HubSpot Academy Review: Inbound Sales & Marketing Training Massive Review 2019

In this video we’re gonna talk about the more you learn the more you earn and what could we do if Education was free to make our life better. Guess what? It can be. You know what time it is Are you a HubSpot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprocket. Ah, that’s right. I’m your boy George B Thomas from sprocket accom And today we’re gonna talk about HubSpot academy inbound marketing inbound sales inbound service Training and we’re gonna talk about how it’s free in other words We’re gonna do a massive review on the Learning Center that’s located right in your HubSpot portal we’re gonna talk about the way that you can filter the things that you might think about if you’re a beginner if you’re Advanced if you’re sales, if you’re marketing if you’re service, listen we’re gonna cover it all and at the end of this video you’re gonna know if I give the Learning Center two thumbs down or Two thumbs up. So let’s go ahead and get into the good stuff All right, so you can see that I am in the hub spot Academy Learning Center and from any portal you can simply click this drop-down and go to Learning Center and that will get you here now a couple things that you need to understand about This Learning Center is one there is a ton of content that you can go through and Things that you can learn that you probably haven’t even thought of yet now to be able to slim down all of this Content we do need to realize there are tracks There are also lessons so these are micro pieces of content Lessons are actually found in tracks but if you’re trying to get down into that Nitty Gritty you can simply go into lessons and you’re gonna be able to see here that there are all lessons or Marketing lessons sales lessons service lessons you get the idea I’m not gonna read all of these to you but you’re also gonna see that you can filter by certain topics that you can scroll down through as well as products that you can go through as Well, and of course there is the search feature that we can always use on any of these tabs So these are the micro lessons that you can get into now the tracks take those micro lessons and they put them together So you can see even in this elevate the growth accelerator, which is a startup track You can see that there are lessons inside that tract that you can flip there was a matter of fact there seven of them that take somebody who may work at a startup from not knowing anything about the Inbound marketing sales or service strategies and actually being able to implement them for your business But in tracks you’re gonna see that you can also filter by category hearten or other beginner-intermediate Just like you could on the lessons page as well as on this one Status so you can see all of them You can see ones that you’ve not started you can see ones that are in progress You can see completed and expiring soon now expiring soon ties right into Certifications so there are a lot of certifications that you can take and they expire some of them sooner than others But this is where you can get to the ones that are expiring soon so that you can watch those videos Again study back up and get that or research for that sort of vacation and your see right down here that certifications are tagged Right here with certification and here’s one that his new advanced implementation that we want to go through and take this exam let’s continue on if you’re wondering about all the certifications and What certifications your team members have you can go to my team and here you’re gonna see all the certifications? That people have as well as the ones that they’re working on and the ones that they need to get or the ones that are Going to be expiring soon Also if you’re coming from another job to a new job There is an easy way to manage your certifications and you can transfer those Certifications to a new email address by clicking on this now we’re gonna go ahead and go back to tracks and I want to just quickly go through the fact that as you’re going through a Track that you’re gonna see that these orange dots will go ahead and fill and maybe you’ve watched that lesson or even this lesson but if you go into the track and watch it from beginning to end all of these are going to Turn orange I’ll give you a good example by using the search feature which by the way Maybe one of the most powerful features in this Learning Center to find what you’re needing You could type in SEO you could type in CMS You can type in all sorts of things to drill down and get into those pieces of content that you’re truly Looking to learn about and that are important to you at that moment in this case I’m going to type in CMS and we’re gonna see that we have the HubSpot CMS for marketers and We’re gonna see that we have hubs CMS for developers and you can see this one there It’s a track, but there’s no certification This one’s a track and does have a certification and we can see that all the orange dots have been filled in So this means that I’ve watched every video in every lesson to fill out this track but down here you’re gonna see that this is one that if I did go and filter out by Not completed or in progress That this would be one that would filter up because there’s two new lessons that have been added to this actual track Which is nice because hubs what Academy is always updating their content. They’re always building more And so this is a way that on a daily or weekly basis You can come in and say hey show me the ones that are in progress even though in my mind They might be done things have been added. And so let me see what’s been added let me see what’s new and fresh and always be learning on those new and fresh things now at the end of this you’re gonna see the difference between Not cert and cert is that there is an exam that you can take the exam at the end of this now Let’s go ahead and dive in I want to explain what a track looks like If you review this track, you’re gonna see that you have this left hand sidebar here And in this left hand sidebar, you can collapse it If you want to I’ll show you why you might want to do that as well as keep it Expanded and when you open it up, you’re actually gonna see the amount of videos and the total time It’s gonna take but more importantly than that, you’re gonna see the amount that the one video is going to take So let’s say you have a couple minutes before a meeting in this case Let’s say four minutes, you know that you could watch this two minute and 24 second video with time to spare And so maybe you watch a video at a time throughout your day in those free moments that you have Versus doing the binge watching of content that most of us do when it comes to well Netflix and HubSpot Academy and all sorts of places But you can collapse these and you can move your way down all the way down through this left-hand sidebar in this top spot Academy track that is CMS for marketers now, why would I want to close this sidebar? well, I would want to close the sidebar because one of the things we can do is Autoplay where if we play the video it’ll automatically play the next video and so on and so on and so on the other feature That I really love is being able to speed up the play so or slow it down so if you want to listen to a slower a 50% so we’re it sounds like I’m just kidding and I’m not gonna do that or you can do a hundred or a hundred and fifty or even 200 depending on how well you can pay attention. You’re also gonna see some details about this track So you see that it is nine lessons. You see the total video length is two hours There are seven quizzes inside of this and there is a practical exercise that you should do They give you a little bit of a description. They also tell you who the track professors are These are the people who are awesome They are taking their time to educate us as inbound marketers or sales professionals or service professionals So we thank all of them especially Jory Jory’s awesome but they’re all awesome in these lessons what you’ll see is this bottom section will Actually change so notice there’s about this lesson But now that I’ve gone in here, there’s actually a resources tab This resources tab is where you can download the slide You can download the transcript as well as there’s gonna be any additional blog Articles or other videos that they want you to watch and engage with now one Pro tip that I will give you is if you are working on a track that has a certification attached to it I would download the slides and I would download the Transcript because nowhere in the hub SWAT Academy rules has it said that it’s not an open book test So as you’re going through your exam having those slides having that Transcript that you can go through and use that full hour or hour and a half Whatever time they give you for a set exam is a beautiful thing. So that’s a pro tip Make sure you do download these resources. Make sure you study these resources in these resources tabs now Let’s go back to tracks and I’m just gonna for a couple minutes here go over some of the ones that I think are Awesome inside of here not that any of them are bad There’s just something that I really enjoy and I’ll kind of give you reason so as you can see there’s elevate the growth accelerator There’s advanced implementation and some of these are partner specific trainings There’s grow accounts better with expanded services. There’s YouTube marketing course this course is Awesome. I love the way that this course came out It really is important for mark understand how to leverage YouTube for their actual Business growth for driving revenue for driving traffic and this starts to open your eyes to the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet that it is a social platform with community and Commenting and all sorts of crazy stuff even live video that you could be implementing So YouTube marketing course is definitely a plus for me building custom reports in HubSpot look If you’re trying to report the success of your business Down to the micros as well as the macros of what you’re trying to do from a campaign level or a traffic level then understanding how to build custom reports in HubSpot is gonna be Amazing for you as we continue on which by the way you see how many pages are down here? We’re not going to go through all of them we’re just kind of kind of spot and go through different pages and talk about some of these because I know You don’t want to watch this video forever And if you really get intrigued and enticed you can dig into the learning center yourself But as we continue on here’s the hub spot CMS for marketers, you saw that I already talked about this one here’s start and grow your video marketing strategy video is so important so important to the success of Communicating not because it’s a strategy though titles are crazy because we’re talking this about marketing strategy Video is important because it’s the best way to communicate with humans in a digital world. Look you’re you’re watching a video right now That’s because you wanted to know about HubSpot Academy inbound marketing training. That’s why you’re watching this video right now You’re gonna see also if you’re an agency, there’s pricing and packaging their sales hub enterprise Implementations. So how do you implement the sales hub? They’re setting up service hub account all sorts of things. Let’s jump ahead Let’s go to page five fundamentals of conversational growth Look if you want to do chat flows live chat BOTS on your website You need to understand the fundamentals of why you’re even doing that and strategies to have the best conversations and again you’re gonna see you can flip through here and see that there are four lessons with a lot of videos in them that you can watch and engage and start to wrap brain around this and again, It’s marketing and it’s intermediate-level. There’s how to do a HubSpot portal overview There’s a writing course with bestseller author Daniel pink this folks was maybe one of my Favorite ones Daniel peak and the HubSpot Academy professor that puts us through this really make it flow It’s almost like time is just like boom it’s over and you’ve just learned a ton. It is absolutely amazing Crystal King does the social media? Certification this one does have a certification it’s marketing sales and it is intermediate. But again, it is amazing it is chock full of videos of Lessons that you can learn about social media and HubSpot and then take that exam afterwards. We’ve got client onboarding Let’s go ahead and jump further and delivering sales services content marketing. This is amazing This is Justin champion. He does a great job heck he’s even written a content marketing book I’m sure possibly you’ve seen the video about that out on the interwebs but again, this is just a wonderful course that talks about the power of Storytelling it talks about generating content ideas Planning a long term content strategy and so much more developing a sales plan delivering client success the HubSpot sales software if you want to get into the nitty gritties of snippets and templates and Sequences and meeting links and all that good stuff. You can learn it right here with the HubSpot sales software Certification this is one of those that I have to research for like the third time But it’s all good. I’m gonna probably do that next time. I’m on vacation then we’ve got page ten here How about marketing software again? Probably the seventh time that I’ll research for this and then look at this setup your new HubSpot marketing account and it’s chocked full of videos that I’ll dip back into just to see if there’s anything that has changed over The no six years that I’ve been doing inbound marketing as you can see though 10 pages Multiple tracks tons of lessons a way to track your team a way to learn and educate Yourself about this thing that is inbound marketing inbound sales and inbound service as far as I’m concerned my massive review on the HubSpot Academy Learning Center is a Emphatic, ‘el two thumbs up great job Love it as a matter of fact for me starting back in 2012. It has been life-changing just making sure that I’m paying attention to the content that a HubSpot Academy team has Put out and will be putting out in the future. Listen always be learning always be growing Let’s do it together with HubSpot Academy and their Learning Center So as you can tell my feelings on HubSpot Academy on all the training for inbound sales marketing and service Professionals is two thumbs up. As a matter of fact, I would call HubSpot Academy as awesome as well Merica, that’s right. Did you like this video then make sure you head over to sprocket comm because that’s another Free place that you can get more training on inbound marketing inbound sales and inbound service as well as the HubSpot tool Tutorials interviews updates also head over to our private Facebook group where you can get involved with a ton of other folks who are trying To master this thing we call hub squad until next time. I’m your boy George V Thomas from sprocket Ah comm saying be a happy helpful humble human and along the way make sure you’re doing some happy hub spotting


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