How to Educate Yourself for Free

thank you for watching liking commenting sharing and subscribing right now like many college students I drank a lot a lot I drank so much I actually had to take out a second loan just to cover the costs of the sodas that I drank cuz that's really all I I drank even though I turned 21 at some point during my college education I still really didn't do much drinking beyond soda and chocolate milk in the cafeteria okay college costs a lot a lot certainly cost more today than it cost when I was going to college back in nineteen there is it worth it absolutely I would not trade the experiences that I had at uni the University of Northern Iowa go Panthers for anything that's when I first got online back in 1994 right there beginning of my college career now I have a degree that is somewhere here in this house English education so watch your pugs punctuation usage grammar spelling if you're gonna leave a comment for this video please make sure it is structurally sound as a sentence please do your best to avoid sentence fragments and if you don't know what one of those is then maybe you should stop drinking the other stuff and get back on the sugar no matter we've got a resource here I passed along by our good friend Joseph DeFazio and he's been passing along really cool links and so now I'm going to read what he wrote me many colleges offer free courses online the only problem is you can't earn a degree this way but so a good way to educate yourself this form of free education is called open courseware it's o CW for short there are many search engines for open courseware and o CW consortium org is his favorite he says he's using OCW to gain project management skills for his freelance web design business he's also using it for me to learn a few more programming languages oh there's something hang on much better it's better I'm no longer in college and I'm well over the age of 21 I originally planned on getting a degree in project management even though it isn't a requirement for my job I just wanted some basic project management skills to allow me to successfully outsource some of my work overall using OCW rather than getting a degree is saving me a few thousand dollars I'd imagine that if he took nine of them it would be over $9,000 no I'm still getting degree in computer science so I have something to fall back on if my business fails well that happens then maybe you need to take a few more of the business courses there Joseph got the website pulled up right here open courseware consortium dot o-r-g right there use find course materials share share your universities courses or support and support the OCW movement open sharing global benefits join now and yes it's free or as I just said it's open source o CW consortium dot org now if you do not know how to spell the word consortium yeah I'm guessing you probably do need to pay for an education cuz there's really no help for you you can use the spell checker if you know how to use that or Google really if you screw up the word consortium I bet anything it would correct it for you Google is corrected so many misspellings for me I mean I've been I've been off home road and it has corrected Spelling's that way since II love it wish I had Google when I was a student I'd probably still be in college my email address Chris at Perillo dot-com Thank You Joseph for sending this long if anybody else has any other links related education open-source whatever we're all about using the internet to make our lives better and in some cases using the Internet to give us lives which we otherwise would not have much of really also got a community where there is some amount of learning going on although not a lot of grammatically correct sentences still a lot of heart at geeks dot Perillo comm we also have a chat room which is full of geeks all the time like all around the world geeks come to one place to chat with one another whether I'm here in this chair or not they're participating typically talking tech 24 hours a day seven days a week at live Perillo comm will ye later


  1. this is a fact me myself from my own experiences have learned more out of school self-study self-learning than I ever did in school half of the stuff they teach you in school is complete lies anyway.

  2. if you want good and free education. Check out thenewboston's channel. They have computer related tutorials and they have lessons for math and science.

  3. lol I spelled library like libary on purpose. ya know to be funny. My Mac would have told me if it was spelled wrong the same way microsoft word does.

  4. You mean L – I – B – R – A – R – Y. I'm a really bad speller so do what I do, use Google as a dictionary (brostinkles1)

  5. Hey chris, what does the scouter say about the collage's money level? " ITS OVER 9000!!!" What!?!? 9000?!?!

  6. UNI!!?? Pirillo, must like them corn fed broads!!

    Any one know the difference between a 500lb sow and a Iowa girl??

    5lbs give or take 😉

  7. You could go to a library for free, any one still use the library? Any one that doesn't know what a library is? The world IS bigger than the web.

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