Jen Esquer | How to do a 6 figure online course launch without an email list

>>GREG SMITH: Everyone I’m
really excited about our guest here today. She went from having
an Instagram account with no Web site no e-mail list to creating
and watching the course last year to amazing success.
We’re going to talk about her results and how she achieved
them and all of the people that she’s helped. Jen Esguerra
is here today and she is a physical therapist
in Los Angeles and has been helping people in mobility
and fitness and really excited to hear how she’s doing that how
she’s helping people online and in real life. But transferring
a lot of her real life in person skills as a physical therapist
to online programs like her mobility method that if
you want to learn more about Jen or get more fit or understand
mobility and bring more mobility into your life and your body.
I checked her out at Doc Genset on Instagram or got Genset dot
com and she’s got a new challenge coming up at DOT Jen
dot com slash G.F. M Challenge. That’s right. Yes. Welcome and
happy to have you here. Thank you.>>JEN ESQUER: Thank you for
having me.>>GREG SMITH: Thanks. So I’m curious just a little bit
about where you came from and where you’re out in business and
even a little bit about mobility and for those of us who aren’t
familiar with it. What exactly it’s although Yeah.>>JEN ESQUER: So my platform
on Instagram and started to build while I was in grad
school X accidentally actually became kind of my fitness
journey. And once I graduated. I turned that into more
education based and started showing people that I actually
kind of knew some things about the body not just how to do cool
handstands. So through that my educational base and my platform
started to grow. Hugely. And working as a physical
therapist and person is awesome but I realized
that I could you know kind of help more people
if I actually created something that could affect the masses
and. Creating something that I truly believed in. That
wasn’t just because people wanted it or wasn’t going
to look the way most some people would think it would look
but really the way that I wanted to bring it to people. And
so I created a program called the mobility method.
And without having I mean yes having a big Instagram following
was awesome and supportive but without having an email last
I launched my first program and think afaik and it is amazing.>>GREG SMITH: Yeah. And
you know we see a lot of success stories and great opportunities.
But I was I was pretty blown away by everything that happened
with you and how quickly you did it.>>JEN ESQUER: And yeah without
an email list and that’s something I think a lot
of people struggle with is I’m getting started. I don’t have a
huge list to put out to. How do I get going so that’s a
pretty amazing thing. Can you share some any any
details of how well it went for you.>>GREG SMITH: I can yes. I probably started building my
little e-mail list it’s having like an opt in on my page and in
September. And then I started really learning about online
marketing because people also think like oh having a social
media means that you know all in marketing which is complete
false. And so I started to try to learn
like what is an opt in page what is all these things like I don’t
even know the basics. And then from there really sat
down with people of how I would want to kind of put
together the challenge decided on a gratitude and mobility
challenge. And that was awesome because it got people into my
wife and then it got them into their Why as to why they
would want to implement mobility into their bodies. Show them
what it was and then I launched right into my program
and that challenge the challenge is freeride challenge was
completely free. Plus you could win prizes.
So I did give away like an Apple Watch
which I bought myself to give away to someone. And I partnered
I I’m with a foam roller company. So they also offered up
some foam rollers and jam them within a week.>>JEN ESQUER: I mean my goal
for sales was 100 and within a week I did a thousand.
By Friday night and by the time I cut it off it weighs 3500
sales.>>GREG SMITH: Wow. Excellent.
And what it. What was the selling price there.
Seventy nine. Wow that’s amazing.>>JEN ESQUER: So I did my first
ever six figure lunch the first time I sold.>>GREG SMITH: Wow.
That’s right. So I haven’t done one of those minor to my program
my programs I’m running for 13 years and it just it does sort
of five figures every month and has for 13 years but I haven’t
ever had a huge like you know massive launches. So it’s yeah.
People do that. And so that’s the revenue side and the success
the business for you the student. How’s the student
reaction been for the people who got into the challenge got
into the program how are they feeling.>>JEN ESQUER: Absolutely
amazing. And that is like my everything that’s why I have
this program that’s why I believe in it so much that’s
why I pushed it so much it wasn’t I again I didn’t expect
to do that well in sales. I didn’t. That wasn’t my
intention. That’s never my goal. It really is just to get there
reach out to people get people to understand the why behind why
this is so important. Which mobility. Just to quickly
go over that is really. It’s.>>GREG SMITH: What most people
think is just flexibility and you know being open in your body
but it’s way more than passive stretching and actually being
able to take that range of motion and activate it in any
kind of plane of motion. So if I’m standing if I’m
like don’t have my hand on the ground I don’t have a
strap pulling up my leg. I can still pull my leg on its
own. And what that does it opens up your body. You get to see
where your restrictions are within your body sometimes
like most of the time I have a lot of people that come in
with back pain and they realize that it’s coming from their big
toe not being mobile or their hips not being mobile so being
able to dive into your own body is so powerful and really
to an end and just get back to that Kushi nation. And I really
went over when I did the challenge I talked about
you know people who have cerebral palsy. And move within
their. Full capabilities like I know this guy. He lives out of a
wheelchair. But he lives on his own and him having to
like get down and his wheelchair and put on shoes and socks takes
like. 20 minutes. But he does it himself. And there’s another
woman who I met who has junior rheumatoid arthritis and can
barely bend her elbow to like 90 degrees. And yet she runs
and goes yoga every day and so just getting people back
into the appreciation of life you have this capable able
moving body. But we just stopped moving into it. What
would happen if you started moving into it. It could be
the longevity of your health of your body of your kids. Of all
these other aspects of life and so getting people back
into realizing how much they have of them themselves
and how much that they can get back to was really beautiful
because it gets people back into gratitude and appreciation.
And then understanding why this would be so important.>>JEN ESQUER: So that was like
the huge thing for me.>>GREG SMITH: Excellent Yeah.
It’s got to feel great getting all of that feedback from people
where you’re actually making a real difference in their lives.>>JEN ESQUER: Oh my gosh.
It’s everything. It’s really it’s everything.
And again the program isn’t going to be for everyone
like I designed it in a way that it’s not like this perfect 12
step program that you get to walk through.>>GREG SMITH: I’m not going to
give you what to do day by day. So for a lot for some people
it doesn’t work like some people are like what I wanted
you to tell me exactly what to do every day and I’m
like well guess what the body doesn’t work like that because
you could have the same diagnosis as someone
that had different limitations within your body right.
Well to dive in and find out what your body needs is the
intent. And the whole purpose behind it. And then it’s a
program for life. You could always refer back to
it at any time if something arises or something pops up or
new restrictions happen. And so getting people back
to understanding that you have your own control of your body.
We’re all different. We’re all unique.>>JEN ESQUER: And and that’s
why I created the program that I did. That’s why I believe in it
so much that’s why I push it so much because it really is
just giving awareness to people.>>GREG SMITH: Excellent.>>JEN ESQUER: And
so for like I know this kind of thing has made a big
difference for me in that I had a recent vacation to Hawaii
where my daughter wanted me to pick her up constantly
on the beach and I wasn’t able to because something went out my
back and was like and I’m used to being like I go skateboarding
and snowboarding and you know play all sorts of sports I’m
used to being super fit. And it made me realize I really
had been stuck at my desk too much so I started moving a bit
more going into stretching my hips and within a couple of days
I was able to pick her up again. But it really can. It can have
an impact on your life. So I’m headed for a pretty great
that you get to help people that way. So I want to go back
and talk a little bit how you got here because for anyone
who’s earlier starting out or even who’s already
into building their business there’s a lot we can learn from
you. So going back a little bit too. You did when you started
this. You did have you didn’t have an e-mail list or even
I think a website that you had an instagram account. So how did
you quickly build because you built that up in a
fairly quick period of time. How did you. What were a couple
other quick ones you could take to get back growing.>>GREG SMITH: Well I will say
that I got lucky too. With Instagram like I it’s a lot
of hard work it’s a lot of consistency. But I also I didn’t
mean to build an Instagram so I was in grad school actually.
I met some Calce guys that would work out
in Venice Beach and they invited me down to workout with them
and one of the guys the main guy who would host this.
He happened to have 300000 followers which four years ago
was a lot. And so he would post anyone within the house and a
community. And from there I started to grow which is still
the same. Today if you collaborate
with someone who is a larger audience and has a bigger reach
and has actually engaged people that is how you’re going to
grow. So I would to everyone I would say don’t be afraid
to reach out don’t be afraid to show how you can like help
support them. You need them to video you need. Like start
building a relationship and you’ll be surprised
like you’ll be able to collaborate they’ll be able
to post you and your following will be able to grow. I help
someone grow within a month to 2000
because I was I was collaborating with
him and I was hosting him. So it can happen. It’s harder
now because there are a lot of people but if you continue
to get put out good information it’s going to grow. So in grad
school I grew based on fitness. And then once I graduated I kind
of hit a plateau and I didn’t care about it. So I was like
This is just this was a side hobby it was just for fun.
I’m a peaty now and then a friend
was like you know people think that you’re a yogi and you know
the body. So just start putting like yoga poses that are like a
Nanami based. And I was like I don’t know how
people are going to respond so I’ll say. And I also had a fear
around Volman new peaty I still so much to learn has no one
to learn from me and all that kind of stuff. But eventually I just did it.
And I kind of followed his format of being Nanami
picture next to the video and it took off. And from there I learned oh OK
people actually want to learn. And I you know as much
as I think I don’t know enough yet I know a lot more than other
people know about the bodies. So being able to just put out
even if for me it’s basic especially at the time when I
first started. It helps so many people because everyone
has knowledge that that someone else is going to need or someone
else is looking for someone else is seeking. So don’t be afraid
to put out what you know. And as soon as I started to do
that and I stayed consistent with it I grew like hundred
thousand within a year wow.>>JEN ESQUER: And that was you
posting was it. I think you’re doing what you’re doing daily a
daily video.>>GREG SMITH: Yeah. A daily
video I really or sometimes I would post a picture but I
really try not to Mr. De Yeah. And it’s all about consistency.
You never know what video is going to hit. What I mean
I remember I had one video that hit a million views and it
was stupid. For me it felt different it was like this hip
opener that was like I was like oh
I don’t want to show the same stretches I’m going to show it
on the ground. And I did it in a cool way. And that took off and
I was like wow. Like I didn’t I didn’t plan for that. You know.>>JEN ESQUER: So you know
consistency comes in is just out there and then eventually
something clicks something’s going ahead.>>GREG SMITH: And within that
week I get 40000 followers. And that was all I have people
like you you bought haulers and I’m like well you can think
that but I didn’t and you know my my whole growth has been
extremely organic. I’ve never Fá anything I’ve ever
purchased anything. And and when you stay consistent
you stay. You also have to understand that social media
is like a billboard. So post something that’s going
to be a little bit more attractive to the eye.
Post something that’s going to be catchy which is why
that Nanami photo next to the video works great because
it kind of pulls people into like oh yeah that’s the spot
that I have pain. Now I need to watch this video. So being like
you just got to be attractive and and consistent with it not
attractive and like how you look but just like attractive
to the eye of like that’s going to be catchy. That’s going to be
something that catches my eye is going to catch someone else’s.>>JEN ESQUER: Excellent.
So you took that time you were you were consistent
with it you built up a following on Instagram but didn’t have
a Web site or e-mail list or real business.>>GREG SMITH: This was just
putting it out there and seeing what would happen with it and
then you decided hey let’s let’s put together a course of the
mobility method. Well first you did a challenge
that needed of course. How is that process of what did
you do to create Monch course and really quickly how long did
it take you from sort of I’m starting now to its launch.>>JEN ESQUER: I think I decided
in summer that I wanted to bring something. So this was probably
around July August that I decided of last year some
that I decided I wanted to kind of bring something together that
I can put all in one place rather then like I mean I get
so many questions and I feel like oh I posted about that
scroll back. Posted about that scroll back. So
it’s like instead of having just a messy Instagram where it’s
like everything’s all over. I wanted to concise everything
and bring it together plus what I do when I see clients in
person. I mean I’m doing a lot of neurological based stuff
which is too hard to put into a program and so specific. But
I also get people back into like what’s restricted
first has we’ve got to get out of these restrictions before we
add strength and movement onto it. So that was something
I was really passionate about and I noticed that all my
mobility videos always did better. People gravitated
towards that for me naturally. And so I asked my audience I did
a survey and I asked them six simple questions based on like
what they do now what they’d want to see for me.
Mobility was the number one thing I did and Instagram live
and I asked again what would you guys want to see for me.
They all said mobility. So I knew that not only
was it something I believed in and I wanted to bring that it
was something that my audience really wanted. So I was smart
in terms of like listening to what my audience would want. And then I think
in September I couldn’t be Optum page and I just delete pages and
I put something up real quick so that I had it in my bio to like.
But I even didn’t do that smart because she should have a free
product something that they’re going to get when you win the
audience. The email I had no I had none of that had no
animations I had no sequences. Nothing. And you can put in your e-mail
if you feel like it. Yeah like if you want to opt
into my newsletter something might be no use better
consistently. And then I decided you know
OK I want to put together a mobility course. I wrote it out
in a day what I want to create. I reached out to my friend who
would shoot it and we spent a day shooting it. And then I kind
of stopped. So I already had the program
and I was like caping if it’s going to be where I said
this is going to like didn’t have anything together didn’t
have a sales page and have anything. And then I I
then I sat down with someone and I said this is my idea for my
challenge I want to I think it’s a cool idea to get people
involved and that’s how I can build my emo list. Ted do
a challenge people have to opt into the challenge. So it’s not
going to be a challenge post on Instagram
which is what I was used to doing if I was going to do a
challenge. I always like posted what I was going to do
on Instagram and then they would follow along. Hopefully from
there. But this way it gives it a lot more accountability and
like you have to opt in. You have to look right e-mail
and you have to follow along there in order to see the
challenge. So I did that and I decided
to bring in the gratitude aspect to it and get
into it because I wanted people to get the appreciation and the
understanding. And then from there I followed
the launch sequence with Jack Walker dunk his book
launch. I literally like to hear what he says to do. I did
excellent golf and and it just it’s all about tapping into
mindset the correct way. And so for the challenge
I promoted like eight to ten days before I reach out to
friends I can. I created like Kanba ads for stories
and I said Would you mind sharing this free challenge
in your story which goes away in 24 hours and everything.
And so I reach out to a lot of friends and I literally have
amazing people around me who you know were able to promote it.
And from that challenge I got 11000 upped and created Batho
built up my e-mail list like that.>>GREG SMITH: And
that was the challenge that I had some of the prizes but it
was free. You know I got a lot of value out of it.>>JEN ESQUER: So I’ll just say
you’re running another challenge coming up so anyone
who’s interested in mobility and checking out either how
you do all of this or is like me just interested in better
mobility and always being better more fit. Check out Genset dot
com slash is it G M Challenge. Yeah she had the mobility
challenge so GSM challenge or just dot Genset dot com GSM
challenge yeah OK.>>GREG SMITH: He ran that
challenge.>>JEN ESQUER: And if people
want to see how that was run they could actually go check
that out now and then going from that outlet into your actual
programmability method right.>>GREG SMITH: Yes
so then I launched the mobility method and I really I stayed
consistent on. I did live like three times a day for Instagram.
I did. I mean I probably bugged people a lot. But I also every
single time I didn’t Instagram live as resistant
as I was like oh my god people already saw me like what are
they going to think. Every time I talked about
it people were able to really feel that this was something
I care about or something I’m connected with. And they were
able to connect with me. And when I felt that connection
with this is not just like I’m not trying to sell you I’m
literally just trying to help you like that is purely where
I’m coming from. And so every time I was able to connect on
that level with people more sales would come through and
it’s really it’s not again it’s not about the results.
It’s not about getting that many sales. It’s I knew
that the results were going to come because I was connecting
anytime I’ve felt disconnected with my audience and how I’m
in how I’m coming across in what I’m saying if I don’t
feel connected to my why am I doing this. The results show and it doesn’t
it doesn’t work. So it really has to come from
like a deep passion of like what you want to do what you want
to bring and why you’re bringing and and people people will be
able to feel that yeah.>>JEN ESQUER: And in everything
I’ve seen you do it it really bleeds through
from from everything I’ve seen you put out there.>>GREG SMITH: And
so that I think the right people will see that they’re more
likely to want to work with you. They’re going to get more value.
You’re going to feel better about what you’re doing and
and you get a greater reward than just business success
you get everything you talk about at the beginning of all
of being able to change all these people’s lives which is
yet awesome.>>JEN ESQUER: Yeah 100 percent.
I mean that is. And even just the fact that I was connecting
and writing back to people and am like some people you know
their physical therapist and you they necessarily need the
program. No. Some people did learn from it still like I have
a lot of personal trainers and stuff that by the program
because they want to learn. But some physical therapist
they’re not going to need the program. Probably going to know
the information already. But they bought it because they
were so grateful that I connected with them all
the time. And I ran back and I just showed up the way
that I did. And I got support just from people wanting
to support me which was absolutely amazing to excellent.>>GREG SMITH: So you went
through that process and launched the course we
talked about it about that went exceptionally well with by the
end of time you closed.>>JEN ESQUER: It was 3900
people signed up for it or purchased it and then. So I
if there’s other stuff you want to share her or what happened
after that but also really curious and in that whole
process any sort of Fail’s or opportunities for improvement
are things that you totally do better or different or doing
different after that or just advice you give to other people
going through that process that would have saved you time
or effort or energy or had better results.>>GREG SMITH: Dump her
Krasnaya.>>JEN ESQUER: Yeah that’s it.
That’s the best. There you go.>>GREG SMITH: I literally
was doing my sales page the night before. Wow.>>JEN ESQUER: And yet it all
worked out. And you know I asked this before
but like from the day you say started shooting video to the
day you launch the course.>>GREG SMITH: How long was out
roughly like two months. Awesome.>>JEN ESQUER: So that’s it can
be done. And you’re doing other things at this time right.
This wasn’t your full time or were you full time for two
months.>>GREG SMITH: I
was I was training clients probably four to five days a
week.>>JEN ESQUER: Well OK. So
you got a full time job and you’re doing
this and you got it done in two two months from start to launch
with that kind of success. That’s amazing. OK so
procrastination. Definitely that’s a good one.
Other stuff that you would say would be advice or things
you learn going through that process that could be done
to better.>>GREG SMITH: Or advise people
if someone is watching this saying I want to go and do
this what would you say.>>JEN ESQUER: I think honestly
don’t be afraid to put yourself out there put yourself out there
to the max because that is literally
what created this success in in terms of being able
to connect with people and being able to have people feel
that again not just from the numbers but just
this access and and having people connect to the process. And I also was not afraid
to reach out and get help and ask for it. So I reached out
to someone named Laurie Harter who’s been in the game for a
while and she does amazing with her online programs and just
her presence and everything she’s she’s very. And she sat
down with locals for hours going over Ohio with launch which was
like priceless. I can’t can’t say enough like how much
gratitude I have for that but I just took a leap
I was at a conference that did no good for me. It was really
just a sales pitch the entire weekend so I was like OK the one
thing I did get out of it though was just like go for it just ask
just now find out what’s going to happen. That was from Jesse
Effler. He did like a really good presentation and I said you
know who do you know who he. It’s like. And he wrote a book
on like living with like a Navy SEAL or something.>>GREG SMITH: But he says oh
OK. So yes I have. I have one. Yes. OK.>>JEN ESQUER: Yeah
he’s hilarious but he’s just amazing like he literally is
like that patted me like fake it to make it kind of thing
like I’m just going to say I do this and we’ll see what happens.>>GREG SMITH: He said What do
you think. Dolly died later. Forty percent done or something.>>JEN ESQUER: Yeah
he’s incredible but so it’s really like gave me
the powers that be like again I’m just going to ask to the
arena and to find out. So. I asked Laurie
and she was like yeah great let’s set up a date let’s get
together. And so she really helped me solidify like when I
was going to start the advertisement what my
mobility challenge would really look
like and when I would launch and she helped me like write down
exact dates exactly how this would look like and everything.
So grateful for that. So I would say don’t be afraid
to ask. Any of my friends that come to
me at this point. Now who do social media want to learn how
to launch a program. I am there with them and I am
helping them even though I’m still learning myself.
Yeah like I’m I’m very open and most people who are have
an abundant mindset are going to be super open to really helping.
So I would say reach out ask don’t be afraid to ask and don’t
be afraid to put yourself out there. I was like oh my god I’m
going to do another live I’m and I’m doing another one I’m
going to talk about this thing. But every time I did I was able
to connect to people and that is when people can feel
that connection you’re not afraid to go out there and
really show yourself and be expressive and and show your
why. It’s everything.>>GREG SMITH: That’s awesome.
Yeah and I love that you said sort of the start
to that you weren’t sure that you were new at this therapy
and weren’t sure if you know do I know enough to go and teach
other people.>>JEN ESQUER: And yet I find
I think most of us struggle with that almost the imposter
syndrome of like am I good enough to go out there and put
myself out there and teach others. And yet I think people
learn best. Like a lot of my business advisers have told me
don’t go looking for the person who’s 10 years ahead of you.
What for the person is just a few steps ahead or a year
ahead of you. And that’s really the advice
you need someone ten years out is giving you often sometimes
the wrong advice because there are two hammerheads you want
the person who’s just gone through what you’re about to go
through who’s just a little. So you don’t need to be
the ultimate expert in a field to get out there and actually
help people go these steps in their life.
>>GREG SMITH: Yeah.>>JEN ESQUER: Not to say
that you’re probably a lot further than a few steps ahead
of me on this stuff but I think I can still learn lots for me
on my ability so I’m going to sign up for this challenge.>>GREG SMITH: So
I I I was really torn up when my little girl wanted me to pick
her up and I couldn’t do it because of my back so it’s good
now but I don’t want to ever be there again. So I’m going to
sign up for the challenge.>>JEN ESQUER: So yeah I had
that dot com slash G F M Challenge yet.>>GREG SMITH: I will check
that out sign up or just dot that dot com. And. And
for anyone else who’s watching to abduction that on Instagram
as well. I get to sign up for it and take it. So what’s what’s
next for you. Where are you. You’ve got this program coming
up this challenge coming up. What’s the future look like.
Where are you going. What ideas do you have for the
future that you’re thinking.>>JEN ESQUER: Right now
it’s just learning how to get that reach out there
because again I want everyone to know about mobility. I want
everyone to be able to open up into their own bodies and start
appreciating and learning why that’s so important. I mean
I say all the time it’s like you brush your teeth
every day because you don’t want cavities and you don’t want your
teeth to fall out it’s like where we specifically
moving into these restrictions that our body needs on a daily
basis. And it really like once you start to understand
what your body needs and you start to feel those
things you can add. One exercise in the morning one
like it doesn’t take like an hour which most people
think you know it’s not like I didn’t create
this program to take up a large portion every day
because believe me I don’t have a large portion of my day.
So I get it. It’s really just to teach you how you can
implement it anywhere in your life. It’s just about finding
what it’s best for your body and moving into that. So being able
to get the reach out to more people is what I’m working on
and learning how to optimize and. And then we’ll say and maybe
I create something new and different. Right now I do have
as little subscription base program as well and that is kind
of like a peek into my daily life I do. There’s functional
hip workouts. Mobility slows and core
stability workouts and those are four different one of each that
change every month. So that’s also out there.
People want just like a quick workout and then like learning
how to truly engage the core and just them simple mobility
flows that tap into every part of the body. So that’s also
excellent.>>GREG SMITH: Awesome. Great.>>JEN ESQUER: Well
it is for everyone who is interested in learning
more about that.>>GREG SMITH: I love the way
you put it with the brushing your teeth because I really hits
home for me as like Yeah I don’t have a lot of time but I do
brush my teeth of doing a little bit of this every day
because it actually probably has a bigger impact on my body than
brushing my teeth so my general well-being. So I would be a not
challenge and anyone else who wants to join me in there too.
And Jen it’s docjenfit dot com slash G M Challenge or just
docjenfit dot com. Anything else you want to share.>>JEN ESQUER: I hope everyone
moves today if they’re listening. Thanks I really appreciate it.
Thank you.


  1. Just goes to show that you don't have to be active on EVERY social media platform to succeed. The marketers won't like to hear success stories without
    e-mail lists, haha. Good interview. Thanks, Thinkific!

  2. Jen, were you concerned about the legal ramifications of your course since you are a PT? Did you take precautions so your license would be protected? Iā€™d love to do a course for others, but I am worried about legal issues surrounding it due to the crazy restrictions of our PT licensure. Iā€™d love your feedback.

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