Last To Leave 200° DEGREE LAVA CAR Wins $5,000 – Challenge

powerin guys he needs to your back hope you guys are having an amazing day if you're not you know the drill camera flips a little bit tight in here so give me a break but today we're gonna be doing a challenge normally I stock Parker a to the challenge but today he was all for it so what we're gonna be doing today guys you guys have seen the trend he hasn't asked you B to do one the last two leaves today what we're gonna be doing sometimes what we'll do actually it's drive some ways on a hot day and turn the heater up as high as it goes and just see who of us gives up first essentially and usually we actually both don't give up we both just get there exhausted and very dehydrated and very very sweaty exchange and a lot of places so today we're gonna be doing that but we're to be taking to the next level and we're gonna be doing it today the winner of this is gonna get $5,000 okay well no so I thought was gonna be $5,000 but then we're both putting in 2100 so okay well the whoever gets weirder wins gets a profit of 2500 we're acquaintances okay well the total of $5,000 technically we were winning 2500 but that's 5000 so I'll just say 5,000 so and he's pretty confident alou's yeah I've seen these guys every time he's like a popsicle on the way oh oh god yes you guys know me I don't give up very easy I don't lose very easily so I'm gonna be trying my best but I really don't like the heat well I'm gonna get through anyway even if I have to sabotage it you guys know me I'm not confident often the hoodie is you know is that so first we have to do though is make this car as the most the biggest hell hole possible just make a disgusting in the eye and here's Liz we're gonna adverts all right yeah so right now we're inside the codable right now because we were tricky for cheap since we both one of us dilute a lot of money today oh yes I know what we're doing is we're looking for a jacket just something more than this something is just really gonna be snug and gonna make it extra hot in the car that some be the rules we have to have at least three layers of clothing on so these jackets were currently wear plus other jacket over cynic is extra extra hot I've already found one for partying or juicing is yes that way you know that that just as warm now you're really gonna be a black sheep alright well partner picks like three jackets and I'm not sure which what he wants me to get some subscribe Allah first I'm telling you this will be too small mmm this is the power I need right here would you mess with this guy I love it it makes you look more intimidating than you are now I look like that guys the guy before this this bag has professor I am your next vice president yes no that's not happening this is where the snow suit what is this where'd you buy this was literally just right here in this other pant legs like coming over everything I don't know yes it fits me very so my god no right on the wrist I need to step into it Oh in life guys oh I need to get this on but I think this might actually fit is this gonna fit and that's yours I'm triggered this monster is thing so if you skiing it is to keep your body literally to keep your body insulated for the outside cold keep the warmth and to keep the warmth in is to keep heat on your body exactly I think your perfect size in the car we have the heater on it's literally gonna be maintaining my buck like adding making it hotter and hotter and hotter and the temperature is not gonna go anywhere it's gonna retain inside the suit god this is not part of the but I did say we could buy whatever the other person could find so I partner didn't break the rules don't get mad at me play by the rules you just found a better side of me I probably laughing okay so now we're going to Walmart and this is the other thing I was talking about prep guys so we're also gonna be eating a space heaters others of them make the car even harder but each of us is gonna get $20 to find item to help us get through this challenge to hopefully help our odds a little bit so that means water the hydrogen obviously we're in a car it's gonna be anywhere from 100 to 2500 75 degrees we're gonna need some water to stay hydrated we don't die so we need some water and we're also gonna have some other supplies we're gonna try and help whatever we things will help us through this challenge so let's go try and find this one again $20 limit all right guys so we're out of Walmart now and we have everything I don't know what partner got he doesn't know what I got we completely shop separately we have it in bags right now before we get into the condos we're gonna reveal to you guys what we actually picked up why we picked it but soon as our going down with that the contest begins all right I guess these are my items now kind of looking at the table doesn't really look like a lot so right here we got Muscle Milk Energy Chews by Gatorade got these instant cold presses like that one of the key things for me and then we got of water because well that's not necessary to talk about so don't have my items all right guys so what I picked is right yeah first thing we got mixed vegetables they're frozen they also have Gatorade because you know you need some electrolytes and then water clearly to stay hydrated because I might get tired Gatorade and then I have some secret weapons all right here I got chili beans guys like I said I got some sabotage items because my guess my hope is this is gonna make me a little bit gassy and maybe that'll help my eyes so I'm eat this probably as soon as we get in there to get those bubbles and gases flowing then right here I got some energy you know Gatorade choose and then I also got some axe because Parker hates the smell of pack I think it reminds of a middle school he doesn't like it so I'm gonna sprayed this like when it gets really hot and I start sort of being oh you know I need some protection I'm gonna spray this in the car and gas him out a little bit and then while we're at goodwill I bought this as well this is a hair dryer and just randomly I'm gonna start here drying my hair but I'm mostly pointing it at him to get him a little extra heat and see if that makes him break so those are my items right there I know they're very sabotage me but you know what we gotta win this money baby all right so rudia started right now but first stop you got to put on your jacket you can't take off that jacket you came here at that you got to keep it on what yes you you came in a jacket so you gotta just make it work why'd you guys just wear that jacket it's already on you came with that's what it makes that's what I do with it all right okay so far Gus is blacksheep jagged on that thing looks so itchy already I feel like the bad guy from 100 down Dalmatians are gorillas divisible am I gonna put this edgy Pig on you better begin that soon has pockets this is the worst thing this is like the worst thing we could have but I'm so happy that we found that actually they're happy oh my god it's Julie insert my foot I was a different man under there look like an edit like are you ready I am ready for anything alright just got my helmet off alright so now we're gonna get all of our items we're gonna go out there to the car and get ourselves set up and get the heat started alright guys so here we go this is the space here I've literally opened up the box and you're not gonna believe what's that what is going to thing I said that this space heater is made for rooms that are 1,250 square feet that is literally as making up a whole home it's gonna heat this thing up so fast we're gonna put it on the maximum setting and we're gonna put this on max as well alright yep it's on with challenges about to get in a sec oh my god it's already heating up and we're returning the heater on in the car guys plus the Sun bakes in right through that window this is the worst optimum conditions to be in a car oh my god it's already so hot in here to move the door yet oh we are not already dealing with this too hard and now the heater is gonna go on it's on high already alright this is this already son I'm already you're already sweating it's back oh my god all right so the accommodation begins in three two God is bad all right wait oh I guess I'm ready okay this is for the tide for five thousand dollars plus the title of fire king you're already the ice king from burning your arm but now now I will become 5g what if I'm the Fire and Ice King no trojan here we go I just wanted to suit up yeah oh yeah I was even those gut those little things I bought some life have these Gatorade things a shoe a Gatorade two bowls like he's this exactly like though oh right cool cool blue though alright guys so glue we're gonna be here for a while it's getting really hot but still it's still doable right right now I feel okay that yeah but I'm like I live I know I'm gonna go inside soon yeah so basically we're gonna have it just drilling like it's gonna be film where do you feel me 100% of time but you guys don't ease with the highlights and the cuts of stuff so let's just keep it going okay guys so we've been here for a while already and we've matter one mistake actually this thing right here the heater on the fit was on our feet which no is that too bad so it's gonna be a lot worse that we put her on this and it was already bad oh my god do I even notice it was another meter probably what Oh God got a lot worse he's got so much worries dude that sweat it's so bad what are you doing oh no it doesn't even like that I told you didn't like him help myself oh you have to stop I don't know what you brought but you should've brought something like this Oh Marcus need anything and win this without it I'm wearing a jumpsuit I'm wearing a coat goals anymore and they're probably only gonna be like this for 10 minutes before these are over this ten minutes Oh God what are you doing what are you Seri there's McDonald's do brought chicken nuggets I'll turn into a chicken nugget okay guys both of our phones have overheated nothing that even do in here anymore our phones are over it is not a joke is this like not even fun Samia burger came to agreement the jackets are too much this boy it's too much especially where the spacer is my ear feels like it's actually burning so we made an agreement that neither of us is gonna lose any points or does it deduce our key no chance of getting the money at the end of the contest we're gonna take off our telic for me I can't take off the whole thing I'm gonna take off my top half and partners that take off his jacket we tried it was rough it's over a hundred and forty degrees in here now and we're both in agreeance to this right yeah yeah for sure oh my god oh my god just my bare skin hitting me there like some air oh my god holy crap I really felt like my arm like and individually as that dunked in a pool bro touch it Wow oh my goodness the suit was not a Jew this thing was hot oh my god oh he's a whole different shade alright I'm telling you dude soon as you remove like one body part you're gonna be so relieved don't ruin that Jack invincible although I'm trying to keep my sense of humor up I just so I forgot oh dude it's rock but isn't it feel so relieved even there's no one life feels into the sleeve I can't do it dude we can we could do that oh god oh I can't do this I mean she drinking water if you won't do that Oh so I'm actually then close to your breaking point you guys can't even a mad that this is the worst part this is like your car could catch fire oh my god Oh feel how hot the seats are I just did know it's that same your car may not even be safe with my car we're gonna have to just keep waiting it out either I gotta get out to try and resolve this or you got to get out thread resolve it and one of us loses and something catches on fire whoever gets out first still loses he's here yeah alright somebody's getting a little little antsy joke fitting into their huh nothing for you hahaha instinct cold what is that Oh oh my god that thing's way better than the bees though oh no my I need some electrolytes some election you have all the electrolytes you know I would say that looks good but honestly kind of doesn't I just need water I'm glad I bought things that I did yeah Oh get a real close I'm glad I didn't want to have to do this but I'm gonna have to give up I passed you to be on the camera because I don't have you noticed I brought a surge protector it's gonna work but I have to do I'm getting a little funky what oh man we're really gonna have to oh my god any time you're not trapped in here oh my god okay guys do not try this at home air is getting super super thick in here picking bags I'm sorry hey I'm the dad is a bad idea I'm sorry for trying to sabotage you I'm getting close to breaking I'm not doing one question can I have that other eye I know you have another instinct can I have another instant gold pack if I can have that cool pack I think I can make it I know that would be helping me and that's not you're not gonna do that but I'm asking you as a friend could I please have a gold back you spray tax I look at even if I wanted to do that are you just not use it I never saw you wait we're ready to use it don't wanna yeah I still want it I'm dying I'm actually not that's disgusting no no one talked to me that mark is just something to say and I'm gay what do you want to say Marcus I really don't think I could do it ma'am I'm I'm not even joking ladies I think I've sweated more than I could possibly saw at this point but does the baby what is worth it I think I might happen – are you going to break and you get out of your man so you want to break you know what like right now this feels like it's gonna suck but I know as soon as I get in that air that's any word that I give up you give up are you you open oh yeah I won I'm out I'm out I can't no I'm out oh Jesus I don't care oh god of course oh my god oh oh oh so cold now though that was that worth it down with it boys for me I don't care that you won I know you feel some sights you go with big as you want you know I know I'm just saying that was dying fire king what am I your I'm fire King I am Ice King and I'm fire king


  1. This video was not only very entertaining but also very dangerous!!! What if you both passed out, both of you then could have died from either heat stroke or from the back of the front seats catching fire!!!

  2. This challenge may be one of the stupidest things you and Parker have done Marcus, if you two didn’t have things to cool you off, or if you both would have stayed in there any longer, you guys could have gotten heat stroke, I’m actually pretty sure you guys were experiencing heat exhaustion because of the stuff you guys did to sabotage each other, Don’t do this kind of shit, because it’s a bad influence

  3. Can the fire/ice King defeat the dark/death/night/moon/blood/bone/raven/ancient/legendary/blackstone Ghost Warrior 🔪👻

  4. We're gonna put this space heater on max setting

    me: You guys are gonna set yourselves on fire! NOOO

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