Internationally educated HR professionals

the internationally educated human resource professionals conference was held downtown Toronto in June this was just one of the stops on the Ontario wide series presented by HR PA and as the government of Ontario to help HR ieps succeed in the workplace you know the traditional recruiting position would be well we're not quite sure that this person would fit all these kind of doesn't have the right aksam and I would push back and today some of those same people that will be asked of step aside our evening with global service lines within going the biggest challenge for ieps is getting their foot in the door Canadian HR professionals would be well served to welcome ieps into their workplace favouring many unique qualities including international exposure and experience with very diverse word places the champion HR ieps bring one fundamental quality to Canadian companies and that's perspective they get companies to see things from a different point of view and I think that in the current market place where all of us unless you're in government are in such a competitive environment having the different perspective being able to be creative being able to be innovative and then having the courage and the energy to follow through on those ideas and perspective that's what the champion HR ieps brain it may be difficult for HR ieps integrate into the Canadian culture at first employers can make this easier by being aware of the language barriers offering mentoring opportunities making use of bridging programs and developing cultural awareness don't be afraid of what's new don't be afraid of what's international on the contrary embrace it with enthusiasm and guster HR ieps themselves to have a more successful transition by being open and flexible knowing Canadian laws networking and adopting their skills and experience to the Canadian workforce there are many resources available to help HR ieps in created to the Canadian workplace the chrp alternative routes program fast-tracks verification of HR IEP education and experience training an Ontario employment law and access to a variety of online resources are also available moving to a new country adopting a new culture and starting a new job are never easy your support networking and cultural awareness employers can help HR IEPs make a smooth transition and succeed in the Canadian workplace for Canadian HR reporter TV I'm Amanda silica

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