Importance of SOP & LOR to get admission in Canadian Universities

Well SOP & LOR definitely plays a very crucial role while applying to the Canadian universities. See the SOP definitely, because you know once we talk about the applications that come to the Canadian institutions They are thousands in numbers, so even if you definitely keep because like you are eligible Are you okay with that criteria?
Say for example you have a 75% so you’re okay with that is well The next step is your scores you know say for example a GRE score if the institution requires it depending upon the course That also you clear. Definitely the SOP would now play a very crucial role ecause they have to shortlist the students after all you know they are say 30 students in ake so once they have to shortlist it then the SOP would play a very crucial role also the LOR what the referees is writing about you if they’re just giving a reference like you know or he is just excellent and said say the leadership capabilities but doesn’t explain how you have this excellence? what was the criteria once they were choosing this excellence that you have in leadership So they have to explain in detail too so that’s why the LOR & the SOP play the very crucial role in short listing the right candidate for the institution

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