It’s Your CU: How to [not] Ace College Classes

Its Your CU This is your guide to acing college
classes. First off, remember that you should only go to
class if you feel like going. If you’re too sleepy or too hungry or if you just
aren’t feeling it “Nope.” Don’t go. And if you do decide to go
to class, show up late and make a really big scene of asking what you missed. Sometimes it can be hard to pay
attention during class. Make sure to bring something to
entertain yourself. Examples include: Your phone, your laptop, some crosswords, a puzzle, a Gameboy, ♫Pokemon♫ a keyboard, some action figures, any book besides your textbook, or a literal ball. If you find yourself saying something like, “I don’t really take notes. You know, I can remember everything.” or “I pretty much only study right before the final.” you are on the right track. Finally, keep contact with your professor
to a minimum. You only really need to talk to your
professor if you want to ask, “I know I missed class the other day, but did I miss
anything important?” or “I know the final is tomorrow. Is there any way I can raise
my grade before then?” This has been your guide to acing a
college class. Good luck.

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