Learn English in New York City – ESL / TOEFL / GRE Classes

Welcome you to NYGC as we hope that your journey towards language acquisition can be met through our programs We want you to know that our school is comprised of a highly experienced team of teachers that will accommodate your every need New York General Consulting is a nice school because they help me to improve my English through many different ways The goal at NYGC is to provide students a rich English language learning experience that is student centered and hands-on We designed our courses to help you succeed in New York whether academically, professionally, or socially I like this school. I like the teachers, and I prefer the TOEFL class because there are like three or four different teachers, every day you have different teachers, and it’s a very good experience for me I love this place because These the nicest people you can ever meet, teachers actually care about you The classes are dynamic and nice, when I don’t understand something the teachers dedicate their time to explain each lesson they are very professional and I’m very happy to join NYGC We would like to welcome you on your path to securing your language acquisition needs in future with us as we will be with you every step of the way

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