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(calm music) – Hey team. My name is Mark Bekhit. I’m a Junior Doctor here at Waitemata DHB. As a kid growing up in New Zealand, I was lucky to have an
excellent education. Knowing that not everyone had
this privileged experience, I had planned to maximize
the impact I could have on the world. A plan that felt impossible back then. Over time, I came to
realize that no matter where we might be in the world, the two most powerful tools we have to solve the world’s problems
are health and education. Having gone through medical school and now practicing
medicine at Waitemata DHB I had gained one of those amazing tools. That’s why I joined Crimson
Education, for the second tool. And helping more people
have the opportunity like the one I have today. I remember the very first student I had, the day she got into medical school. She was so thrilled with the opportunity to pursue her dream career. I was overwhelmed and wanted to see more students doing the same. In the two years I have been
part of the Crimson team, I have been able to play a part in over 200 students’ journeys to medicine and leading universities around the world. Working with Crimson enables me to inspire our next generations of leaders every day. At Crimson, I lead a team of
dedicated medical mentors, tutors and consultants who
are committed to helping students around the world
achieve their potential. Armed with a strong
education, Crimson’s students have the power to change the world. (inspiring music) Crimson Education. Making the impossible, possible. (inspiring music)


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  2. Hey! Can you tell me is there anyway to know a college is interested in you or your application is given a serious consideration?

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