Is An Online Degree Credible in Your Employer's Eyes?

online degrees to employers accept them thinking of earning an online degree but concerned your degree might not be accepted by your employer let us help you cut through the hype and get educated about three crucial factors that lend credibility to your online degree in 1989 when geteducated first surveyed employers about online degrees less than 50 percent thought that an online degree could ever be as good as a residential degree today however 90 percent of employers believe that online degrees can be as good as residential degrees but only if three crucial characteristics are met desert chosen college operate a traditional campus many people mistakenly believe that colleges operate as one of two entities either as an internet-only university or as a residential brick-and-mortar college this was true 10 years ago but it isn't true today today more than a third of all established brick-and-mortar residential schools offer at least one online degree program name-brand schools such as Duke University and Indiana University now offer online degrees truth traditional residential colleges which offer online degrees receive higher approval ratings from employers than newer internet only colleges is the name of your chosen College respected by local employers employers prefer two types of online colleges first backyard brands these are residential colleges who offer online degrees and whose reputation is firmly established within the commute area where the employers will hire the second are nationally known brands these are residential schools from large state university systems such as the university of illinois or from established brick-and-mortar private colleges such as Stanford or Duke University is your chosen College regionally accredited there are many types of college accreditation and all accreditation is not equal look for regional accreditation to ensure the widest acceptance of your online degree it's not whether you earn your degree on campus or online that matters to most employers it's the reputation of the college awards you that degree it's not how you earned your degree it's where you earned your degree to ensure the highest acceptance of your online degree choose a college that operates a residential campus enjoys a good reputation with your commute area and holds regional accreditation


  1. I would love to help people that needs help. Other wise take care of elderly and be a criminal mind juicst.

  2. If an employer gives any hint that they feel your degree is not credible, turn it around on them and ask, "Is there anything about my education that makes you think I'm not qualified for this position?" This puts you in the position to sell-up your education rather than being defensive, coming across as making up for shortcomings (if there are any, which every education has). If you are qualified but they remain bias, then f*** that. You don't want to work for ignorant, bias, long nose people anyway.

  3. Mam, please help……….
    Should I get admitted to Excelsior College or Thomas Edison State University for my Bachelor degree?? will I get a job then?

  4. Any online college that does not hold true to these three factors should not exist. It is unfair and unethical to scam people out of their money, especially those investing in a higher education.

  5. What are your thoughts on Southern New Hampshire University? I reside in Florida, so will employers wonder why I didn't get the degree locally? That is the only thing that makes me nervous. They have a few programs I want to do.

  6. Online is a lot better than nothing, but (at this point), online schools are not on par, in terms of rigor, with  state universities, in a traditional learning environment.   I graduated with traditional learning from NIU and I am also pursuing a second degree through online courses at Capella and Univ Maryland, and I personally think that with online schools, the lower level classes are harder, but the Upper level classes are easier, as they seem are watered down. All things equal, online schools are comparable in difficulty to junior college – but because many students are balancing work and personal life with schooling, online degree is impressive in it's own right. 

  7. Hello,
    We by no means 'smear' or try to discredit the University of Phoenix in this video. University of Phoenix is a fully-accredited online university and employers do widely accept degrees from this school. Rather, we are trying to help potential students decide between hundreds of online school options using the factors employers regularly make decisions by.

  8. Many degrees are fake, but a University of Phoenix degree is real. The same regional accrediting agency that accredits Loyola of Chicago, Northwestern and many others, the gold standard of accreditation, accredits University of Phoenix (Higher Learning Commission accreditation, North Central States member). You should be more careful than to smear an accredited institution.

  9. Thanks for letting me know that most universities now have online degree courses. 🙂 You just saved me the trouble of trying to find some online degree program that would actually be respected because one of our local universities that I would have liked to attend on campus has a full bachelor's degree program in the field that I want. No more looking through AIU or Kaplan knowing that, if I spent money there, it would be a total waste and a worthless education.

  10. Ashford University has all three of the factors that was mentioned in this video so so i'm good with my school.

  11. Online education is growing by leaps and bounds fueled by technology increasing the ease of access for the average person. There are those that look at the glass as half empty (see today's GetEducated's Tumblr account on Washington Post article) even when there are those that view "MBA's earned online no different from ones earned in person." Certainly when a pug dog can earn an MBA online (see our video) through a Diploma Mill, it doesn't help. However, the cup is half full, +more every day.

  12. The few people I talk to that do the hiring for my company (mid level company 250+ employee's) really view online degrees with disdain. "he didnt even go to an accredited school, he went to univeristy of pheonix or some other paper printer"

    And while we all know IT IS ACCREDITED, perception is a sad reality and some people are set in their beliefs. If you are qualified for the job it isnt going to hurt you, but if the job is a reach its never going to happen, at least where i work

  13. While going to a school that has both on-campus and online courses, I can see why the residential schools have a better rep. These schools have more services, contacts and connections for their students because the faculty and staff also works with residential students. Because of this, I think online classes from a residential school are more genuine, in a world of face-less online education.

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