I am not teaching Amazon FBA anymore

Hello James Greaney here from internetbizuni.com and in today’s video I’ll be explaining why I’ve stopped
teach and Amazon FBA so I’ve closed the Amazon FBA courses that I run to unique
private label course and the advanced private label course and I will not be
opening these courses again in the future
this is a decision that I’ve been thinking about over the last while and I
finally decided that this is what’s right for me the truth of it is that
over the last year I’ve been scaling back my business and at the moment I
only sell two different products on Amazon so with this in mind I don’t feel
like I’m suitable to be teaching Amazon FBA so the truth is that I enjoy
teaching it and I enjoy connecting with you the other sellers that want to learn
about us both at the moment I need to focus on where I’m going to be taking my
business next or what business ventures I’m going to go into next because at
this moment in time I’ve currently only two products that are in stock on Amazon
it was alright when I had lots of different products in stock and was
making lots of sales each and every day I was very happy and felt very good
about teaching it but at the moment I have only two products in stock so for
me to be teaching it doesn’t feel right and at this time I’m thinking about
going in to a new business so it just wouldn’t be right for me to continue
teaching Amazon FBA and selling courses to people if this isn’t my main focus
for me at this moment of time I just want to go back to building a business I
don’t want to have an Amazon FBA course and be teaching it to people and not to
be fully committed to that I’ll still share stuff here on the YouTube channel
you know if I find an item that I feel like is worth sharing with you both I’m
just not going to be selling a course that I’m teaching people how to do
Amazon FBA anymore but as I said at the start of the video if you are already a
member then 100% I’ll answer any questions that
you have at any time and if you want to call at any time then I’ll have a call
with you and discuss whatever it is you want to discuss about Amazon FBA that’s
fine I just don’t want to you know sell the
course to any new members and with that said that kind of wraps up this video
you know I just wanted to bring it to you as soon as I’d made a decision on it
and that is literally now that I’ve decided going forward that is the way I
want to do things so that is why I said I just shoot this really quick video
just to let you know that and that’s it for this video but I look forward to
speaking to you again in the future speak soon


  1. Wow, you have a lot of integrity. Good luck with your new business ventures. Nice to see someone authentic moving forward in his own truth and being real with what you want for yourself and others! Thanks for the update! X

  2. Noble brother, same for me on Amazon had 4 down to 1 it’s a ultra competitive and dirty world on Amazon these days 📈😉 I’ll stick with Affilitate marketing and Shopify 😄

  3. It's difficult. I've found that I'm being priced out of the market as time goes by. More and more manufacturers and suppliers selling directly on Amazon in my niche. Good luck, James!

  4. Wishing you all the best and I'd like to thank you for all the efforts you put on your free content, it was the reason why I thought seriously about doing Amazon business.

  5. I applaud you, thank you for your honesty and for all the time and effort you’ve put into this, it must not be easy to walk away from something you built.

  6. James, would you explain more about why you only have two products on Amazon and why you scaled your Amazon business back?

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