How to Play Dungeons and Dragons 5e – Class Features and Spellcasting

hello everyone this is the fifth episode of the how to play Dungeons & Dragons series and we will be covering class features and spell casting spell casting can be a bit complicated but once you get your head around it it’s actually tons of fun some of the craziest sessions I had was when I played a spell caster this time we will use both stereo and letter leans character sheets which you can find below in the description but you don’t have to open them in another window if you don’t want to because I will also display them on screen [Music] let’s start with class features class features are special abilities that define a class role class features are usually about being sneaky while fighters are about surviving the battlefield you gain a new feature at almost every level you are also given the choice of different class archetypes we choose from which would partly answer your gameplay experience even for the same class the fighter for example has the option to become champion battle master or elder each night at level 3 besides the common fighter features they gain features unique to their archetype at certain levels there are two kinds of class features one is the kind that you can keep using as long as the condition is met like serious defense fighting style which case in class 1 2 is AC as long as he wears an armor the other has limited use like the second wing feature which he can use again after he finishes a short or long red at level 9 it will gain the indomitable feature which can only be reused after finishing a long rest which effectively means that he can only use it once a day spell casting is also a class feature but it’s slightly more complicated non spell casting classes are relatively easier to play compared to a spell casting Club I suggest new players start with the following classes barbarian fighter monk and robe however 2/3 of all the classes in BMD and spell casting features making up an integral part of the class you won’t be able to play those classes effectively if you ignore the spells so let’s expand your options by looking at spell casting to cast a spell you need to have the spell prepare as the spell swap for it be able to use your action bonus action or reaction depending on the spell and fulfill all the component requirements then you also need to be mindful of the spells range and duration preparing a spell works differently for different classes some classes like the bond learn a new spell at spiritually every level and they have it prepared at all time wizards on the other hand learn two new spells at every level and can copy magic from spell books and Scrolls but they can only remember and prepare some of them time in this sheet you can see that literally no six different spells but she can only prepare for at level one I’m not going to the nitty-gritty of spell preparation rules because it’s almost unique for all the different classes so you will have to research it for yourself for now I just need you to understand the general concept 12 has different level categories the higher it is the more powerful is the spell but don’t confuse character level with spell level because they are completely different things you don’t learn a level 3 spell when your character is that level 3 for spell casting focus classes they usually learn level 3 spells at class level 5 for hybrid classes it’s higher you can learn a higher level spell once you gain spells lots of the same level but refer to the class table in the book to be safe spells locks represents the spell casters magical energy it can only cause a spell as long as they have the corresponding spells long to cast a level 1 spell you need a level 1 spells low level 2 spells level two spells low and so on obviously you can’t use a lower level spells law to cause a high level spell but you can use a higher level spells lot to cause a lower level 12 depending on the spell dream so might even boost the power of the spell for example the level one burning hand spell feel extra d6 of damage for every level above flood level one if latter lien uses a level three spells to cast burning hands she deals 3 d6 + to d6 of boosted file damage as level one wizard you only have to level one spell slots you think you’d run out of juice very quickly but luckily you have can drips they are also known as level zero spells and you don’t need any spells or casted so you can use them as often if you learn some spells like viable increase in power when you reach a certain level the level mentioned here refers to character level the amount of damage dies increases even if latterly multi-class as a rogue some spells like identify as the ritual attack it means that if you have the ritual casting class feature you can spend extra 10 minutes casting the spells so that you can concert without using your spell’s law but it is cost at the lowest level here you can see the casting time of the spell it’s quite intuitive if it says one action you need to use your action to cast it other spells such a shield requires reaction to cast and healing words require bonus action to cast as usual if you haven’t used your other activities you can still use them but there is a special rule involved with spell casting using your bonus action and that is you can’t cause any other spell except fork and trip with the casting time of one action if you use your bonus action to cast a spell that uses a spells law effectively it means that you can only cut one spell that uses a spell slot on your turn and before you ask you can’t cheat it by using your action to cause a level spell before using your bonus action to cast another one all right enough talk let’s actually count the spell level in has leveled up and she can now cast Sharon so she set the mystical words fulfilling the verbal component made the magical gesture for the semantic component and uses a chip of mica for the material component you need to fulfill all the component requirement to cast the spell but not all spell requires all three components learning hands for example only requires verbal and somatic components a majority of spells require verbal component so if she’s gag or under the influence of silence spell then she wouldn’t be able to fulfill the portable requirement the semantic component is the gesture involved in casting the spell she needs to have at least a free hand to be able to fulfill this requirement but it’s alright if you use the same hand to access the material components the spell shatter requires a chip of maker she can use that chip if you want but you can also use a spell casting focus to substitute those materials as a wizard you can use an arcane focus such as a spouse as a cleric grant would use a holy symbol but spell casting focus can’t substitute for all material components if you look at the spell identify here that is a material component with monetary cost attached to it when you see this it means that you need to provide it separately 100 gold pieces is quite a lot of money for a spell but luckily you can reuse the material unless the cell says that you consume it like the diamond used in the race death spell how your cell hit depends on the spell itself findable targets and hit like another range attack and choking grass a melee attack the difference is that you use your spell attack bonus to hit instead some spells like invisibility just work as long as you have fulfilled all the requirements others like shadow covers a relatively wide area so you don’t really need to aim it too well on the other hand your targets are the ones who have to resist against it using their saving drills the saving throw your target need to use it’s written in the spell description for Sharon its Constitution it makes sense if you imagine that you need to use your Constitution and fortitude to withstand a sonic shockwave to successfully resist you need to beat the caster spell safe DC and lateral means is 13 they all made it which means he only takes half of the damage for most spells succeeding on the saving drill reduces damage by half some spells don’t cause any damage if your target makes the saving drill usually these are cancerous spells valve also has range limit and those that do not target a specific creature or object usually have areas of the stack or AoE allowing it to affect things within its area there are five standard area of effect types line cone cube sphere and cylinder plus C doesn’t have a hard and fast rule for representing area of effects on a grid so what I’m showing you is my interpretation of the rules a spell like lightning bolt affects everything in the straight line as far as the range of the spell learning hands extend from the point of origin in this case the casters fingers to form a 90 degree cone of fire v MP means that it extends three squares away you can include the point of origin in the area of effect forming a shorter cone but you can effect more targets closer to you for a cube-shaped spell like standard ways when the size of the area is specified to be 10 P it represents the length of a side of the queue the point of origin lies anywhere on the surface of the cube but you can include it in the area if you one two four sphere AoE like fireball you are usually given the radius it means that the area it affects can be much larger than what new players would expect a cylinder shape spell like I storm a circular area like fireball but it is : it is great for getting targets in vertical space some spells like fog clouds as longer lasting effect it can last for one hour as long as the caster’s maintains concentration while concentrating the castle can cause other spells but she can only concentrate on one spell at a time so if she caught another spell that requires concentration she would have to drop her concentration on the last one ending the effect early one last thing about spells is that the benefits from the same spell caused by multiple casters doesn’t stack you only get the benefit from the more powerful spells for example the magic weapon spells cast with level two spells law if plus one bonus to the weapon and plus two when cast with level 4 spells law when these two spells are in fact serious weapon only gets the higher class 2 bonus as you can see spell casting is pretty complicated even most Dungeon Master’s won’t be able to remember all the spells and their effects as the player of the class the onus is on you to inform the dungeon master what your spell’s do always bring your book along as reference as part of the spell casting etiquette and the speed up game flow besides naming the spells you should also say the saving drill type spell safe DC and other important information for example I cost burning hands with level two spells law make a dexterity safe against DC 13 needless to say cheating by lying about your spouse effect is a humongous no-no but most honest mistakes are very easily perceivable so try playing the spell caster it takes a bit of effort to get your head around it but with some effort comes great reward the next episode will be the character creation episode all those who are new to the channel you can click subscribe so that you don’t miss it CJ over and up you

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  1. I just started playing a ranger and have gotten to level 2. This advice is very helpful for learning all I need to know about spell casting. Thank you for the video

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