How to make Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll (GOI CUON)

hello everyone in this video I’m gonna show you how to make the Vietnamese fresh spring rolls and a super delicious dipping sauce for this dish firstly we bought pork belly with a teaspoon of salt when it boys you turn the heat to medium-low and cook for 25 to 35 minutes depending on how thick the carapace you can test to see if it’s cooked by piercing through the myth using a chopstick if no red water coming out meaning is ready to soak the making cold water to avoid it from blackening and keep the broth for later use after that you cut the pork into thin slices like this [Music] next we’ll fry the prawns without any oil on medium heat for one to two minutes until they turn orange then peel and devein them [Music] okay next you cut the prongs into two halves vertically and remove the black lines if we still there now we bring a saucepan of water to boy you know cook the rice vermicelli three to five minutes following the package instructions and drain now you also one to wash it again under cold water to stop the rice vermicelli from the cooking further lastly we cut the cucumber into vertical slices about a finger long okay so we have everything ready for our role I also have washed the vegetables more than three times and drained it very well we also need to pan up warm water to soften our rice paper to start the assembling process we dip the rice paper into the water evenly give it a little shake to get rid of the excess water and lay it on a flat surface lie a plate or a killing ball we place the vegetables in a row across the center living or l22 trip inches on each side two cucumber slices two slices of pork and two shrimp halves at the end remember to keep the orange side of the shrimps facing down now we roll one to two rounds first then fold both sides in what you can also include some Kies at the end like they normally do it in Vietnam and then roll the wrapper gently but tightly sometime you see the veggies the part of the poem nicely show up in a row okay so just repeat with the remaining ingredients let me demonstrate it once more time other ingredients on top and roll one to two rounds before offering up bone sighs gently but tightly to slide the way you hug your sweetheart okay now let’s make our special dipping sauce my ingredients are peanut butter hoisin sauce and garlic this special sauce will contribute a whole lot to the success of the dish so in a heated pan you add one tablespoon of oil and fry one tablespoon of garlic until golden brown then you act five tablespoon of hoisin sauce and five tablespoon of broth which was a from boiling the pocket earlier then add one tablespoon of peanut butter and finally one tablespoon of sugar stir well and simmer the sauce for one to two minutes until it’s thickened transfer to condiment boards and top up with Ming’s fresh chili and crushed peanuts and served so one bite of spring roll would be a perfect combination of all the ingredients together with the perfect sauce that we make yummy if you’re going on a picnic you can rap the freshman grows in plastic wrapper so that the rice paper won’t dry out or stick to each other have fun and good habit it thank you for watching bye bye


  1. These should be called SUMMER ROLLS. beleive me, I am from Vietnam, spring rolls should be the fried ones. In the past, we didn’t have a lot of chance to eat the fried ones because we’re poorer. We got to eat them in special occasions like NEW YEAR. Anyway, they call these ‘spring rolls’ in Colorado and other Western States. In the East coast they call these SUMMER ROLLS.
    May I add something here: the authentic ones should have fried eggs in it. These rolls are the combinations of colors/natures.

  2. I put glutinous rice instead of vermicelli in my rolls. Like a full course meal. Great video but the music is sad, almost cried making my rolls.

  3. Your voice is sooo relaxing! I love it ❤️ and yes I followed ur recipe and my boyfriend loves it! Thankyou so much. Its really delicious

  4. Chị ơi cho e hỏi. Sao e cuốn ăn liền thì ko sao mà nếu cuốn buổi sáng sớm rồi để đến trưa là nó hay bị bể cái cuốn là tại sao chị có biết ko ạ? Ko biết tại bánh tráng hay tại e làm ko đúng cách một công đoạn nào đó. Chị có bí quyết gì ko

  5. Sooooooo delicious!
    I am Lebanese and love must of the Vietnamese food.
    I make also a dip sauce with peanut butter and coconut milk and add the Hoisin sauce in the spring roll with cilantro. Pho soup and chicken Banh Mi sandwich are my favorite too.

  6. I was trying to figure out what the music was for. At first I thought "what am I supposed to be crying while I'm watching this video?" Then you said that we should "roll it tight but gently like we hold our sweetheart." Then I realized I didn't have a sweetheart and the music was very appropriate because I started crying.

  7. Why my rice paper smells bad? Or is it usual smell? I don’t know. But I can not bite my rice rolls due to that.

  8. I make these all the time and they are soooooo good, though mine always tear and that might be because all the other videos i watched on making these literally stacked all of the ingredients on top of each other and make them more fat than these, but next time I will def try laying it out this way so that im not picking stuff up off the plate that fell out of the roll.

  9. Thank you.  I'm making them for the first time right now and I needed a little guidance.

  10. so delicious love it and i am watching here in London , all the best . Ricardo and Antonia

  11. The meat prep was unappealing to me. Pork and shrimp are health destroying. Please make more vegetarian videos.

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