I Googled My Teacher And Found His Dirty Secret

– I know that I’ll probably be judged and criticized for what I did to my teacher. But I simply couldn’t forget how much he humiliated me. He deserved it and I have no regrets whatsoever… So, a while ago I had a very important exam. I stepped into an exam hall, got seated and waited for it to start. Before the papers were given out, I suddenly remembered that my pen might be out of ink. I checked and totally freaked out. It was. I knew that I needed permission to change the pen to another one. And that’s when all the mess began. So, I raised my hand and got the attention of the nearest exam supervisor. This was a teacher who knew me. I immediately noticed that he looked at me with a grin on his face since he didn’t like me at all. I took one of his classes where I often played games or slept, but I’ve never caused any problems and never been rude to him. He had tried to humiliate me a few times by asking me questions when I wasn’t paying attention, but I managed to answer them correctly. Anyways, during the exam I asked him: “Can I borrow a pen?” He replied with a slight grin on his face: “You come to an examination without a pen? Why did you bother to come at all?” I wasn’t in the mood for jokes. I tried to explain to him the situation. But he continued to mess with me: “Whose fault is it you forgot? My fault? Why don’t you forget to take the exam as well?” There were hundreds of people in that dead silent exam hall and all of them were staring at me. So, I asked him again, but his only reply was: “No. It’s your own fault you were careless. You’re so smart, right? Take the exam without a pen.” Are you kidding me??? It was my last and the most important paper. And there was this guy, showing everyone how helpless I am while he enjoys it. I looked at him and he just widened his smirk. Luckily, I didn’t snap. I ignored him, raised my hand and waved at the next nearest exam supervisor who allowed me to borrow a pen. But with all the rage coursing through me, it was really hard to focus. Immediately after my exams, I had one clear goal in mind – to teach him a lesson for what he did to me. So, I went to speak to the dean of the faculty. He immediately organized a meeting with this teacher. And guess what, he just spoke about how I was a troublemaking and careless student. That he just wanted to teach me a lesson and would have let me borrow a pen later on. The dean sided with him and no further action was taken. So, holidays began and I devoted extraordinary effort into finding a way to defeat that man. I went through his Facebook. Years of it, thousands of photos and comments. I found nothing that would get him into trouble. Then I googled his phone numbers and emails, pages upon pages of boring stuff… I was asking myself how such an awful person can live such a perfectly innocent life. Hours of scrolling through webpages and nothing. I was desperate. But then came one mundane looking forum post with his personal email. I was just about to call it quits as I clicked on it. As I read the context of that forum post, fire from the depths of hell burned in my eyes and I had a loud, evil laugh. It was a forum to discuss and advertise some really dirty stuff. Well, how to put it into words… Apparently he was using the services of the oldest profession. And he was REALLY active there. But anyone could have posted his email, so my odds weren’t good. But well, I immediately contacted our local news website. Its staff was really interested in the possibility to expose the teacher and agreed to meet with me. But they had concerns about the legitimacy of the teacher’s ties to that user account. So, I told them of a plan to bait him into using his mobile number to identify himself as the owner of that account. We cooperated and implemented the plan. From an anonymous number, we wrote him a message, asking to confirm his identity, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to use his account anymore. He messaged us that he was the owner of the username from that forum. That was it, he fell into our trap. Soon the news came out. Since I asked the website staff to keep me anonymous, nobody knew who hit him. The story spread around, it had his name, face and screenshots of his user account reviews and the SMS messages tying him to it. Many students also came out speaking against his teaching ethics. He became a hot topic for everyone to gossip about, including the teachers. And by the time the new semester began, he was gone like the wind. I know what everyone might think. That I could have let go of what happened that day in the exam hall, been the bigger man, and so on… But I just simply couldn’t let it go. And yes, I admit: IT FELT SO GOOD! But there was one last thing I had to do. To text him. “Dear Teacher, I understand now the importance of the lesson you were trying to teach me.” “If only you heeded your own words. It’s your own fault for being careless.” I never got a reply. I guess he eventually understood that I gave him a taste of his own medicine.


  1. This guy couldn't forget how much his teacher humiliated him during a very important exam. So he decided to take revenge on him! Do you think he did the right thing?
    Discuss in the comments below!

  2. What that kid did was literally the 2nd worse thing he could have done. Why is that being sexually active gets a teacher fired but not being a bad teacher?

  3. You can’t let it go – exams are everything and important – he literally would have ruined your paper if there wasn’t anyone else

  4. omigod teach me!!! theres this very annoying cca instructor who humiliates students when the teachers in charge werent around. they wldnt change that stupid instructor because she got the school distinctions in the activity but that was only bc she had connections with the judges. im planning a revenge after my exams this year.

  5. I think playing games and sleeping in his class does count as being rude to him 0:53 like not paying attention is rude. However what he did in the exam hall was something a teacher never do and the teacher at the time should have been “bigger man”

  6. This was a little extreme, doesn’t let you use a pen, GOES THROUGH ALL HIS SOCIAL MEDIA! STALKS HIS PHONE NUMBER SITES! TRY TO RUIN THIS MANS CAREER AND LIFE! like it’s a pen.

  7. The only problem I had with what he did was boasting about it in that text. How does he know that that teachers not at this moment planning something for him to. People can hold onto grudges for years. For all he knows he may be 30 years old and all of a sudden his life's destroyed because about outside forces he forgot about completely.

  8. U are smart I'm stupid but good at school I've never got revenge on anybody ;-; why am calling myself stupid if I'm smart at school I'm dumb ;-;

  9. I support you I wish I could have information like that of my teachers
    Let me tell you why (I know I don't have to but it's making my throat itch so I have to tell somebody/some people
    There's this teacher its a woman but I think she's a les' so when she first came to our school she was supposed to take us out of the school to go 'guide' us as we were picking papers up around our school and community for Mandela Day so we had done it twice before that very day so we were tired and hot😂 🔥🌝 so were all complaining so I said, Hha mam and stuff like that(we S.A students say when complaining) and she saw and said I must walk with her and she called me Madam Speaker and talked about our Parliament and talked about our corrupt politicians and I didn't pay any attention to what she was saying ,so after she was done picking up the papers she had to give us hand sanitiser or soap to wash our hands cause we were literally at a dump site picking up diapers but she didn't want to I mean even the principal let's us wash our hands in the kitchen😡
    So we eventually gave up arguing with her for soap and asked another teacher for hand sanitiser

    If you made it this far Thanks 😊
    Second version😌💨

    Before schools closed I was talking to my classmate's friend and she said that,that very same teacher called them 'Black Sheeps' cause her classmate was talking and then the rest of the class started talking so she stopped the movie they were watching and said she knows how 'people like them' were when 1 talks the whole gerd starts talking and she called them Black Sheeps like I was mad as f**k like she heard the balls to say that in a mostly black school I would've beat her up as hell

    Like I literally forgot about the video but I just wanted to say this🙍

  10. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. So if we’re not paying attention, that’s wrong. But for teachers to humiliate us is also wrong. Like they expect us not to fall asleep when they be giving out all this homework and when some stuff can happen at home. 🙄

  11. I would have given him a pen. He should have brought a pen but his teacher shouldn't have humiliated him. Teachers could have a really positive impact on their students if they care enough.

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