Kids vocabulary – Body – parts of the body – Learn English for kids – English educational video

body This is my body. This is my body. Huh? Let’s listen and move your body. Are you ready? Hmm~~ OK! I’m ready! Touch your head. head head Grab your hair. hair hair Touch your ears. ears ears Touch your eyes. eyes eyes Touch your nose. nose nose Open your mouth. mouth mouth Open more~~ Click your teeth. teeth teeth Stick out your tongue. tongue tongue Bend your neck. neck neck Shake your shoulders. shoulders shoulders Touch your stomach. stomach stomach OK. Great! Yeah! Wiggle your hips. hips hips Shake your arms. arms arms Shake your hands. hands hands Shake your legs. legs legs Touch your feet. feet feet Perfect! It’s all over! Yeah!


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  2. i caught the computer with my legs then i've watched this episode, i moved my hands and my hair to imitate the young girl, finaly i've seen my wife look at me from a small window and laugh what a shame thing 😀

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  5. Montagnards indigenous Central highland need American teachers we need to learn English we have Vietnamese teacher the children not really understand their pronunciation.

  6. Nice learning video for kids – Kids vocabulary – Body – parts of the body – Learn English for kids – English educational video

  7. I have two students they've said hair at lunch

  8. its an amazing video teaching body parts in a very simple way. make videos about colors animals birds and everything you can. appriciate it.

  9. Great video, that is exactly what I was looking for my son. Simple and fun and no that extra talking that usually is in kids videos that disrupts from the material that needs to be learned.

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