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ok reg thanks for joining us at the end
well I’m sorry sorry you have to all my goodness so that’s it how did you do it
well this is a steam burn lost a battle with a steam kettle already got in the
way and this is the result so it’s these little more severe than first-degree so
yeah it is i come in and get it checked out so I don’t develop any infection and
kept it sterile and covered when did it happen yesterday morning is is hurting
pretty bad now the ground like maybe for the first
hour then you know really irritated at a little pitching around the periphery but
ok cancel / course I haven’t poked at it but it’s right so you can see that there
is a blister that’s formed or Ebola and that’s traditionally what would separate
first degree from a second-degree burn we like to keep them intact there’s
there’s conflicting data about what to do some people say that it’s better to
open it up and then put a dressing on and let it heal other people say it’s
better to leave intact that actually what’s in there promotes healing when
they analyze what’s inside of that fluid that’s in that blister is actually some
things that are good and some things are bad and all of the data for cutting to
open and they’re putting a dressing on our own very clean conditions in burn
units where they take very special care to do it so it’s conflicting my
preferences to leave them intact and then to go ahead and use an antibiotic
ointment now if we’re in a burn unit or if we had a lot of burns we have
something called sylheti nor silver sulfadiazine that can actually cause
discoloration of skin but works great for protecting verse but so does any any
antibiotic . make sure it’s not getting head this little pink trim around it we
don’t want that turning beefy red we don’t want red is spreading around it we
don’t want to get swollen we don’t want to getting our painful we
don’t want you getting red streaks of the armoire getting a fever with it it
when the Buddha’s more boom when the bird is more fresh will actually
encouraged and just run tap water over for both you’re getting off anything
that’s on it should either and for pain relief doesn’t hurt now I know okay I get that a couple minutes after
the tap water couple minutes standing around so let’s get some on what about
the world biotic just in case they used to do that and now the the jury is in we
know that it’s completely useless oral antibiotics and the setting of intact
what we call partial thickness burns you know we call the second reusing the old
language when there’s first second and third-degree burns is actually before
three now we just called full thickness or partial thickness so we call this a
partial thickness burn and we’re going to get some kind of a sterile spatula here nice barrier over that irrigation circle
wash and about a covering and then this metal x which actually think this might
even be available on Amazon I’m not sure so this has the adhesive it holds it
down so actually don’t want you lifting this
up i wanna just simply looking at the outside of it if it feels different then let’s look underneath but if this
is stain on with the help of something like this will just go and leave that on
until after the weekend after the weekend you can take a look at it and
see how it’s coming along the blister should be healed up at that point we
also want to make sure you’re up to date on your tetanus shot you know last time
you had a tetanus shot just relax are told ok did you feel it excellent ok reg thanks
for coming in and showing us hear your friend I’m sorry it happened I guess
would be more careful with the Steve exactly this we would estimate that it’s
about a one-percent body surface area 1% being about the size of a person’s palm
of their hand little bit less doesn’t require any special treatment a Burn
Center beyond what we’ve done here it’s just partial thickness and heal up just
fine right thanks for doing it and if you enjoy
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channel also will have a link to that until next time this is dr. Margolin and
reg telling you to stay in good health thanks red


  1. Remember the old days? Maybe you aren't old enough but when I would get burned as a child my Mother would get out the butter or mayo and spread it all over. It really hurt and per today's findings it was not useful and maybe contraindicated. I was old enough to know that cool tap water or even ice would feel better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ouchie! That had to hurt, I got burnt by mixing my sons formula bottles with scolding hot water, I'd placed the lid on top withou screwing it down and my partner at the time didn't realise and picked it up to shake it and it splashed my face and chest and right arm. A bullet formed on my head instantly and I was running cold water on my head when my ex placed a flannel on and popped it, I had to run to the shower to stand in the cold shower to cool everything down, my forehead had to be redressed weekly but luckily it healed. I'm curious as to why you asked about the tetanus shot is that important with burns? XclaireX

  3. I always pop the blister.. Every time I burn myself even running under tap water doesn't help. The liquid in the blister still is hot even after I use ice. I wonder why that is. It stops hurting after I pop it.

  4. Thank you for another informative video. Looking forward to the next one! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. I fell against a wall heater when I was 5 (my mom had to pull my leg off of it) and had had 14 long striped scars down my left outer thigh that showed brown until I was in my early 20s. I'm always surprised they eventually faded. Is this because I was so young? And what degree burn would that be considered? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Janet

  6. I had a second degree burn on my ankle from a motorcycle exhaust and I woke up with a massive infection! I had red streaks, green pus and the most excruciating pain! Burns are the worst pain ever.

  7. That looked so painfull. Live your video's. However, I am with Dawn about the music. It was hard to concentrate on what you were doing as most I could hear was the music. Unless it is in your exam room, music is not needed at least that's my opinion.

    I'll be back everyday to see what's new!

  8. I had a burn like that from the exhaust pipe on a motorcycle. It took quite a while for it to heal. My daughter touched a BBQ when she was about sixteen months old. Her palm looked white when I rushed her to the sink to cool it down. She didn't fuse much and it did not look bad but she did want to keep her hand closed. After she fell asleep I took a peek and it had a black blister. The doctor said I treated it just like he would of. She is fourteen now and has no scaring no sign of it ever happened.

  9. Awesome video! I thought with IM shots you're supposed to Z track and aspirate before giving ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'm a nurse and honestly not sure it makes a huge difference. Once again great video!

  10. No music please. Takes away from the teaching element. I was going to ask about the gel. I keep it by my stove in the kitchen. Does covering the burn do more for pain than anything else?

  11. If the blister had popped do you recommend distilled water for washing the burn? Also, I have subscribed to Dr Buhl's channel. He is hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‚. Thank you for your videos, you're always informative and fun

  12. Great vid that brings back painful memories. I had an approximately 3.5" x 5" fully blistered burn on the back of my calf from the side pipes on my dad's truck when I was about 13. A center spot about the size of a quarter was charred looking. I will never forget how badly that hurt, so I feel terribly for poor Reg. My mom had me put something called Foille (sp?) on it, which helped the pain quite a bit. I had a huge scar until I was in my mid-twenties.

    Honestly, I don't mind the music at all.

  13. A while ago my mom burnt her whole hand because she grabbed something from the oven without a glove… Thank god I had prescription lidocaine… After I had her soak in cold water for hours I made a concoction of neosporin, lidocaine and burn relief cream and bandaged that sucker up! Saved her an urgent care bill and it healed within the week. I was 12…

  14. HelloI just got second degree burn on my hand from hot boiling water.Friday night happend and I put it under water for few minutes and then silver cream.I worry about scaring as I used silve cream for 5 days and then change to polyaporin.Really worry about scaring so I heard you mention silver cream can make brown spot stays?What's best to use to prevent scaring I am on 6 day w burn and just staring polyosporan oinamnet.Thank you very much!!

  15. when i was 1 year old i was burn through hot milk…bcz of it my left arm and a little bit of my face is burnt but there are little scars on my face ….what should i do for this..??? i really worried about it…

  16. my mom had burned herself bad with grease and her friend told her to put mustard on it. she looked at him like he was crazy. told her that it draws out the heat and stops it from having a blister. she tried it right away and never had any blisters. you keep it on till it crusts then keep applying till the heat is gone. I've used it before on myself and my son when we got bad sunburned and we are very fair skinned but it worked greatly. just wanted to help with a home remedy and see if you have ever heard of this doctor.

  17. I know this is late. But I burned my arm from a iron and the top is black and if I scratch it it peels off is it bad????????

  18. Hi, i really need help. so i got a borderline 3 degree burn but it is still considered a second degree burn on the tip of my finger and the mussel below my thumb ( not sure what it is called ) i burned it and immediately soaked it in a mixture of aloe and cold water, and slept with my hand above my head. i HAD to pop it the next day and immediately washed and put a band- aid and Neosporin on it. it's a few days later, i'm not to worried about scaring but i would prefer no scar, i picked the scab on one of them and i really regret it. is their anything i can do to make it heal the best? or any suggestions? PLEASE HELP!!

  19. This was very helpful!

    I got a "second degree" burn on the dorsum of my left little finger. The blisters are still intact, and there is no pain now, seems like I have done all things right so far! I have been applying coconut oil to it instead of an antibiotic.

    The only thing is…how do you dress a burn on fingers or any other part of the body that is smaller and frequently moves?

    Also if the blister is left intact…how does it heal? does it pop on its own? does it dry out?

  20. guys i burned my face with gas…mostly its a first degree burn but my nose has blisters and it is peeling..u think i will have a scar? please answer someone im confused and worried

  21. Is there any alternatives to Tetanus shot? I don't want Thimerosal, Formaldehyde and Aluminum Phosphate injected into me.

  22. My 3 year old sister just burn her self with hot coffee, it a second degree burn …. sory for wasting your time

  23. I bet that hurt at first. he did the right thing by rinsing it under tap water & pitting the dry dressing on it before going to see the Dr. good info re: burns & how to treat them.

  24. Interesting – I've never even thought of isolating small burns (with or without blisters), I get them all the time (clumsy in the kitchen). Big things like this guy had, sure, but thankfully I've only had that once – and then it was the palm of my hand, so pretty difficult to dress in any meaningful way for more than a day or two.

    I did recently discover that pure shea butter actually seems to make burns (without blisters so far) heal faster. Surprised me quite a bit, but it actually seems to work.
    I only wish there was something more effective for the pain than cold water (and short stints of icing). That time when I burnt my palm I seriously asked if they could do a local anesthetic for the whole hand, it hurt so bad (no, they didn't).

  25. I got burned by really hot ramen soup, should I put a topical antibiotic ointment?, yesterday it was really painful, but now it's not really painful anymore, there are a few small blisters, the largest blister is around the size of half a small gummy worm

  26. I got a 2nd degree burn on my left thigh 'cause I accidentally slip at the stairs while carrying a heater!
    So very painful that i couldn't sleep well, couldn't take a bath well, hoo!!! now it's gonna be its 1st week still no recovery seen
    -It's literally painful!!!

  27. The video's captioning is pretty hilarious. At 2:02 and following: "we don't want to getting our painful we don't want you getting red streaks of the armoire getting a fever with it it when the Buddha's more boom when the bird is more fresh will actually encouraged and just run tap water over"… yes, yes, words of wisdom there, hahaha! Seriously, all joking aside, thanks for this helpful video.

  28. Thanks so much for this vid. I love how the doc keeps up to date on the latest medical journals and knows all that knowledge off hand! I got a partial thickness burn on my hand, now that I watched this vid I know not to bust it open and to use an antibiotic ointment on it. Great job folks! Keep these videos coming. Saved me a trip to the immediate care and saved me some $$ in the process! Just an FYI the reason I didn't go is because my blister is even smaller than his — if you have like REALLY large blisters and they are blowing up big you need to go in and have it examined. If you don't have insurance try to find a free clinic near you.

  29. That second degree burn is extremelly superficial. I guess that man ended up fully recovered and with no scar after a few months.

  30. During a dressing change, the top layer of skin came off… now it hurts a billion times worse and is open. I didnt put ointment on but put a nonstick patch (like gauze) and held it in place with a self adhesive wrap. What can I do for the swelling and pain as it's gotten worse now?

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