Learn how to Paint Acrylic Abstract Art Lessons Online or Sydney Art Studio

Hi I’m Glenn Farquhar and welcome to Art Fusion
Studio and Gallery: Art Lessons. When you visit my studio and gallery, you will find
a large range of different art styles displayed on the walls. When you come to the studio,
you can select one of those art styles, and I can teach you how to paint it. Some art
styles take more than one lesson, but we have a large range of art styles that you can create
in one simple two-hour long lesson. In the two hour lesson, I will supply with a large
120-by-90cm canvas. I also supply all the paints and materials necessary, for you to
have an amazing artwork. I also supply the studio, where, as you can see by the floor,
you can make as much mess as you like, and concentrate on creating that artwork. I take
you through, step-by-step, just like I have with these students here. These students had
never painted an artwork. This was their first artwork ever, and look at the amazing results
they’ve got. I stay with you throughout the whole lesson. I show you what paints to use,
how to mix those paints, how to blend them, and how to apply them to create these amazing
artworks. This lady created a special project for her friend as a present for their music
studio. That artwork took more than one lesson. Here we have couples who come in, like to
create an artwork for home in the colours that suit their decor. Again, you need no
experience, and you can have an amazing artwork on the wall to impress your friends and family.
So if you’d like to learn how to create amazing artworks in one lesson, Art Fusion is the
place to come.

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