Making music at Strike Lane Primary School

They’re teaching us all different kinds
of instruments and how to play them. They were very nice and yes and then, like, it was very nice. I love the music. They were very good. The Artsmark Partnership Program can give young people the opportunity to create and
develop in their own way, and as teachers you can you can present those
opportunities as part of your development. Within Artsmark, the Music Hub supported us by pointing in the direction of other Artsmark Partners. They’ve supported us by coming out to look at some of the work we’ve done. The Lancashire Music Hub is the essence of giving young people the opportunity, in any shape or form, to
engage with music. We’ve taken all of the things that the Partners do and we’ve mapped out a framework so at each level there’s a range of support that they can have. It’s been a development for the school as much as us by that
two-way process of “what do you need?”and “can we provide it?” It made us realize
what we do do as a school and I think the Music Hub have shown us that. That
we did do quite a lot really, it’s given us the opportunity to celebrate it. You
might be surprised what you already do, how easy it is that it’s not a
big onerous thing that you have to do. It is very much part of your curriculum
already and it is just recognising it and maybe just pulling out aspects so that
you think that can be celebrated and it does give the children the opportunity
that, in an area, that they can excel in really. That they might not have done in
a more academic subject so it’s a good way to see them succeed. you


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