1. I’ve never read a single comic in my entire life (shocker) until I picked up all three of The Walking Dead compendiums. Instantly fell in love with the story. I’ve been a fan of the TV show for a long time, too. This video was just what I needed.

  2. Yo lit fam! Just got out of jail because I was informed that libraries are free so I told everyone behind the counter that they’re fired and tried going to the back room to read guardians of the galaxy and order more comics for the library and then the police showed up. Overall, it was a fun experience getting to own a library for a bit.

  3. Hi

  4. Who’s this hipsters? I been collecting since 1983 I just got into it and enjoyed it it’s not rocket science.

  5. Dang this was dope. I’ve only ever read transformers comics in my time. I’m gonna have fun going through these.

  6. For Everyone who wants to read a Comic Online heres a website its kinda like reading a manga but in color and complete all of it is here plus its FREE like all of it: https://readcomiconline.to

  7. Hey how will I know when an issue comes out on some of the book has the date and some just has the months but how will I know which day it’s going out ?

  8. Late to the party, but y'all should check out The Boys by Garth Ennis, Russ Braun, John McCrea, and Darick Robertson if any of you enjoyed Watchmen.

  9. want horror? (potentially multiverse things, we'll have to wait for issue 14) READ GIDEON FALLS
    and if you haven't yet… read COPRA

  10. 3:00 IT IS TRUE. And ill tell you why.

    Im trying to get into comics, as I`ve seen MCU (all of them) and i liked the majority, they were fun and intresting. So I searched comics I have to read to know all about MCU in comics.
    This were mainly, infinity guantelet, and infinity wars, but the thing is, they starting apearing characters I had no clue about… and I get really lost and frustrated, as i want to know the story behind this charactes, that dont even appear in the Movies, its just chaotic…

  11. Bro. I love the enthusiasm and positivity. But I just spent a few years trying to just "dive in" and it was super unsatisfying. Particularly with new releases, it's really hard to tell until you're several issues in if what you are spending money on is worth anything, like Tamaki's recent run on She-Hulk. I was pumped for that book, and halfway through the run I realized it was a garbage story.

    So big takeaway: don't buy new comics, wait till the run is done and see what makes it through the gauntlet.

  12. This video is really helpful since I'm starting to get into comics and I'm also a fan of The Flash so yeah but I wish my library would have more stuff but still this is really helpful

  13. Patrick, I’m glad I. stumbled on to your YouTube channel and THIS particular video. I am a huge music/movie fan (Especially Hard Rock/Metal), huge Star Wars fan, Wrestling fan on & off for about 35 years; DC & Marvel fan DC characters=Green Arrow, Green Lantern & The Flash; Marvel=Hawkeye, The Punisher & Deadpool). I used to have A LOT of memorabilia of Star Wars (my dad threw my whole collection out) DC & Marvel, & Wrestling items were lost in a flood. Then when moving out from a house I lived in for 40 years, I had a huge Playboy mag & my hard rock/Metal magazines my mom made me get rid of….for the move into an apartment (That’s a longer story….but I digress.)

    I want to know your recommendations on where to start when it comes to Green Arrow & The Punisher? Thanks for reading my post. Keep up the great work.

  14. Honestly though, if someone asked me to recommend their very first movie, I’d go with The Raiders of The Lost Ark. I feel it’s the best all around movie ever. Either that or The Princess Bride.

  15. Just google "read online [whatever you want to read]" Don't spend any money on paid services. readcomiconline.to is fantastic.

  16. I’ve been reading DC and Marvel comics for years, I really should expand into some none super hero stuff

  17. Variant comics YouTube channel is a great way to get into comics, which explains the history of many superhero’s and superhero artifacts, with other and fresh contents too

  18. I found that reading a big event like ‘civil war’ was a good start. Meet lots of characters then see who you don’t warm to and who’s story you want to follow further.

  19. Comic books in general are not indiginous to America. Only superhero comics are indiginous. You have great European "strips" and Japanese "manga". Comics like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, XIII & Thorgal to name a few classics. Great video, but a pity you didn't mension those.

  20. Great work! You forgot the omnibus format, one that compiles several tradepaperbacks (a tradepaperback of tradepaperbacks).

  21. I just started reading a few months ago. What I did was picked up a couple covers that intrigued me. Then as I dove deeper and I wanted to find back story I would rent the trade paper back at the library so I could get catch up on the story. Also comic previews website lets u know what’s coming out and what not

  22. JLA Grant Morrison volume 1 is very good. I just went to my comic shop and picked it up because it looked cool. I recommend it.

  23. PLANETARY is a series I'd recommend to ANYBODY. Great storytelling, beautiful artwork. if you enjoy anything about 20th century popular culture, you'll find something to enjoy in this. 8)
    Superman: "For the Man Who Has Everything" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/For_the_Man_Who_Has_Everything )
    Spider-Man: Stan Lee/Steve Ditko run (https://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Spider-Man-Omnibus-Vol/dp/130290082X )
    X-Men: Chris Claremont/John Byrne run (https://www.cbr.com/top-100-comic-book-runs-2-and-1/ )
    Miscellaneous Marvel: MARVELS by Busiek and Ross
    Miscellaneous superhero: MIRACLEMAN (aka Marvelman) by Alan Moore (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvelman#The_Alan_Moore_years )

  24. I am so addicted to you. LOL You are so good at making everything you are interested … interesting. Very informative and entertaining…

  25. I normally disagree with you… But this was great. I'm often asked how to get into comics and now I can just share this video. Thanks!

  26. I can’t believe it wasn’t mentioned.

    The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller is by far the best starting point in my opinion, at least if you are considering superhero comics. (1) Unless you’ve been living under a rock you already know Batman’s back story. “Billionaire parents were murdered while he watched, became a grumpy & reclusive vigilante with unlimited resources” is enough to get you up to speed. (2) It is in a class all its own in terms of writing, and the artwork is a perfect fit. One of the best creative teams ever. (3) It is a relatively quick read. (4) Every comic book store has a copy, and so should most libraries. (5) The modern Batman movies rely heavily on it for inspiration. This book basically redefined Batman. If you like modern Batman movies you’ll love this book.

    This book is on basically every “best of” list out there for good reason. It’s a classic, and is arguably the best superhero comic book of all time.

  27. good video… but what about swamp thing? first run of hell blazer by delano.. or giffen justice league of america.. or even watchmen?

  28. Well done! I've been pushing comics for 30 years and this was a great breakdown and introduction to the hobby. We'll be sharing this video with all the "newbies" to the hobby. — The Comic Book Pusher 😎

  29. And THANK YOU for painting us comic shop owners in a better light. And YES, we ARE kinda like drug dealers, only in a good way. If you want proof, check out our channel and watch the "Best Job Ever" video. Just two minutes long but for those who've never been "inside" a comic book store, it might be enlightening. — The Comic Book Pusher 😎

  30. The New 52 was the best time to get in for me. Felt like I was able to jump in without having to know anything. I agree that following a writer or artist is the best way to go. I sometimes hated when an artist left a character I liked and the tone completely changed. Problem I found is that my subs grew to so many that it became cost prohibitive.

  31. I collected the Matt Fraction's whole "Invincible Iron Man" run, absolutely loved it. Matt Fraction is one of my favourite writers now.Its just sad that Marvel went to complete garbage after Secret Wars by ruining well established characters in order to pander to feminists.

  32. Collecting Comics for about 7 years now. I read the stuff online and collect the rare stuff in physical Single issue comics because you know – I'm a collector.

  33. another good rec I have is to look into graphic novel versions of things that already exist, scott pilgrim kind of counts here as a lot of people probably saw the movie first, but there are graphic novel versions of the hobbit (which is actually the way I read it first, when I was about 8, and then I read the regular book afterwards), the percy jackson series, the his dark materials series, plus loads of classic novels (a really good way to get into those, if you find the regular novels too wordy) and Shakespeare plays (ditto)

  34. When i see Asterios Polyp , the only think who pop in my mind is " oh fff yea it s like the best piece of art ever made !!! "

  35. I am very new to this video, but it's a great intro to comics that I will share. The only issue I had with it is near the beginning when you say that comics don't have budget limitations to consider like tv shows. I make comics, and I make very few because art is expensive and I can only afford so much. If your favorite new comic suddenly gets cancelled, that's because it didn't sell enough issues to make it profitable (or profitable enough), and that means it's not worth paying the writer, editor, inker, colorist, letter, ect. to keep making that series because that budget can be used somewhere else. Marvel and DC have to worry about budgets too, even if they're smaller than television.

  36. Patrick H. Willems: Other than jazz, comics are the only art form indigenous to america
    Rap music: Am I a joke to you!!! (rap originated in the Bronx)

  37. I've read most of the Marvel stuff around the Dark Reign event. Haven't read much since and I want to get caught up. By that I mean read everything up to current because I'm a huge comic fan and MCU fan. So where do I start?

  38. Coming in 2019 was totally confused video clarifies most things do we have updated recommendation for 2019. Hoping to come back here in 5 years to add comment.

  39. I feel like I’m getting into comics pretty late. I’m 23 and feel like I missed out on a special childhood experience and continuing it by reading comics as a kid. But hey better now then never I suppose.

  40. I’ve just got into comics (weirdly at 30 years old) and started somewhere you may think is strange – I really liked the character Venom after the recent movie so got Enemy Within, then picked up a couple Deadpool comics and couldn’t believe how much I literally laughed out loud – loved the art stylings on all of that – then oddly found Thunderbolts, got a few issues and a couple volumes of that which I enjoyed…. now I’m trying to expand a bit I kept hearing about Saga – but one glance at the synopsis for Sandman and I just had to 1-click for volume 1 on amazon… saga will have to wait a bit because I have a good feeling for tomorrow when it arrives 😌

  41. Hi, I’m just getting into comics and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for female DC characters? I know I like Catwomans Ed Brubaker run but I was wondering if there was any other characters similar or any comics like that? Thank you so much, that would be incredibly helpful

  42. Hey Patrick (or anyone who knows) The Batman run…is it mega dark? Like I know Batman, parents murdered vows to fight crime etc. But that doesn't mean a comic has to be down all the time.

    I enjoy stories where it's serious and high stakes but also has moments where you can chuckle. The WB Arrow show is actually a great example (even if I'm not a huge fan of it.) Yeah it's dark but there are some great out-loud laughing moments.

    I'm also not a fan of being grossed out for it's own sake. And maybe I just shouldn't read Batman then. But I want to find some Batman I can love.

  43. Sorry, but I wont lend my friends my comics. They have bad habits and i probably wont see it again, it will L get damage, etc.

  44. Following specific creators is honestly one of the best tips. I didn't know where to start when I started getting into comics, but I already followed a few writers that I thouroughly enjoyed non-comic work from, so reading their stuff was an awesome starting point for me.

  45. Please help!

    I've been wanting to read Boba Fett's comic books and I already had some spider man trade paperback and I like that format, but the only thing that my comic shop had is the Omnibus whit every single comic existed in it, but at my taste is too big. Would Marvel re print the trade paperback individually again o I should buy the Omnibus?

  46. I don't think following creators instead of characters is a good idea actually, At least in my case, I start really reading comics by keeping follow Superman title runs( Before that, I just randomly pick and drop comic books)

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