Introducing the PartiCap from Highly Educated

yo hey yo away from tarp on that float off Mossman the so far far state-of-the-art Grom need to know far off loud voice dogs dog he don't even sing on these hooks an econ dawn car won't cook the random in the phone book he'll come up on the crook you put the bread take and toss that younger took know when they've understood that in looking for while all this planning can't be good they get both quizzes with this wing boat on the front door goes with the print room 220 foreign you can yes your lip my man get a fix got devotion in the pool Joe that's really you the unrecorded God got my voicemail guess I never answer my calling but now I won't go with you ruling break it all down on this record in his hand it is appalling the bad on the man


  1. Yo where the fuck is task?? i havent checked this channel in about a year and it still be the same. What happened?? Yo im seriously conserned, anyone got any news? updates? ANYTHING??? We gotta get him back on the mic if he ain't doin nothing. Fuck but anyways just need some good music man all his shit gives me some heavy nostalgic trips :')

  2. This is awesome!! I can literally take it to all my friends houses and it will function perfectly. I cant wait to get my hands on one.

  3. what is the best carp cap for a QCB? I know these look good but just want to hear others opinions.

  4. so does it function better than your original one hole carb cap? or is it just designed to to work on more nails…..? not sure if i should get it for my infiniti nail/enail..

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