Life after American degree vs IIT degree – Part 2

hey guys and welcome to a new video in this video this is the second part of the two part series if you haven't seen the first part go to her news channel and check it out it's called singing in USA and this will take up the rest of the questions that we had and the first question that we have right now is Oh before that I know do you want introduce yourself again yeah hi hi guys this is her new and I am sitting in so I'd say the University America he's doing his bachelor's over there so that's a pretty anything I don't know a lot of people who went from new to the US for a bachelor's so that's pretty cool so the question that we're at now is what is the difference between CS intima preparation in the US and in India so for CS we kind of prepare on our own I mean we can use the resources in university if there are like some groups clubs and all that that help you prepare but we mainly try to prepare on our own I mean being able to happen ranked late code we practice every every day for example I used to practice two to five problems every day on occur and so that I can I can sharpen those skills and that's all we used to do otherwise in school they teach us how to solve a problem but it's it's it's related to interview prep but we have to put if we have to put more effort on our interview prep right it's something similar for for India I'd say I mean during the placement season so if you're an IIT you're getting the basement season is close to December so that particular semester from June to December people are preparing like crazy around six seven hours per day on CS problems and anything around algorithms data structures and anything else at it that they could ask you so and it generally goes to these platforms only things like hacker ANCA corrode and code forces it's pretty common in India and people do specific and the academic syllabus does not cover any of these things you have to do it on your own again in India as well so if I pretty similar the questions that they ask should be probably pretty similar in the US and in India right absolutely cool next question difference between the job opportunities in India and the u.s. so in India I can probably comment that the number of job opportunities in cities like Bangalore Hyderabad and noida is growing like crazy if you're getting into the software development field you can probably easily end up a job and there are lot of startups helping you how to get that job as well so this is actually a pretty unique and very strongly growing field in India a lot of offices are moving to India for cost-cutting purposes which is why the number of opportunities in general has increased a lot over the past few years and it is expected to increase even more in software Delavan jobs and in jobs around it big data science or machine learning as well what's the case in in the u.s. yeah I think it is it depends how easy to get it and I personally think it depends on students to learn how easy it can be to get a job for example most of the students I have seen even from a good university like Georgia Tech University of California Berkeley even Stanford they are not spoon-fed they work hard they are pretty active for example let's take an example of a Georgia Tech student he created and get internship in his first year so he went back to Delhi I worked there as an intern and then came back and then found an internship next year in in the u.s. so it's just that you have to do things on you and you have to you have to build up your skills you will not be spoon-fed here right oh yeah I think that's that's everywhere though in any other so you cannot expect to be spoon-fed at all and in general I think it's not development if you want to do good and cracker until you you have to work hard on your own a teacher can only help you get so far cool this is done difference between the packages in India and he was I think we discussed that in the first part yeah okay this is a good question one crore so let's say you're at a place one care package in the u.s. versus 12 lakh package in the package in India what would you take why so I think it's personally personally that's the reason more companies are opening in India for example if same company is here he's that for example if you say for example if a same company is in the u.s. it's paying more to their employees in the US and they want to open a new branch in India because they will be paying less to their employees and making more money that's that's the reason people are coming to India and that's why they don't want to increase the salary range in India either because it's helping the companies the immense ease but it's a disadvantage for the that's why they want to go out and companies want to come to India so right it's right but the question mean is it really a disadvantage so the the general consensus is that the reason that the placement package is not the same is because the purchasing power parity is not the same if you if you're in the u.s. things are expensive so what do you have to say further to that I think things and he was are expensive but I recently calculated the money you can save if you live a decent life in America you can save around 40,000 to 50,000 dollars a year after like if you make like 90 thousand a year then if you if you delete the taxes delete the monthly expensive usually expenses then you may be able to save $40,000 to $50,000 a year in the US and that's a huge amount with the help of which you can even pay like your entire loan for MS degree or maybe half of your loan for undergrad degree so that's a really big thing if you're saving that much money then it's it's worth for them that that's the reason they're coming here and that $40,000 will not be much if you will be paying mortgage if you will be providing house in u.s. but considering that you don't want to buy a house you just want to live a simple life by by like living in an apartment on rent then you can say forty thousand to fifteen thousand dollars considering you make hundred thousand or ninety thousand dollars so that's a big thing for them right so basically you're saying if you want to save then US has a good option the cratering if you want to live then you have to pay thick because eventually if you have to live you have to get a house of this you have to pay more kids so those things will come in right right absolutely and let's say if you had a choice between 100k package in the US and an X package in India what should that X be to motivate you to come back to India for the 14 that Java so I think there is a dialogue in psionically family given a genie sit down Killick with speakers like that so families could be the biggest reason that a person would come back to India and sacrifice that salary so that's that's big enough reason yeah that's that's a pretty cool and so on okay one question people might have is the tax difference in India and the so on an h-1b what's the general tax over so on it shouldn't be the tax is more on opt like opt is a work permit that you get after a new garage to give you a master's degree so on that X is like 10 percent less so that's why I talked about like how much money you can save right after your undergrad because you're paying less taxes so the tax could be like 30% with h-1b and 20 percent without h-1b like work overcome it yeah so that's that could be a difference and I will send you the website that can help you out in figuring out the taxes state dependent right it depends on the state that you absolutely depends on state it may give you an example it could be it could be X as well I'll you can link the website and I'll share with you the website in the description India I just want to know I think most of you might know is start to the 10% I think if you're at five lakh if you're earning below five like you don't have to get pay anything after 10 percent increases to 20 if you're making more than 10 lakh per annum there any favors to 30 NH tops over there it doesn't go more than 30 but so basically it means is something somewhere similar in the u.s. in India right yep cool man sounds good okay last question on the agenda is the work difference between work life which I am going through for the past one year and college life and work love is something that you're going to step into very soon I'm guessing so how was it how do you think is going to be different from from the work F so I have already worked for one and a half year as an intern I'm joining full-time soon but as an intern I can share my life and I have seen a lot of people working on h-1b around my company and I can share life of h-1b holder opt and intern as well so I think life is good it depends on company to company in some companies the life would be like only 9:00 to 5:00 and you go home relax Saturday Sundays off but there are always big seasons like like little change after development you have a build to you and you promised that you will be like finishing these features and you cannot then you will have to work in weekends as well so it's about your promises how much promises you make and no one is forcing you to work in weekends it's all about all about you and there are always peak season some some people like are so passionate about working they may only also during weekends weekdays and even 24 hours and some some people are so rigorous and some some managers stay until 2 a.m. as well it's it's their choice I mean no one is working it to work that much but I'm just telling you that work life could be simple for you like 9:00 to 5:00 it could be rigorous for you depending on you it could be your decision no one is going to force you all right it's great I think I'd say in India as well it depends there's a so it's usually not 9:00 to 5:00 here people work from 12:00 to 8:00 from what I've seen that's a general timing so but it's again 8 hours that you have to do I think and after that it really depends on you if you're in a start-up and it has like a peak season for example if you're in Flipkart and there's a sale going on you might have to stay back for so in case systems break but in general it's pretty chill the way it's different from college life I think is because college life is like super chill and you can explore a lot of things clock side and this is something that you'll probably not get a lot of time for when you're working because you're 8 – 9 – 10 hours actually including the commute is going to one place every day and other than that you have time to explore that that thing is something that we underestimate a college as well I think so if you're in college right now probably explore as much as you can because you won't get that much time after Parenthood job thanks a lot for joining us guys it was a great interaction with her new and do subscribe to his channel I think you guys already have if not check him out I – check him out for a lot of guidance for higher studies in the u.s. so and if you're thinking about doing that even an undergrad or a postgraduate check out his channel he makes amazing content and he's amazingly regular which is I don't know how he manages it but he's too regular so – check him out and do subscribe and thanks a lot joining him we'll see you in the next one


  1. How easy is it to get job in the us as compared to india?
    In India companies come to the csmpus for placements. What happens in us?

  2. Yr dimaag mat khraab kr bc sirf ek hi topic pe vlogging mt kiya kr bdaaa teer nahi maara tune koi usa jakr suna

  3. Can you share thoughts on how to prepare to land a job in field of machine learning as a fresher.

  4. Now a days IITs topper leave top paying job and join UPSC IAS this year also UPSC topper left data scientist job .

    In INDIA UPSC is something that attracts charm power king hota hai IAS collector that is what i have heard from one IITan .

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