I got rejected by all of my universities. Here's why

you know those videos where people open their college decisions they started screaming and laughing and crying because they got into their dream schools yeah this video isn't one of them hi my name is Alex Smirnoff and today I'm gonna talk about how I got rejected by 21 colleges these colleges include amorous Brown Columbia Cornell Dartmouth Kenyan Northwestern Pomona Princeton Skidmore Stanford swathmore Tufts Tulane us to Congo UPenn University of Alabama Vanderbilt Wash U and Sam Lewis Williams and Yale by the way if you don't want to watch this whole video and you just want some major major tips on how to avoid the mistakes that I've made while applying to college just give to hear but please actually watch the whole video because I need that YouTube money like college isn't gonna pay for itself thanks before we go any further I'm gonna talk about my stats because that's what everyone loves to compare so I go to 1520 on the SAT 1530 composite I also took to Subject Tests math two and Spanish as an international student I also had to take TOEFL and got a hundred and sixteen on that my unweighted GPA was 4.0 my school doesn't do weighted GPA and it's not an AP IB school so I went to a regular public school which definitely lowered my chances but I'm gonna talk about later but since my school didn't have those hard classes I tried to compensate by taking online courses on EDX and Coursera and also going to a lot of summer courses at universities okay now extracurriculars I'm not going to dive too much into them because I'm international and I don't have the same extracurriculars as you do for example I don't think anyone runs track or cross-country or like we don't have a National Honor Society so yeah you can't really compare me to you but I am going to say that I was very invested in my school's life and administration I played folly and I did a lot of other cool things that were really amazing but also extremely time-consuming so there's that essays are very subjective but if I had to read them I'd say for some universities it was like a six but for some universities it was like a hundred out of a ten like literally amazing essays but yeah they didn't seem to do the trick so anyway now on to the fun part rejections first game Stanford I applied restrictive early action and I did that because I have commitment issues and I didn't want to et which was a rookie mistake apply easy guys yeah um that was great No then came to aim that was my safety by the way like super safety thank you for your application bit while your academic and social achievements are within range similar to other admitted students we are unable to meet your full financial need oh yeah and I forgot to mention I applied for a financial aid and if you didn't know if you're international student the financial aid factor is taken into consideration when you are applying so it will influence your decision I don't feel like naming the other universities but if you want to see me get destroyed then here are my reactions huge decision letter No I got rejected oh yeah yeah rejected oh my god literally what's up with the rejections okay login okay yeah rejected but also their rejection letters like two sentences no yeah rejected there were some nice parts for example I was wait-listed at some of the schools holy Sh I wasn't admitted which is like okay but at least I got wait-listed once again wasn't admitted but I was wait-listed holy s–t yeah no waiting list but I got rejected anyway so weak it doesn't really matter time for the IV leave I applied everywhere but Harvard cuz like I don't like the vibe this part is very depressing so you ready no No No No I'm very sorry but we're enabled no Tufts rejected me it's gonna be a rejection I know it okay okay a waitlist weightless at Columbia yeah I got super excited about the Columbia waitlist but they rejected me in the end so also great love that so yeah the title wasn't clickbait I did get rejected by all of these universities sadly but you know life goes on however if you kept count you will notice that I only showed you my reactions to nineteen out of twenty one universities what happened to the other two you might ask well the first University that accepted me was University of Alabama yeah I kind of knew I was gonna get accepted cuz their average SAT is like an eleven hundred they also gave me this huge scholarship and they got me into the Honors College and I think they even got me inside the Honors College inside the Honors College anyway the second university that accepted me was Kenyan and I was super surprised cuz a lot of the universities that were lower in rankings actually rejected me so when I was opening my Kenyan decision I was like well another reject so like but yeah I got admitted somehow and that was great they gave me a lot of financial aid I mean I guess so between the state of incest banned abortions and rednecks and a top-notch university I decided to go with Kenyan but never in my life did I think that I was gonna get rejected by so many schools like I neo is gonna get rejected by some I just didn't know it would be almost all of them plus there are a lot of people who haven't worked nearly as hard as me and they get in like that's just unfair but maybe I'm just being salty I don't know anyway my rant is over and now it's time for the tips and tricks on how to get into university from someone who did this video is already super long so I'm gonna try to make this quick number one get a fifteen hundred plus or thirty four plus on your standardized testing and forget about it no one cares about the scores from that point on just get the minimum number two essays are the you have to make them personal literally rip your heart out and squeeze the blood onto the paper that's what your essay has to we make them so unique if anyone took that ese and a hundred others they would still know that si is yours number three only do the extracurriculars that you're actually interested about like don't do something just because the college wants to see it no they don't number four ask for teachers recommendations or Li like September seriously can't stress this enough number five complete that CSS profile or FAFSA if you're American I know it's hard but it's gonna be worth it literally they're paying you money number six I've mentioned this before but take AP IB classes if your school doesn't have them substitute it's very important to show colleges that you can't actually enter all of their workload okay I know these tips sounded kind of basic and I followed all of them and still got rejected so what's the deal now listen a little birdie from a top-five university told me that the only reason and I repeat the only reason I got rejected was because I applied for financial aid College is a business and it sucks when I heard the news I was like pissed at myself and at the college because by applying for financial aid I was trying to make it easier for my parents to pay for my education and out this happens great but this doesn't mean that you can't apply for financial aid dear international students this is the important thing if anyone takes away one thing from this video I want it to be this if you're international and middle income don't apply for financial aid write this down and repeat after me if you're international and middle income don't apply for financial aid here's why the International is that getting to these amazing colleges are either super rich and don't need the financial aid were super for and need like all of the tuition and colleges love that they want to make themselves seem more inclusive and on their websites they usually have this like bar that shows oh the average amount for financial for international students is this and it's like usually a very high number in the 60s or even the seventies so if you're a middle income student who is applying for financial aid you will actually reduce that number because university won't be able to give you a 60 K they will have to give you like it when you afford to use something like that and colleges don't like this lowering of the average financial aid because that makes themselves seeing some more exclusive and they want to be inclusive so yeah they want to keep that average financial aid award for internationalist as high as possible so if you're not super poor they won't accept you this is kind of confusing so I hope I explain myself clearly anyway if you're a middle income like me don't apply for financial aid that's it get a loan call all of your relatives and beg for money I don't know get a sugar daddy anything but financial aid okay I know this video is super long already so if you made it to this part Congrats I guess and if you're applying to colleges just know that everything happens for a reason follow your dreams and all the other cliches that people tell you anyway please subscribe to my channel because I will be posting more about my college experience which was quite unique so yeah stay tuned and I will see you later

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