HOW TO SNEAK FOOD IN CLASS? || Funny Back To School Hacks by 123 GO! GOLD

Oh glad I remembered to lock my stuff in
my locker, that backpack was getting heavy! Hey I totally forgot I had this in
my pocket! An entire foot a delicious bubblegum goodness that’s about to be
covered in dirt on the floor. Quick, Kevin, catch it before it falls oh my god
gross unless you like lint hair and questionable brown stuff this gum is
ruined yikes that’s pretty disgusting what the
heck happened to that thing you get out of my face what do you need with my tape
you’ll see did you know a tape dispenser can serve as a drop free gum holder step
1 make the thing look a little less like a tape dispenser with some fun paint it
looks pretty good so far now all you have to do is stick your foot of gum in
there hey Lily what’s up hello Kevin now can I have the gum you promised me are
you talking about this huh here at takeoff apiece and you get the perfect
size every time can’t imagine going through a full day
without your favorite bubblegum then you probably already know that chomping on
this stuff during class can be super tricky yes my favorite flavor one two
three blow cheese Lily you really startled me and if you give me a piece
of your gum all will be forgiven Kevin you can’t just steal my gum like
that if you’re in need of a gum disguise the answer might be right under your
nose if you have a boxy highlighter lying around grab a blade and cut off
its plastic tip next snag some hot glue and put it onto the tip you just cut now
stick it onto the end of your favorite pack of gum if you can print the
highlighters logo onto the corresponding color you’ve got yourself a secret gum
dispenser no one will ever know that while you’re highlighting your important
notes you’re also indulging in bubble gum just
keep it our little secret okay hey Lily are you chewing gum
where is it though I don’t see any on your desk
that’s because it’s all stashed in there highlighter sorry Kevin what he doesn’t
know won’t hurt him right sometimes higher can strike at the most
inopportune times like history class seriously I can’t believe you Kevin you
got chips all over our desks here use my wipes to clean this awful mess up geez
it was only an accident hey wait a sec want to make your bag of
chips explosion-proof take off the plastic dispenser and set the bag of
wipes aside stick the plastic piece on to the middle of the tip bag like so
next use a blade to cut the bag out of the inside of the dispenser nice now
close that sucker up until you’re ready to snap
now instead of spilling your crumbs everywhere you can enjoy a bag of chips
at your desk mess free oh look at you sharing Kevin that’s so nice pause the
lecture for a second he’s about to blow an epic bubble Oh false alarm
Oh teacher alert mind if I take a look at your notes Amy Wow look how messy and
unkempt your notebook pages are how does this even happen anyway what a shame
what about your notebook Lily why it’s just as perfect as you isn’t it a plus
as usual hey how do you keep your notebooks so
neat like that looks like we have a nifty paper hack on our hands
wanna drop some knowledge on us Lily you can make your own page protector at home
simply fold a square of paper in hand matching corner to corner like this
keeping the paper folded take one corner and match it with a one up top do the
same thing to the other side once you solidify the creases unfold the corners
match the top corner to the bottom and press down the fold
next up each corner into the pocket you’ve just made be sure the edges are
tucked all the way in as deep as possible
turn the piece upside down so the folded part is farthest away from you on the
first folded corner draw a shape that looks like a closed eye with lashes
with different colored paper create fringe and glue it on the fold like so
add the sparkly horn and you’ve got yourself a paper unicorn now you can
keep the pages from your books and folders from curling so cute thanks for
the great tip willing so what’s on the agenda today Oh No why
am I feeling so much wetness ah looks like one of your pens must have leaked
black ink all over your stuff Amy you so gross right but maybe your stuff isn’t
completely really yep that’s the look of a light bulb going off you want to give
your pens and pencils a little color fill a large container with water and
your favorite colored nail polish go ahead and dump the polish into the water
once you do that feel free to add even more colors randomly dispersing it now
take your pencil and slowly dip it into the liquid and lift it right back out
the same way you can do this as many times as you like and can experiment
with different colors Wow where did you get pencils like that want to use one thanks Amy way to turn lemons into
lemonade girl Schools in session and you know what that means
our brains are in work mode but with teachers class and early mornings come
major challenges morning it’s time you get situated before class begins and
that means taking out all the essentials okay
not sure perfume is needed for social studies class you’ll definitely need
your pens and pencils and your eyeshadow palette Hey
to each his own I guess hey Sophia do you really need to take out your makeup
for this class for makeup obsessed girls like Sophia trap her without your makeup
is like leaving your entire face at home oh hi there oh that’s not the look you
want to get from your teacher I’ll just put my makeup away then nothing to see
here sheesh that was a close one will Sofia
ever learn gothic art was unique for its use of Amy hey me what makes me from my
slumber good why do you have to stare at me like that
she goes okay back to the lesson why is it that creepy kids go around school
acting all well creepy cheese I’m too complex for this mortal world shoot I
knew this answer is at 7:22 oh that tapping is so annoying clicking pens
even worse don’t hit Vicky don’t hit jakey and now
gum smacking and as icing on the cake we have aggressive foot shaking that’s
it I can’t stand sitting here for one more second can’t you sit still and be
quiet for one minute oh no don’t even think about it Vicky okay anyone have the answer to this one
even when the entire class is stumped there’s always one person in the class
called is dying to give the answer what don’t look at me quick pick Sophia
before her poor arm falls right off anyone but Sophia who’s answered the
last five questions oh geez just pick her already no matter what the class
snowed I will stop at nothing to show off how much they know on a topic okay
Sophia go ahead yes I noticed one just around the 3 p.m. mark it’s hard to
ignore that growling belly of yours hey nothing’s wrong with a little mid class
snack attack right just try not to chew too loud
yikes that was loud just a little sip and I’ll put it away hey what’s that smell we’re in soda
chocolate hey you’re not supposed to be eating in class Vicky it’s just a small
snack to hold me over till dinner see

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