Law School Degree Show – University of Westminster

We've just had our graduate journey,
where students have brought to this space artifacts, poems, films that they've
created that represents all of their time once they've been studying
with us this event was all about trying to
understand law differently, to try to understand law not just as texts, as contracts as rather standard textual understandings
but think of the law more as matter as senses as things you can construct ways
of making things I made a dress out of wrapping paper and
toilet tissue paper so the folds represents the many bodies: the
law, my family, my friends in the university that form part of my environment and
contribute towards creating my overall personality today.
I took pictures of the process that it took to make this dress and this
basically symbolizes that each small step leads to a bigger greater outcome. I used to Greek mythology – to explain my
graduate journey, each of them has a stage so Prometheus is my third year
because I know what I am going to do. His twin brother Epimetheus of hindsight
he's my second year to explain my regrets
my first year he's the Titan of Rashness to explain that I had no idea
I just literally went in without thinking I just made up my own thing. Most of them have been here for three years, and they've had to make sacrifices, they've had to overcome a number of
obstacles. When you're doing a degree there isn't much time for reflection.
So it's great that we've got this on our Law programme. Well the thing that stands out with any
sort of creative and art is more the stories within it, and how that's
represented through the arts and the creativity we see I made a music box
and a photo chest so each sector of the music box represents one year particular
so white representing first year because it's new beginnings
second year is represented by blue because I was quite depressed and it was quite a
turbulent year and third years represented in yellow because it's a
nice warm restart like the Sun rising sort of thing I spent some time figuring
out how to represent you know depression through photography and this is the
best idea I could come up with. Some of them have song lyrics
some of them have music albums because this is the music I was listening
to so the thoughts were going through my head. head we pride ourselves by diversity
about 65% of our students come from ethnic minorities. Lots of them are women,
first in their family going to university. Law is obviously a good
choice it's a solid choice but what we also want to do is encourage their
creative side go back a little bit of their roots and understand a little bit and be
proud of their inheritance I've made a cushion that has four
sections that's representative of my graduation journey and the final section
it says graduate so obviously come June we're going to be graduates so I've got
words such as excitement confused mentoring and the
future. because this is only the second year that we've done this, I think that what surprised all of us is just how much creativity there is amongst our
undergraduate student body. They have really come up with things that we would never have thought of and never
have expected we are constantly being surprised by our

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