How to get into medical universities of Pakistan.

but my name is Abdullah and I'm ready mustard so two years ago when our enable examining the next thing we had to do on a platform and in risky I remember my agency exam for the wounded yet integrative a minority and beforehand medical university card which equals 3/4 market annual pension and it's so stressful and so tough to get up me her university was like oh nothing our university government in Destin about time we have to create the idea that you can't even put your application once without continuously sorry documents I attended a and then we quickly limited resources i description I can notate if this whole thing is really tough seaside admission process what's stressful o them and yeah so that's what we want to do we want to help you guys out so all of all of your ratings and you're confused like whether you do enter after my low level so that in 2013 when I finished my Oh Louisville and I you I want to do for to medicine yet Pakistan I was really confused on whether you do a Lobos your enter so when I used to ask my seniors and my friend and my religious regarding this most of them used to tell me I should switch an interest if I wanted to win it when I saw that my tickets W they were like if all the intrigue nuts are all in tribute so if you do either those you're eventually going to have this video all the enter leader in the a leader is when you're applying for medical universities your apartment so basically there will be no point doing a Lowe's but you're eventually going to have this video all of these centers in turn pass these entries up and another reason they used to give me was that all do it all you're going to lose 10% off your currency so someone who did enter in the same year would have greater marks than you or something like that we used to give me lately ice sitting exactly understand what they meant when they said you're going to lose 10% so that's all those things we excuse me and yeah another confusion we faced was when we had to start the original kingdom seriously is a journey and make me early to 1 and you have your all hunting last 10 to 15 years on your C is your now and here your doubt the Aussie necesitas we really haven't leader in a year so yeah we were live on West be exactly had to start it we just use a spring we start sitting with our CIS for days or is the time we have accuracy is going on along with that we're really confused on what we had to study for these entries because even if you access to the websites of the universities they don't give your peer cuts villages on what you have to study in order to tosha's them even they don't exactly tell you lesbian these are going to be questions from this database will study from this specific book they don't tell you anything and when I start my 10 years they were like citizen groups that one a low-order those red spot these communists study everything and I wouldn't really go to on what I had to study because we're really confused we ended up joining preparation centers like students and doctors in I need to send professional oh yeah yeah your end up joining these preparations interest and these guys what they tell you is that if your native a student leaves the promise that they're going to finish the bowl of interest is within a few months they're going to keep you all sort of shortcuts that you'll be able to solve every single question without a calculator and you should tell you all all the good stuff and yeah like you end up joining a hi hi myself join one and I'm sure most of you will or was like you guys will join one because you guys have no other option you guys don't have a proper counselor you guys don't have proper guidance so what we want to do for you guys is give you the guidance and tell you like tell you the facts give you the facts and you guys decide for yourself after hearing all its like whether it's actually necessary to join one or it's better than yourself so these are some of the queries and what we want to do for you guys is make separate videos regarding every single query so that you guys have a clear idea on how to apportion what mission process it doesn't matter whether you're going a level or level internet ryx if you're confused let us in your you can be a compute mom or confuse that who has a child with a blind for medicine and they're hopeless and I come to the right place and along with that it doesn't matter whether you're of Pakistani origin living abroad and we want to do medicine here you can we don't know the criteria and your computer you have no what you are submitting a quiz versus so it assignment discharge of the right name I know how to prepare but my schedule okay if we type inclusion I want to help you guys out we want to provide you with the guidance your honker name will be you want to be of your children – there you're on 19 year yeah so what you could contact yeah thanks platform Olga you know where we can all connect and it is a really helpful guide today membership from the Maya kinda wheel to contact our seniors or boy as an extra screen can't afford a to take you have the voices in college like is is a medical exam I'm a medical student and what we are you a good at time management maybe yeah so I won't let you guys out right I bring all care of the other hundred hey Sonya Ladoga yeah it will be right after your exams I think my dentist was the 14th of June and my assignment right after theory yeah doing the time for debate when you figure on what is needed so we want you guys to send in your questions dividing album and exam without an individual says what comes on the test what other one is the big thing this is the hard thing yeah and we is there is there's no one to tell you and yes a properly guide you so we bring into it from wanna give you their first-hand experience answer the question you send in on video and God has put over man are you guys yeah we want you guys in 10 easy questions your query you solve them all out so what do you want you guys to do it like share subscribe and don't forget to put it


  1. Can you please tell me how should i study for anatomy because there is a huge course do we need to origin insertion location of muscle each and everything regarding bone…i think we can't memorize everything in detail

  2. Can you please give me some idea how should i manage my timetable…i am first year student of MBBS..a d it is very very tough because the things are new it's a new world …

  3. There are 2 months in our entrance exam (NTS) how can we complete our whole syllabus of Xi nd xii????
    (We hadn't study Xi properly during our exams)
    We don't have time to solve past papers
    What should we do?? 😭😭

  4. My kid just started studying in beacon house but I am confused whether I will be able to enter my son in medical college or not because people everywhere arround me are always advising me not to choose this way of study for your kid

  5. Salam dear, you guys are doing great job. I have question for ibbc conversion. I watched one of your video in which you had interview with American friend. Can you please ask him for IBBC conversion, do the students have to have full year of physics, Chemistry etc. or only one subject ( one semester long – 6 months) , I am talking about USA. Thanks for the help in advance.

  6. Ma inter kr rha ho mcat ka test da kr kud hi nam ajata ha or agr koi mistake b bta do jo ni krni ma second year ka papers dana wala ho

  7. Thank you so much for giving us this much information. I am from Gilgit Baltistan plz guide us more about AKU mbbs test. I have watched all of your videos… πŸ‘πŸ‘

  8. Great video! Could you please guide me if I get 3Bs in my A levels and a good 70% in o level that I have, is good enough for admission in top medical universities in Karachi? If possible can you make video on possibility of getting entrance in top medical universities according to different grades in A levels or just answer the previously asked questions? Thanks! Waiting for your reply!

  9. what the fuck o a level waly farikh ha asy lag raha ha jasy eng machine lagy hoi ha kuch to urdu punjabi bol lo angraz ki ulaad lagty thy

  10. Is it okay to opt for biology,chemistry,eng lit and media studies at a levels and get enrolled in medical universities?

  11. Hi,I'm currently doing my A1 and I plan to apply to akmu and give my mdcat as well after 2 years. But Yeah, I'm pretty much stressed about it since every one told me to do fsc but I love studying conceptual stuff so I opted for alevels. Though my rote learning is really good, so do you think I should study fsc books along my alevels? And start learning? Because I have time in a1 as it's going smooth for me till now (dk about the futureπŸ˜‚) what's the best advice you can give me? Also the syllabus for both tests?

  12. I'm done with my o levels and want to study pre medical in alevels but I've heard that we don't get into govt good medical college after alevels because of equivalency . I'm so confused and I don't have many days to decide weather I should do fsc or alevels to get into medical uni like king Edward or Fatima memorial. Need guidance

  13. What is the process of MCAT and other things and criteria's to get admission……Plus also tell what about the college's in Kashmir can we get admissions there or no?
    Hope you solve the main problems we are facing and are worried about πŸ€•πŸ˜“

  14. I am a inter student and I want to get into ziauddun and as you guys told us its test is mainly based on A level course so I am really confused how to prepare for it my test is on 23 august

  15. Thanks to both pf you for doing what you are… I would really appreciate if you could guide me that is SAT necessary for AGU or KEMU or any other govt medical university!?

  16. Guys i got 67% in fsc ,will you kindly tell me private med college that give me admission on self finance without an entry test?

  17. hey there . can you kindly guide me about Agha khan challenge schlorship test and its syllabus please .and also guide me how to prepare for it.

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