Kyiv Medical University Hostel

hello everyone this is dr. Ayman from edu pedia overseas and today we are going to check the hostel of Kiev Medical University right now we are standing at the entrance of Kiev medical universities hostel for the girls and as you can see that there is a 24 hours security checkpoint the girls can only enter the hostel when they show their ID hostel card now our students are taking us to the kitchen and we can see that the kitchen is equipped with three stoves with three ovens and actually each floor has two kitchens so there is enough space for everyone to cook now our girls are keeping up to the next room which is important for your clothes because this is the laundry room and each floor has a laundry room this one is equipped with two European washing machines of very good friends and you can also hang your clothes there to dry for the people who would like to hand wash their clothes there is a laundry facility room number two and you can do it there as well each floor has a balcony and this is the view from it so you have some living area and greenery around you next we are going to check the rooms and our students are staying in a three bedroom and you can see that the room is basically equipped with three beds and it has chairs and a study table you can see the room has also a curtain for privacy each girl has a wardrobe and the girls are telling me that they decided to cook for themselves every day and each girl has a speciality to cook and they took out all the groceries so can have a look at it this is octa for example it is not mad like many people believe it's available in and there is red chilli powder you can get oil all the basics actually to cook here you can see this is drinking water and we need to talk about it later on it's very important still there is one room missing which we should go and check and this is the washroom facility and let's come and check it out this is the shower and toilet and there is one sink and there is a toilet for each block so you do not need to share the washroom with all the people on the floor hey internet very important these days also provided in all rooms now we are going back down in the hostel and it has also an elevator but mr. cha and me we decided to have a look also at the renovation which is going on because the rooms are newly renovated for the students who are arriving in September you can see that the room is going to be done from scratch new walls new floors new furniture and the rooms will look very nice because you just saw the room before this was actually also a new room so let's have a look because I would like to show you the heater it's right below the window it's included in the wall already it's a new technology there is wood on the floor it's going to be used to build the furniture for you guys and this hostel has also a very new technology for short circuits if another person creates a short circuit only this person will have it in their room but you have your own energy supply so you will still have your electricity running and also very important this is the cable which proves that each room has their own Wi-Fi facility so now we are back where our small tour started at the Check Point and we are leaving the hostel now and I would like to show you the area of the hostel you have some greenery there are some benches where you can sit families live there so it's a very safe and secure place all right as promised I'm coming back now to the topic of drinking water as most of you are coming from India and you're used to drinking tap water or filtered water from home this is not going to happen in Ukraine because in Europe things are slightly different especially for water because no one in Europe drinks tap water everyone prefers to buy the water from the supermarket but in Ukraine you have even one better option you can buy it from the supermarket or there are water machines everywhere in living areas which are filled with fresh dwell water so now you might ask yourself why do European people not drink tap water because they are very health conscious and water is sometimes checked by the government and you should know that there might be chlorine in the water which is very harmful or heavy metals like aluminium or copper or mercury and also know that the water can be polluted with for example plastics or even parasites with viruses and with bacteria so to avoid all these things I recommend you please never drink tap water not only in Ukraine but in general and why do European people do not use filter systems this is also very easy to explain because if you use a filtration system it is going to take away all the important mineral and salts which are in the water and which are necessary for the human body so if you go to the supermarket you will find around 40 or 50 different kind of water brands which have all different kind of components in it like Sol's and minerals and the people choose the water according to the needs for instance people who have kidney problems or hypertension problems they buy a special water which contains less salt but you have the possibility to buy like 5 liters of water for 9 rupees and this is really not expensive and it's also going to be good for your health you

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