Introduction to OpenEduCat

hello everyone in this video we will see the overview of open educate which is an education app based on Odum developed by Tech receptors let's login in our system this app can be used by any educational institute as this application has all the basic functionalities like you can manage the details of the faculties the readings of student you can also manage the library details over here you can see the accounting related operations throughout this menu and you can also see some basic operations related to human resources let's say in detail first is the configuration in order to start any Institute online you need to provide some basic data so you can set those data using configuration menu over here you will have the course related information standard classroom subjects that will be available in your Institute the activity that you want to execute in Institute then they are still if you are providing facility of hostel to your students it also has the transportation configuration XML related configuration and children management so over here you will have to provide the configuration data using which the further operations will be performed the next is faculty over here you can see the available faculties in your Institute they can manage the assignment of the students the attendance the exams mark sheets and they also can request for book to the library using the dashboard they will be able to see the details of their videos and assignments the next is open educate this is the master or the top menu using which you will have the access to probably all the modules of the system like student Faculty's admission timetable attendance library exam results etc from the student menu you can manage the details of student student can request for book they can submit the assignment they can search for books in the library they will also be viewing their dashboard and they can request for a new book in the library which is not available the library menu is basically for the librarian he will be able to see the due book of today and the do books of month using their dashboard the book request from here librarian can see all the request has been raised by faculty or students they can manage the basic details of book from here only parent is a manual where you will be able to see the parents of the students in your Institute you can also manage the accounting related operations from the same application so that you don't need to use any different application for managing your accounting stops Human Resources which is the details of the employees in the Institute so this is all about the open educate we will see the details of these modules in our next videos so keep watching thank you so much


  1. Inappropriate sound effect. when I am using a headset, it is confusing my head with that sound…

  2. Introduction to OpenEduCat

    Have a bird eye view on OpenEduCat, a comprehensive open source ERP for education institutes. OpenEduCat is open source software that can be a viable solution for all education related online systems.

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