Kandace Fisher-McLean: PhD Architectural Studies ’15, University of Missouri

My name is Kandace Fisher-McLean and
I’m getting a PhD in architectural studies. My professors in architectural studies
who organized the online classes, they did a really great job of
videotaping their lectures. Campus students, online students –
we’d check into Blackboard, we’d have discussions about the
topic every week with each other. The professors would respond to your
emails quickly, they would respond to your phone calls quickly. So, they
tried to make it as much like an in-class experience as they could. Some of my most memorable moments was the director of the architectural studies
program organizes a week long class every summer where online students
come to campus for the whole week and she goes through anything and everything
related to doing your dissertation. And that is really cool because we
get to meet the other online students in person, we get to meet the
professors in person, we get to visit all kinds of places on campus all over town. It gives us a chance to feel like we’re
part of the on campus program. (reader: Kandace Lenae Fisher-McLean) (PhD in Architectural Studies) [cheering] I am really excited to be finished
and the online program really was an asset to me because it gave me
the chance to still earn income, earn employment experience, and
finish my PhD at the same time.

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