Marketing 101: Personal Branding

okay so first when we think about branding what exactly are do we mean well is branding we think about the big corporations such as McDonald's the KFC Starbucks I know over Hilton where you think about those big brands what actually comes to mind for me when I think about McDonald's there's a mix right I think about the tons of french fries the hot fries I think about the big mac with the dripping sauce I think about the chicken nuggets like the chicken nuggets are so good oh my gosh and I also think about diabetes I think about over weightless I think about the ice cream machine and never working right so when I think about brands and it when it comes to talking about McDonald's those are all the different images and thoughts that comes to my mind now we talk about personal branding we're talking about ourselves so when our name is sad or anything like that those are personal images that the other person has about you and you want to be able to control exactly what those thoughts are per se so in order to actually start your personal brand you need to assess yourself assessing basically means you need to sit down in timeout like go to your room and think about what actually you are who are you what would it what are you bringing to the table pretty much so there are five things that you need to do in order to build and assess yourself for your personal brand these are things that you need to know like prior to you trying to do all right so take your little notes go take your notes number one learn your strengths okay learn your strengths what makes you strong what makes you strong what are you really really good at you know um for me I am so good at eating like I love food so much what I think about strengths I actually think about me per se I love to find out more information about things I love to explore I love to do research so find out what your strengths are and the easy way to do that is actually an assessment test you can go online just Google strengths assessment and I'm pretty sure you'll find thousands of tests that you be take go ahead and take those tests and then you figure out exactly what your strengths are or with any of these assessments you can actually ask what are your best friends okay so what exactly is my strengths you suck at everything number two find out your weaknesses okay weakness so when you find out your weaknesses you can actually build a problem to make you ten times better for me my weakness is procrastination that is like my key weakness I'm telling you procrastination is something that I definitely struggle with I struggle with it and work on it all the time I sit down and I do my mantras and I do my and meditation and I try and procrastination thoughts on my head okay but understanding what your weaknesses are you can build upon it and make you a stronger person not only that but your weaknesses could then become your dreams number three I doubt your interest what are certain things that are interesting to you for me I want to say that my interest is travelling like I want to explore I want to meet different people different cultures taste a different food understand how people think different things like that those travelling travelling explorations that is my interest that is something that I would love to do and I'm interested in finding out your interest helps you build upon your strengths as well because you can actually take a little bit of your interest a little bit of your weakness to make your strengths and this brings all together what your brand will bring in what you can bring to the table number four it's actually your personality so understanding your personality is so important guys I'm telling you there are tons of personality tests out there for you to understand how you think what you do are you an introvert are you an extrovert are you fun and exciting or do you rather nephew chill so understanding your personality it helps you build upon your brand based on you know how you can actually communicate with others so easiest way to do that is go on to Google type in personality test and boom there are tons of personality tests that you guys can take go ahead and try those out and better yet comment your personality down below I want to see there's a really good one called I think it's Jon's personality test and you will find out whether you're rai and SG i NT g i am a low p whatever it is you'll find out exactly what you are and that would dictate or basically give you an idea of what your personality is so go ahead and check that out alright number five understanding your core values so when you think about core values what actually is important to you like you not me what's important to you okay so understanding exactly what's important to you helps you build upon your brand as well what's important to me is I scream like this soft cold taste of ice cream the plentiful flavors the deliciousness frozen yogurts regular ice cream gelato anything all those are important to me that's my core value I'm kidding guys so my core value to me is loyalty honesty and courage basically those are certain things that I look towards someone and those some things I hold myself accountable for loyalty because I want to have some type of personal commitment whether it be to you know a boyfriend or your work your job or even your own personal business that is loyalty commitment pretty much goes along the same line and then courage courage to actually step out of the box and do what it takes to make yourself so guys those are the five things that you need in order to assess yourself to find out what your personal brand is the best thing to do like I said is either ask a friend or go on google and find tests to take it will take a while like trust me if you have time to spare yet it doesn't matter if you have time to spare you got to do it this is for your own personal branding okay these certain things will help you build upon yourself to make you more brandable more marketable especially out in the real world no one wants Plain Jane you know if you are doing international business one of your weaknesses might be you don't know a language pick up a few phrases right that makes you more marketable if you guys have any questions make sure you leave them down in the comment section below when you guys take these tests I want to actually see the result so go ahead and leave them down below as well and if you have any questions let me know so thanks guys for watching personal branding marketing 101 all of the example of tests and stuff like that will be down in the description box so go ahead and click that that phone once it guys and I'll see you next time [Applause]

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