How to Set Background in Game in Hindi in Unity3D

Good Morning Programmers we are walking through the series of making android game in which have seen before that if we Freeze Position Z in any char then it doesn’t fall down i irregular way weare going further from that and today we’ll learn how to set background in a game in Unity 3D then, let we start that how we set background in any game for that we come to our file managerand wherever our any of pic will stay in which style,we got sprite before as our char and our ground in previous part in that way, we drag and drop this also which pic we like we drag from here and take it to here. like, let we take this here it set here let we minimize it and what happend! it came foreward to ground background hould be in back! we resize t and let see we click on this and come to inspector in right side in column “Order in layer” We come to his ‘order in layer ‘ and input -1 ,then what happened? it have gone in back even ever if if let it play it doesn’t seem like background it look like pasted in this. we want it to be in far from foreground we have not to do more but a little let we make it bigger a little more how much we have our camera! then it will look better now! Now we’ll come to main camera we’ll look in right side in inspector for projection in this projection orthographic is set as default we’ll change it to ‘Prespective’ you are feeling that,nothing has happened but it happened,foreground is now far away from background

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