How to Register for Southwestern Classes

Hello. This video is going to teach you how to register
for Southwestern College classes online, using our online portal, WebAdvisor. To get to WebAdvisor, you need to go to After you get to the website, you want to click Log In. If you don’t know how to log in or are having trouble logging
in, you can go to our main website, which is Now that you have logged in, you can now
search for classes you want to register for. You know what kind of classes you want to register for, such as English, Math, and
Reading, but you don’t know the times and days that you want to attend. So in order to find out that information you
need to click on the Students Menu. Then you want to scroll down all the way to where
it says “Registration” and click on “Register for Classes.” You will then see three options. To see all the classes available for a
certain subject, you want to click on “Search and Register for Classes.” Now this is where you put your knowledge
of what classes you want to use. You should be taking an English, Math and Reading class. You have your Assessment scores,
so you should know what level you should be taking for each class. I’m going to go through the registration process and when
you register it will be for Fall 2012. Okay. So let’s just say my Assessment scores placed me
in English 114, Math 70, and Reading 158. So I would fill out the Term, which would be Fall 2012, and then the
subject, English 114, my other subject which was Math 70, and finally Reading 158. You can also just put a subject with no course number to see
all the classes in that subject. For example, I’ll use Music. After you’re done, click “Submit.” You will then be taken to a list of classes, and may seem overwhelming,
but once you know how to read it, it becomes quite simple. Note that these are just example classes. You need to follow the
instructions I’ve given so far to get a current list. So first, you want to make sure you’re in the right Term.
Here mine says Fall 2011, but yours should say Fall 2012. Then you want to make sure the class is open.
Here is an example one that says “Open”. If the section says “Waitlisted” then that means that the open spots are full, but
you may still place yourself on the waiting list to get into the class. If it says “Closed,” then that means both the
open seats and the waitlist is full. This section, which is called the “Meeting Information,” tells
you the times and days the class meets. You have to attend all the times and days listed in the box. So for example, on this
one, I have to go to lecture Tuesdays from 10:00 AM to 11:50 AM in room 1686A. And then on Thursdays I have lecture from Thursday from 10:00 AM to 10:50 in room
1686A, but then I must go back in from 11:00 to 11:50 in room 422. This is because English classes and other classes have labs. So you have
to attend and extra lab hour in a different lab room. Here, you’ll see where the class is located. Southwestern College has three different
centers, not including the main campus in Chula Vista. So make sure you’re aware of where your desired class is located. Now this section over here has three very important numbers. The first number is how many seats are open in the class. The second number is the maximum number of seats. And the
third number is how many people are on the waitlist. If you notice, this example has people on the
waitlist, but it also has open seats available. This does not mean that you can register for that class. Since it has people on the waitlist, you
will have to waitlist it as well. The reason it says there’s seat available is
because the waitlist hasn’t been updated yet. So in actuality, there’s 0 seats available and 1 person on the waitlist. So if you waitlisted that class, you would be second on the waitlist. Notice how this list only shows me English 114 and Math 70 classes, but
for Music it shows me all the Music classes available in Southwestern College. Now you can look at the title of the classes
to see which one you’re interested in taking. However, before selecting a class you need to make
sure you’ve fulfilled the requirements for that class. So for example, I can’t take Music Theory II before I
take Music Theory I and so on and so forth. After you’re done looking at the classes that you want to
take, go ahead and select the desired classes. So I’ll just click open Reading, open Music,
an open Math, and an open English. Notice how I’m not selecting multiple English, Math and Reading classes. This is
because you can only register or waitlist one class of each subject. So I cannot register for an open English
class and also waitlist another English class. Once you have selected your classes, go ahead and click “Submit.” You’ll be taken to your preferred section. Under “Action,” you want to
select whether you want to register or waitlist that class. You can also remove from list. And that’s it. Once you submit successfully, you’ll be officially
registered or waitlisted in the classes you selected. Now you’ll need to move onto the final step of
the Early Admission process which is “Fees/Payment.” Thank you. If you have any questions about the process or you get stuck you can always email
us at [email protected], you can leave a comment down below or you can visit our main webpage.


  1. I'm having an issue here, when i selected my classes and put down register the site said I did not have registration priority. This confuses me since I'm part of the outreach program and was sent an email for early admission.

  2. how much money would fafsa give me it states that up to 43000 but i doubt it because its a community college?

  3. I'm trying to register for Math 20 but there's NO open classes. If i go on a wait list, how do I know when I can start the class? How does that work?

  4. Ok thank you. One more question. I'm trying to register for English 114 but when i click submit. It tells me "A Granted Petition is required for registration in ENGL-114-19" Do you know what that means?

  5. I need help! :O This is regarding my older brother who is also a student at SWC. When he goes on the web adviser and attempts to register for classes it says that there is an error and that he is not able to register for class. What could this mean? He has already been a student for over a year and this has never happened before. He also has no restrictions on hisο»Ώ account and doesn't owe any money. Please help if you can πŸ™‚

  6. hi! its gonna be my first year going to college and im planing on being a full time student and im not sure how many classes im suppose to be taking,, im also planning on working and going to school s idont know if u could give a suggestion about this

  7. what if one class that you need in at another location? do i have to drive from one campus to another?

  8. why does it say Search/Register for Classes
    ID is a required field. Please provide data or press MENU.
    REG.USERS.ID is a required field. Please provide data or press MENU.
    REG.CONTROLS.ID is a required field. Please provide data or press MENU.
    STUDENTS.ID is a required field. Please provide data or press MENU.
    after my classes????!!! I'm alreacdy loggwd in why does it ssay that! help

  9. Quick question, when it says that the class meets on MWF at (for example) 11:00AM-11:50AM and on Monday again on 12:00-1:15PM but in a different room than MWF, does that mean that the class meets on monday on 11:00-11:50am and on 12:1:15PM?

  10. Hello, i'm trying to register for my English class but a message appears stating "A Granted Petition is required for registration in ENGL-114-19." what should i do?

  11. Hi. I am attempting to register for classes on line, but an error window pops up when I try to register that says, "you are not eligible for registration". Please help.

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