Kids Take Over! 😱 Teaching kids to pack their own lunch 🍎 Bunches Of Lunches

– [Jennifer] Hey guys, Jennifer
here with the Family Fudge and today’s video is
sponsored by Capri Sun. Now, I have lots of fun
and easy lunch ideas to share with you today. But I’m not actually making the lunches. The kids are gonna make them themselves. And I’m gonna be sharing
all of my best tips and tricks when it comes
to helping kids become more independent when it comes to making and packing their own lunches. Tip number one. If I want the kids to be
able to make their own lunch, everything has to be in a place where they can find it and reach it. I don’t know about you guys but for me, when I can’t reach things
it is super frustrating. In our new pantry I have
a bin near the bottom that holds some of our
favorite lunch containers and I also have other containers that hold all of the other
supplies that they might need. Things like sandwich
cutters and silicone liners. Another important step
is pantry organization and instead of having lots of boxes and bags open all over the place, I like to use these large clear containers with easy open lids. That way with just a quick glance the kids can see what we have and make a decision about what they wanna
add to their own lunch. Oh yes, and these containers also help make sure that the food stays fresh. No more stale crackers or soggy pretzels. Another really helpful tip is to prepare your fruits and veggies before hand. This includes washing
and prepping some things, and slicing others. I often try to cut fruits and veggies in fun ways to make them more appealing. I like to prepare a couple days worth of fruits and veggies at a time. That way I’m not prepping too much. I like to store my fruits and vegetables in containers with a sealed lid so they can stay nice and fresh. Preparing these things for the week is definitely gonna save you tons of time and make packing lunches
a whole lot easier, especially when the kids are putting the lunches together themselves. First up, Lily is going to
share her lunch with us. – [Lily] Hi guys. For my lunch today, my main
dish is cheese and crackers! I’m just gonna grab a few
things from the pantry first. (upbeat music) I also love carrots and grapes, so I’m gonna grab those
things from the fridge next. (upbeat music) Oops! I forgot to grab the cheese
and my favorite drink, Capri Sun in the berry flavor. Now that I have all the supplies, I’m gonna add my silicone liners. And then I’m gonna add my crackers. Now I’m gonna fold my
cheese into small pieces, and add them to my lunchbox. Next I’ll add the pepperoni
’cause I love pepperoni. Now it’s time to make some grape skewers. (upbeat music) And now I’ll add some carrots. (upbeat music) And don’t forget the ranch. I love carrots and ranch. For my snack today I’m gonna
add these vegetable sticks to my cool reusable bag and for my treat, I’m gonna have some chocolate chips. I’m gonna fill this little
container right here. It’s really easy to pack my own lunch when everything is super organized. (upbeat music) (air whooshing) – [McKenzie] It’s my
turn to pack my lunch. Today I’m going to have a
turkey, cheese and spinach wrap, cucumbers with ranch dressing
and some popcorn on the side. For my fruit I’m going to take a banana and I’m gonna put it in
this cool banana holder so it doesn’t get squashed. And for my drink I chose a Capri Sun in the fruit punch flavor. While I’m loading my lunch box I’m going to put an ice pack on top
of my wrap to keep it cool and then I’m gonna put my Capri Sun on top of it to keep my drink cool. And I’m ready to go. (upbeat music) (air whooshing) – [Jackson] For my lunch today, I’m gonna have a peanut butter
and strawberry jam sandwich. And I’m gonna pick a star
cutter to cut my sandwich. I also like celery and
these yummy pretzel sticks. For my fruit today I’m takin’ an apple and for my drink it’s a Capri
Sun in the berry flavor. It tastes great. Now I just add everything to my lunchbox and pack my bag and I’m ready to go. – [Jennifer] Now, if you
liked this video today don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and again a big thanks to Capri Sun for sponsoring this video. – [Kids] Bye guys. – [Jennifer] Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)


  1. I am SO happy for you being sponsored by Capri Sun! I just bought some paw patrol & Secret Life of Pets for my daughter! 🐾

  2. Your kids are so cute! It’s nice to teach kids responsibility n they are more likely to eat what they pack. Plus to them its fun 😀

  3. Do have multiple refrigerators? It looked like the kitchen fridge only had lunch making supplies? It was so clean and roomy.

  4. I love your channel.I Always watching it for hours straight even if I'm doing housework. It keeps me entertained.

  5. I love your channel.I Always watching it for hours straight even if I'm doing housework. It keeps me entertained.

  6. name: Milly
    age: 9
    from: Christchurch
    theme: Cotton candy
    fruit: Fruit salad with berries mango watermelon
    vegetable: Carrots and corn
    main course: Chicken wings and cheesy potatoes
    snack: Gold fish ( if you can find cotton candy flavored goldfish use them if not cheesy ones
    treat: Cotton candy
    drink: Grape soda or watermelon flavored sparkling water

  7. Since my mom always does my little sisters lunch and does everything for her, me and my siblings always pack ourselves 🙂

  8. This was adorable!! They did a great job!! I like to prep for the weeks lunches just the same (makes mornings so much less hectic)!

  9. My moms birthday lunch is
    A grilled cheese and ham
    Cupcake 🧁 with icing
    Strawberries with chocolate dip on the side
    Fruit infused water
    Ps her birthday is the 18th

  10. Hello! My name is Maria. I am 6 years old. I am starting grade one in 2 weeks! I would like to make a suggestion for a lunch please!

    A grilled cheese with ham
    For my fruit I love strawberries and grapes.
    For my vegetables I'd like cucumber with carrots with ranch to dip in please.
    My favorite drink at school is apple juice.
    A granola bar is a great snack.
    Finally for a special treat I want smores!

    Can you do that?
    Is it ok I sent this here? Should I send it somewhere else?

    Have a great day! I love watching your videos and making my own lunches now.

  11. I bought your lunch bag kit a couple weeks ago for my son. He starts kindergarten this year. He loves his lunch bag and all cutters and picks. We’ve been practicing using it at home. Today I was going to have my husband take the lunch bag because Im thinking of buying one for him. Well our son was not having it. He said “no, please don’t take my bag. I love my lunch bag”. It was pretty cute. We all love the bag. So I’m just going to order another one. 😊

  12. This video was too cute and I love the way they’ve learned from you. Thanks for all your videos, my 9 year old is taking lunch to school this year.

  13. Lilly’s voice is sooo cuteee I also really like how you are super organized and prepared and it’s easy for your family

  14. Can you do Harry Potter themed lunch?


    From:England and Nigeria


    Main:cauldron shaped pizza bread(for thermal)

    Fruit: strawberries (to show gryffindor)

    2nd fruit:(sorry no vegetables) green grapes (to show slytherin)

    Treat:gummy bears that are blue,red,yellow and green (all the houses)

    (Can I request omnie lunch box?

  15. I’m 21 and I love your videos so much! Everyone always tells me I eat like a kid because I’m really picky and like everything plain or with ranch lol so I love all your ideas! They’re still more adventurous at eating then I am lol! I live in Albuquerque and I’m thinking of a lunch idea to send in.

  16. Great job, kiddos. My kiddos pack their own lunches too. I do get the oldest girl (she is 16) to make the sandwiches for her brothers. They will put them in their lunch boxes and add their snacks and fruit etc themselves. It’s a great life skill that they all need to learn.

  17. Omg Jenn can we please get s pantry & fridge organization video😍 My girls (10 & 4) & I love your channel 💕 Thanks for sharing

  18. Hi I bought that Mac n cheese what u eat and I was wondering if u can post a vid on how to cook it and make it tasty even though it has less cheese

  19. Hi my name is Nadwa I am a big fan and love your videos since my birthday is coming up I would like a birthday themed lunch. For my main course I would like A build your own burger type thing where there are things like pickles for Lilly cheese lettuce and tomato and any other ingredients that you prefer like whether you want a chicken or beef Burger I love both. I would also like a side of fries with barbecue sauce for dipping. For my fruit I would like a combination of pineapple strawberries and kiwi. I love fruits . For my vegetable I would like broccoli carrots and cucumbers with ranch for dipping. For my special treat I would like cosmic brownies with fiber one birthday cake bars and For my snack I would like jalapeño Doritos and hot Cheetos I’m a big fan of spicy food. Finally for my drink I would like peach sparkling water.

  20. Can you make an upcoming pantry tour where are you going to detail on your lunch supplies and where you got them from if that’s ok

  21. For your next subscriber lunch idea vid I have a request I'm Kayla from Illinois and mine is . Alfredo with chicken for veggies carrots and cucumber with ranch for fruit watermelon and strawberry for drink any type of fruit juice and for snack toy story 4 snack dip. Thanks! Love your channel

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