Italian Vs American Universities w/ Americans with Accents

what’s up you guys this video is a collab with Alexa from Americans with accent he is Italian but currently living in the US and we are going to talk about the differences between Italians and Americans universities so then we show in the university of the United States it’s really difficult it’s based on a March money did you make how much voluntary did you make I mean in language do you speak and also some extra curriculum activities letting people they always look for the best quarterback and the best basketball player the most beautiful cheerleader American you’re really competitive but but when you get in American University they also offer your academic advisor which will help you in push you to do well in your academic year initially the majority of the universities has an admission test because they have a limited number of students for example odontology in Madonna has just 15 seats so you have to obtain a really high score in this test so you will be able to enter start from a $20,000 a year up to 60 $70,000 here in the cost included only the school of not about apartment housing but American students so they can get a like a scholarship so it depends a good day huh the university will lower the price and actually give a monic to study for free about the cost it depends on the university you choose the first year at the bikuni cost 10000 euros but other public universities are around one thousand and six hundred or two thousand euros each year usually there are two or three payments in a year if your family has an annual income which is within a certain batch you can have a discount on the second or third payment not the first one obviously lower is your income higher is the but if you have excellent grades you can apply for a scholarship the grade system in United States is completely different from Europe you actually started from zero to four point know the average American student some have around like 3.8 3.8 this number is based on the assignment when the presentation that you do participation in class so it’s another role or how you live your American college life so American likes a lot of protection so when you go to the class the professor oh we always interact with Joe speaking and we do up about a class ask your question making to do some query participating that I did University in Italy personally and was really bowling it was just the Professor tolken I was me on the back to my own staff and it was a really hard to me to get engaged and professor or United States they ask you a lot of question to make sure you study day by day and also to check on your knowledge in the fact that they always Creed’s about the end of the class so like every two three days that’s gonna help you to don’t study too much about you know also be on top of the game basically go to the class each day and do the work and do the quiz so it’s an alpha to know the knowledge and past exam obviously according to the department you’re in you can find from 20 to over a hundred students and obviously the class with a small number of students you can have like group activities or interact more with your professor otherwise which is basically ever every time all the lessons are just a professor reading or talking about that obviously the subject you are studying in some class you have to sign at the end of the lecture to testify that you were there so at the end of the master you will have an easier exam and great goes from 18 to 30 or 31 honnor in Italy when I was young I watched a lot of movie and I know this is kind of like a stereotype American Pie that’s the front choice in that I was watching and you know when I talk with my friends about that kind of movie they were laughing at me and be like yeah it’s not really the way but still you know it’s it’s kind of like you know when you guys think about Italy think about Italian food any talent just and all around of course you know every country every people is a stereotype anyways the American College it’s amazing like I say it’s an experience it’s a life yes you pay a lot of money to go to the college job but they actually it’s a little town it is a doctor and is a gym it’s a coffee there’s a see college there is a dorm oh so you know people hanging out in the same area that is always a bar it’s really more a community it makes you know people feel more safe together more friendly communicate more and work better as far as I know Italians universities don’t have accommodation inside a campus a lot of students share flats in the city they are studying and prices usually are more than 200 euros per month for each person in this apartment plus utilities the activities you can find in an Italian University our cinemas night Spanish movies in Spanish or English movies in English and so on and so forth or there are reunions clubs in bars where you can meet and read a book or you can do an happy hour in English and obviously parties another activity you can find which is I think the best one is the Erasmus project according to your great obviously you can apply for three six nine or twelve months in another European University and the ears you are tending to the universe it can be three years you graduate and then you can decide whether continue for other two years or not other departments like low anything concern medical stuff are five years and that’s it and then obviously you have to do more more things which I don’t know but yeah that’s basically it if you have any questions or comments or you want to say something please leave a comments below don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and alessia’s Americans relax Andy has two channels I leave the links in the description below thanks for watching see you next week with another video bye [Music]


  1. Mi domando:gli inglesi/americani guardano questi video?Anche perchè sono eccezionali!Spero non sia lavoro sprecato…

  2. I take your schooling system over ours here in the states… I know I'll sound satanic about it and people may hate me for saying this, but has anyone wondered why our system hasn't placed us yet in top ranks among other countries?
    Yes exactly, our education system isn't the best nor the worst but we get so much wrong information given in class… yes, there have been many cases when foreign students know far more than the actual teacher, that's a big factor to consider
    So yes, I'll rather be in an Italian university if I'm given the choice.

    I am American by the way, and let me say one more thing, has anyone ever wonder why all of our scientist are foreign? The vast majority have been a person who had studies in another country…

  3. Ma il tuo amico che studia america non parla molto bene l inglese ahah
    Te che vivi in italia lo parli molto meglio

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