LTS Learning — Laboratory Management in Practice Online Course

You know leadership development in your laboratory
is important. And as a specialist in your lab, career progression
into a management position can present a whole new world of challenges. With the Laboratory Management in Practice
online course by LTS Learning, you can learn on-the-go, without taking valuable time away
from work. The course has been created by experienced
lab professionals and is based on 20 years of knowledge in global diagnostics. It has been developed from a true understanding
of the unique nature of the lab work environment. It covers everything you need to know about
lab management, from quality, finance and operations, to leadership change management,
team management and more. Let learning fit into your schedule, by accessing
the lab management online course on your desktop or mobile device. Deal with pressing challenges in your lab
by jumping ahead to relevant topics and revisiting them when you need to. Stay engaged and on track through narrated
presentations, interactive assessments and engaging design. Pick up where you left off. When you need to get back to work, you can
log off with the knowledge that your progress has been saved. And if you didn’t catch that last bit of critical
information, no problem. Find exactly the information that you’re looking
for. Skip backwards and forwards in a lesson. Enrol yourself or your team. Our in-depth reporting helps you track progress
and even benchmark performance. This helps ensure you reap the benefits from
management development and succession planning. And when you complete the course, you walk
away with a credible industry certificate, accredited by an industry body that’s recognized
in your region. Learn lab management on-the-go. Develop your future management team and get
the relevant qualification and skills to take that next step in your career. With the Laboratory Management in Practice
online course by LTS Learning.

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  1. Excellent feedback from one of our current Lab Managment in Practice Online course students 🙂
    "I think Lab management in practice by LTS Online learning will definitely guide people like me from a pure clinical background to lab management. LTS Learning has launched this program at the right time as I have been searching for a kickstart tool to learn management.

    As a beginner, the modules have helped me to learn and understand different aspects at my own pace. I am learning the foundations and feeling confident that this will help me in my days ahead.

    I will be moving back to India in June because our new diagnostic laboratory is almost ready. My aim is to complete the course before I leave the UK.

    Once again thank you LTS Learning for all the support." – Srija Mohan, United Kingdom

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