Jack Class | Torment: Tides of Numenera

Jacks don’t limit themselves to one skill or tactic for they shine most when they combine all of their tools. As interpid explorers and adventurers, they are literally jacks of all trades. Your main weapon will be your versatile skills and quick wits. Cunning gadgets called Cyphers will be your close friends, especially since you can carry more than any Glaive could ever hope to. Your quick fingers will help you in scavenging, while in conversations you can use your charm to persuade or deceive other characters. In combat, Jacks will use every armor, esotery or anything else that might help them gain an edge. Your offensive abilities are a mixture of brute force and clever use of cyphers. You can throw scatter bombs at your enemies, fling clouds of pain-inducing nano-devices, or even create humanoid mirages to fool the attackers. Choose the Jack and become the wild card of your party


  1. I'm always to afraid to play jack of all trade classes. Too afraid the "master of none" will bite me later. For me in RPGs I always feel like I'm supposed to go for focused specialization. For the first time in an RPG, I'm considering going with a class that can do "everything" like this one. Might get more out of the story.

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