hello and welcome to Language Hub its great to meet you Learning another language will change your life It will open you up to a new culture new people and new opportunities But if you’ve never learned a language before it can be a little scary maybe you don’t know what to expect come with us and let us guide you through learning a language here at Language Hub The best way to learn a language is through immersion So at Language Hub, we don’t use any English in the classroom Don’t worry, our teachers are very experienced in immersion teaching So you’ll always know what’s going on in your class your teachers will use gestures pictures mime demonstrations repetition objects facial expressions and other tools to make everything easy to understand without wasting your time speaking English because you already know how to speak English Learning a language at Language Hub is engaging, fun, effective and flexible be prepared in your classes to Speak Communicate Interact anddiscover Because sitting and listening and wondering what’s for dinner is not a great way to learn a language Learning a language requires a lot of practice so study at home as much as you can if you don’t know what to study Language Hub has a full online learning programme you can use whenever and wherever you like The programme is designed based on world best language learning techniques and will get you fluent faster Online learning is free for you as a language Hub student, so make sure you make use of it At Language Hub, teaching is our passion We want you to succeed Good luck on your language learning journey

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