in various facets of HR. Likely job options could include Benefits
Manager, Compensation Director, HR Manager, HR Director, Training and Development Manager,
and more. KATIE:
Ultimately, we want to equip students with the skills and knowledge to compete in today’s
workplace. INTERVIEWER:
That’s great. Thank you both for your insights on this degree. REYNA:
Absolutely. INTERVIEWER:
I hope you’ve learned a little bit more about the Master of Human Resource Management
program. If this degree sounds like the right fit for
your career goals, visit the degree page on or speak with an Enrollment Services

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